I want Jhene Aiko’s Rising Sun tattoo and in the same spot but a little bigger bc obviously im a lot larger than her petite self and i have a huge back bc like i want all of my tats Japanese themed like if i get it ill later get a bonsai in the foreground and i want some koi and maybe a geisha…? what do u guys think?


The name Ed Hardy immediately evokes images of tattooed baseball tees with cartoon skulls and studded baseball hats worn by reality TV stars. But before artist Don Ed Hardy became one of the most polarizing brands in history, he was a young aspiring artist whose favorite past time was going down to the beach in Southern California and looking at classic cars. He eventually went on to study under legendary Japanese tattoo artist Horihide, an experience that had a profound influence on Hardy’s signature, ornate style. Today, Hardy is retired from tattooing, instead focused on non-tattoo based art like printmaking, drawing, and painting. This also includes new porcelain works and tapestries in his upcoming exhibition curated by Varnish Fine Art gallery in San Francisco, “Visionary Subversive”. 

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1 Hannya mask and 2 Onis from a while back!