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Could you do a small tutorial on how you draw a males torso bust?? I don't know how and it would be helpful.

Of course!! male torsos are really hard haha god I used to hate them >_> 

Before we start, I just wanna plug letmefixthatyaoiforyou’s redline anatomy tag, which, while now inactive, helped me LOADS. I love this blog. The redliner artist has clearly taken a couple of classes, seriously, they know their shit, the muscle diagrams are staggering

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Hey, I don't really understand the concept of this blog, bc there are so many differences to the actual anime. Would you mind explaining it?

We’re sorry to say that we’re unfamiliar with this “anime” you speak of! Ursula’s Kiss is an ALL-AMERICAN cartoon show, created using hi-tech, 20th century animation technology! Any resemblance to characters or events depicted in the Japanimation, Revolutionary Girl Utena, is PURELY coincidental!

Ode' Tha Hustler: New Video "Nasty"

Ode’ Tha Hustler: New Video “Nasty”

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When it comes to music, Ode Tha Hustler is known for coming up with the most stunning ideas. Recently he released a new video called “Nasty” that infused an interesting Japanime concept. His automated sound on the hook definitely co-exist with the story he share from the different cartoons displayed in the video. Ode Tha Hustler gives his fans a mixture of both his clowny and aggressive side on…

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Mamoru Girls, a following which includes: ... I don't know. I guess he might have a secret admirer because of his space harrier skills? He might say something embarrassing like that She-Ra, a completely fictional character, is a Mamoru Girl. That's pretty embarrassing. I mean, you would think he would at least have a character from a work of Japanimation as a crush. But nope. It's She-Ra. And maybe Jem. Nah, his taste isn't even that good.


Charlie would joke that Alice is a mamoru girl, alice quickly denies this and mamoru spends the rest of the week sadly playing arcade games