japanimanga night


POLTA- “30”

Hello, hope you are having a nice Sunday. 

Ginger loves bags :-), my husband put his TV camera video on the hallway and last night, Ginger went to sleep on it, lol. 

Here heavy rain, this weekend they have the JapAniManga Night in Davos/Switzerland but this year I didn’t go, I had a busy day yesterday and today rain, so I prefer to relax, my husband is there so am curious to see what he will bring back from the convention, maybe some Japanese sweets and manga books. :-))

I did last year put some pictures of Grisons canton, you can see below (the second part and the first part link is added in the message) : 

LINK: http://sims3-4-creations-mycats.tumblr.com/post/139354693227/sims3-4-creations-mycats-second-part-i-posted

Have a nice day/evening.