Hey wrestling fans and followers I do not know the real source to this i was tagged on this post on facebook and i wanted to share this with you guys and loyal benoit fans Petition to Re-Open Chris Benoits Murder-Suicide Case & Some Interesting Notes on What Might Lead to His Death

Credits: Lucas Wood of WWE Network and ColorCast OVID 

There is an on going petition to re-open the Benoit murder/suicide case.

Recently a lot of questions have been asked about the murder case due to evidence that has been released such as:

Beer cans next to the body of Benoit, Who had no alcohol in his system at the time of death.

Chris Benoit was not HUNG but, Slumped next to his weight machine with a bandana tied slightly around his neck that his bruises of finger marks that were too big to be his own.

Benoit was on the phone with Chavo the day before the murders started. Chavo said there was a knock at the door, Benoit answered and there was a sound of banging around. Benoit then called back later and told Chavo he loved him and sounded in fear as he said it.

Kevin Sullivan, known satanist, vowed he would kill Benoit one day. The day of the murders took place exactly 7 years after Nancy left Sullivan for Benoit.

Another former girlfriend of Sullivan, “Sensational” Sherri was also found dead the SAME weekend that the Benoit killings happened.

Benoits phone was in use AFTER he was dead. There had to have been someone with him that took his phone.

Kevin Sullivan was always jealous of Chris Benoit because he has more fame than Sullivan.

Benoit was at the doctors Friday to get cleared to compete for Night of Champions against CM Punk for the ECW Championship. Why would someone who was planning to kill themselves go to the doctors? Let alone to get CLEARED for IN RING action the day of his “Planned” suicide?

Stop and think for a second. All these FACTS in hand. In front of your face. Did Benoit really kill himself? Or was he murdered by Kevin Sullivan? Time will only tell. 

What are your thoughts?

You can visit the online petition at: