Manchurian Stormtroopers: Skull Squadron in Manchuria 1933. Lt. Ikagami stands in the center just to the right of the regiments flag

One of the most unique Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) units to fight in the earliest portion of the great Sino-Japanese conflict of 1931-1945 was the Skull Regiment, known alternatively as the Skull Squadron and as the “Manchurian Stormtroopers” for their unique regimental iconography and symbols. The Japanese Skull Regiment was seemingly inspired by the German Totenkopf, or Death’s Head regiments/brigades of the 18th-20th centuries.

One of the Skull Squadrons most unique accouterments was the sinister looking red Skull & Crossbones arm band which they wore in several known pictures taken of the regiment during their service in Manchuria, 1931-1933. Though wearing these bands would have been greatly frowned upon by the high command of the Kwantung Army, Ikagami and his unit were most likely given special sanctions as an effective and semi-elite combat formation.

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17 and 18 for the writing meme

17) if you could give your fledgling author self any advice, what would it be?

Don’t stop writing, you can only get better. Make time for writing in your life no matter how many other balls you’re juggling. 

18) were there any works you read that affected you so much that it influenced your writing style? what were they?

I already answered this one, but I’ll add another I just thought of. A manga called Narutaru (also known as Shadow Star) is a work I am convinced is genius. It’s a deconstruction of the mons genre of manga/anime, notably of Digimon, the art of which it strongly resembles. From the get go, going by just the name of the protagonist (if you’re familiar with Japanese language and the symbolism in names) you know something’s not right with this world and it works up to be one hell of a ride. 

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What controversy? I tried looking it up and couldn't find anything

Allkpop released an article and Tiffany’s instagram is currently flooded with hate comments, so you can see it there. But basically, SMTOWN had a concert in Japan, and Tiffany posted photos captioned with Japanese flag emoji; she also used the Tokyo snapchat filter that has the rising sun flag design. It’s a big deal because August 15 is Korea’s Independence Day (from Japanese imperialism) and that symbolic flag was a huge mistake.

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Have you checked if there’s any Japanese folklore surrounding any similar connections to moon symbolism?  The writers have done excellent jobs interweaving Japanese mythology into the show and being she’s Japanese I would check on Japanese symbolisms and see if it’s similar to Wiccan philosophy.

I wasn’t able to find anything too definitive in Japanese Mythology, specifically regarding the crescent waning moon. There were some who thought it was a symbol of wisdom, I even found a moon guide from the Japan National Tourism Organization, which tells us a little about all phases of the moon EXCEPT the waning crescent (it does mention the waxing crescent).

However, since Shini is a witch, I wouldn’t doubt that they would do some research into realistic symbolism.

(A really great, very basic rundown of Wicca, for anyone who is curious:)