I want Jhene Aiko’s Rising Sun tattoo and in the same spot but a little bigger bc obviously im a lot larger than her petite self and i have a huge back bc like i want all of my tats Japanese themed like if i get it ill later get a bonsai in the foreground and i want some koi and maybe a geisha…? what do u guys think?


June 30, 1966. Thursday.

The Beatles arrived to Tokyo at Haneda Airport at 3:40 AM. The band then played of what would be the first of five concerts at the Nippon Budokan Hall. The group and their entourage stayed at the Tokyo Hilton where they occupied the Presidential Suite. Security around the hotel was so tight that they were unable to leave to look about the city. Although John Lennon did manage to sneak out using Robert Whitaker’s name.

 "He [Lennon] snuck out using my name, on the basis, I think, that all white people probably looked the same to the Japanese. He got away with it for a while, but then somebody recognised him and he was dragged back to the hotel.“

Over the three nights the band stayed at the Tokyo Hilton, they all collaborated on a painting which became known as Images Of A Woman. All four members painted parts of a 30"X40” paper, working only by the light of a lamp in the center of it. When the band had finished, the lamp was removed and The Beatles signed the empty space next to the part they painted. The following are the parts they painted:

John Lennon


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Paul McCartney

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George Harrison

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Ringo Starr

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The painting supplies were provided by the Japanese promoter, Tats Nagashima, who suggested that the completed painting be auctioned for charity. It was bought by a cinema manager and local fan club president, Tetsusabura Shimoyama. Images Of A Woman was sold again in Osaka for ¥15 million (about $2,422,710 US dollars). It later appeared on the eBay auction website in 2002. It was put up for sale one more time in September 2012 through the Philip Weiss Auctions and sold for $155, 250 including the buyer’s premium.

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What's the deal with 316?

-It’s her birthday.
-It’s the Bible verse she has tatted in Japanese, on her back (John 3:16).
-She says she often catches the clock at that time.
-It’s also time when she has her deepest thoughts.
-She mentions it in the song W.A.Y.S. (44 minutes to 4)