japor necklace

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If Vader had Padme's japor necklace, would he give it to Luke ? (In Allegiance-verse)

Hmm, that’s a good question. On the one hand, it’s probably the only thing he has left of Padmé aside from Luke, so he might not want to give it up. But at the same time, he would probably want Luke to have something of his mother. And he made it to give to someone he cared about.

I could see him showing it to Luke, not intending to give it to him, but then seeing Luke’s awed reaction and deciding that it would be better in Luke’s keeping. And Luke, of course, would wear it tucked under his shirt at all times (unless he knew he was going to be in a situation that might not be safe for it).

you know what makes me really sad? the thought of how much padmé truly loves anakin unconditionally. a lot of people tend to believe that padmé didn’t really love anakin as much as he loved her because she always prioritized her duty to the republic, but just because she didn’t show it enough didn’t mean she didn’t love him or made him and his marriage a priority just as much as he did - and if i may, i disagree when people say she didn’t show how much she loves anakin enough. she kept the japor snippet necklace he gave her when they were young. she chose her career over every suitor except for anakin. she agreed to keep her marriage a secret just so that she can be together with anakin. she worried about him every single night, hoping and praying that he was safe and that he would come home to her in one piece. she carried his child - his children, in fact. she worried about him when he had nightmares. she feared for him when the mass murder of all jedi’s happened. she refused to believe obi-wan when he told her he had turned to the dark side. she went all the way to mustafar to try to turn anakin back to the light. she was still concerned about him as obi-wan and her left mustafar. lastly, even though he was completely lost, despite all of the evil things he has done - even to her, she still looked past all his wrong doings and believed that there was still good in him. she believed in that, even when she took her final breath. that in itself is how she showed her love for him. that in itself is how unconditional her love is for anakin. even in the last moments in her life, she still believed in the good man she has always and will always love deep inside the man who turned to evil.