My friend and I are trying to find a place to stay in Shinchon area, Seoul and we both found this converted love hotel. Love hotels are known for their “themed rooms” but like,


Was their head designer a 12 year old?

The dog mural is like, “remember who you are…”

Currently “sleeping” at a karaoke in Tokyo bc all the express trains to the airport were done. Also I forgot my backpack on train and they couldn’t find it. I’ve been good and haven’t cried (yet). Tomorrow and Korea better be spectacular.

Hoooly shoot almost got Got by campus security. I was walking around campus at night just ‘cause and wanted to linger in the auditorium. A door to the building was unlocked so I went inside and up the stairs, but the lights are motion sensor so they turned on. I hear footsteps so I hid in a dark hallway behind a door and waited. I know I know, if I wasn’t doing anything suspicious I wouldn’t have acted like I was suspicious but I really had no explanation for entering a building that was supposed to be locked. So it gets quiet and then I think about trying for the auditorium again, but I hear footsteps and a different set of lights came on upstairs (I guess) so I scuddad down the stairs and out the now wide open outside door. Then hurry back to the dorms. Ahh, my heart’s beating fast.