Charlie’s little LGBT music list

By popular demand I’m making my personal list of LGBT-related musicians I like, which’ll be updated constantly. People who aren’t here I simply don’t know or know and just don’t stan. Like… no one here is white lol. Proxy the Japanese videos if you’re in the USA. Free to reblog!

[Gender-nonconforming is used to mean a non-binary gender experience thing here, not cis people. I just didn’t go putting Western gender words in people’s mouths so I went for this.]

Adams - Japanese rock, disbanded. Homosexuality was their central theme as a band. Shota has died on December 2015.

Banda Uó - Brazilian pop/tecnobrega, composed of trans woman Candy Mel and gay couple [? who knows if they’re still together] Davi Sabbag and Mateus Carrilho.

Disacode - Japanese visual kei rock, the singer Akira [also solo] is gender-nonconforming/doesn’t identify with the binary and is a real icon between Japanese wlw. The drummer Marcy is also gender-nonconforming, maybe trans? We don’t know a lot about them.

Ellen Oléria - Brazilian acoustic/mpb, lesbian.

Harisu - Korean pop, trans woman.

Hayley Kiyoko - y’all know who tf this is.

Jaloo - Brazilian electronic, he is gender-nonconforming and identifies with femininity.

Legião Urbana - Brazilian rock, disbanded. Vocalist Renato Russo was bisexual, he has died in 1996.

Lia Clark - Brazilian funk  [you just. don’t know what this is until you’ve listened to it], drag queen. [I don’t want anyone who’s not a Brazilian black giving opinions on this lmao]

Liniker e os Caramelows - Brazilian soul/black music, singer Liniker is non-binary and most of her band is LGBT as well.

Mallu Magalhães - Brazilian indie rock/mpb/bossanova, she’s bi?? maybe?? who knows she sings about girls a lot.

MC Trans - Brazilian funk/pop, trans woman, might like women?

MC Xuxú - Brazilian funk, trans woman, [travesti, actually, it’s a Brazilian gender iddentity and not a slur] also might like girls. [NSFW video]

Mercury - Korean EDM, disbanded [actually was a temporary project]. Leader Choi Hanbit [tallest, blonde hair] is a trans woman.

Secret Guyz - Japanese pop [almost dempa style], composed of Yukichi, Shuuto and Taiki who are all trans men.

Shamir - American electronic/hiphop, he/she’s genderless.

XOX - Japanese pop, their leader Toman [shortie with the grey hair] is a genderless man [also involved in genderless danshi Japanese subculture].

Other androgynous artists but not as important I like are Amber Liu [f(x)], Aoora and Ren [Nu’Est].