Three Japanese master printmaking artisans collaborated on this awesome trio of Star Wars Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, beautifully combining a traditional art form dating back to the 1600s with iconic characters and scenes from the world’s favorite epic space opera. Ukiyo-e was a very popular art form in Japan from the 17th through the 19th centuries. Creating the woodblock prints requires the skills of an eshi (the painter), horishi (the carver), and surishi (the printer).

Three skilled craftsman painstakingly created prints of three different scenes from Star Wars featuring Darth Vader, The Battle of Hoth, and Padmé Amidala. Officially licensed b Lucas Films, the project was launched using a Japanese crowdfunding website called Makuake. Each woodblook image was created in limited to a run of 200 prints.

Watch this fascinating video to see how the prints were made:

[via designboom and Spoon & Tamago]

Finally continuing my Naruto Woodblock Series with Tsunade, the Slug Princess, one of the Three Legendary Sannin.

The different designs represent water and the summer season. She is dressed in a casual yukata summer kimono, with motifs of swirling whirlpools, “Genjiguruma” (water wheels) and blooming “Ayame” (Iris flowers) and “Ren” (Lotus flowers), which are all found near rivers and swamps.


Kuniyoshi (1797 - 1861), Japanese woodblock print; ‘Gama Sennin Instructing Yoshikado and Takiyasha’ (1845)

Gama Sennin (the Toad Immortal) instructing the young Taira no Yoshikado and his sister, Princess Takiyasha, in toad magic. Gama Sennin sits in front of an enormous toad forming the opening to a rocky cave, the rocks below and above all shaped like toads with glowing yellow eyes.

The spirit conjures up a beautiful young woman on his breath, which shoots across the scene in a stream of white mist, the beauty floating in the air at let. Below, Yoshikado and his sister watch with keen interest, a scroll with magic spells on it spread across the ground. The Japanese legend of Gama Sennin is based on a 10th century Chinese alchemist and immortal named Liu Hai.