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HarleyIvy Headcanon time: Harley is late nineties weeb trash, Ivy is early nineties weeb trash (though lord only knows how few people alive know such a fact)

Nice! I love it! Harley is absolutely a DBZ fan, meanwhile Ivy is all about Robotech and like Akira, the really thought-provoking stuff, back when it was called “Japanimation.” Their middle-ground is, of course, Sailor Moon.

Fauna Friends - Japanimals

The newest poster series from Family Tree Design, features artwork by Alex Pearson, Julian Baker, Scott MacDonald and Andy Young in a 2-color screen print on bright red paper.

  1. Child, possible primary target audience.
  2. Trapped inside cartoon due to curse
  3. Japanese person.
  4. More into anime culture than anime itself
  5. Still calls it “Japanimation” to this day
  6. Cool, normal people (I’m in this group)
  7. Horny

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So, word on the street is that you like anime…

The word…is that it’s called Japanimation!

Look at them dweebls talkin’ about japanime. :D Sad, but there’s me right there with them, too. The only thing I remember was my sig, so that’s all I had for a search. I think that’s the same person who created “Emiko’s Genesis” also, but I didn’t know about his website at the time of that posting. I don’t even remember if it was created yet. What a nerd. :D

I should use that quote more often.

“Look! A big, fat fanny!”
-Wakko Warner, Animaniacs in “Temporary Insanity”

Metal Gear Solid VI
  • Johnny Sasaki:I thought I was retired from this kind of work. What's the mission?
  • Otacon:Johnny, have you ever heard of the phrase "Ghost in The Machine?"
  • Johnny:I recognize it from one of my "Japanimations"!
  • Otacon:... Anyway, it seems that with this new Metal Gear we could be facing a repeat of the Peace Walker incident my father dealt with in the 1970s. What we're dealing with here is a new kind of Metal Gear, with the sum of a human mind contained within-
  • Sunny:It's Snake! Solid Snake's soul is trapped inside my AIBO. We've gotta get him out of there!