Japanese - Characters I’ve Learned So Far!


です = ~desu

の = no

キ = ki

コ = ko

ヒ = hi

ラ = ra

し = shi

い = i

ん = n

か = ka

め = me

だ = da

る = ru

Phrases: Traditional Japanese | Romaji | English

大丈夫か | daijoubu ka | Are you ok?/ok?

キラキラ | kirakira | *sparkle sparkle*

ごめんなさい | gomenasai | Sorry.

だめ | dame | Stop.

分かる | wakaru | I understand(informal).

おはよう | ohayou | Good Morning(informal).

止めて下さい | yamete kudasai | Please stop.

これ | kore | This.

それ | sore | That.

この | kono | This(more particular).

その | sono | That(more particular).

皆 / みんな | Min'na | Guys/Everyone.

でも | demo | But.

けど | kedo | Though/But(link/second clause)

コーヒー | kohi | Coffee.

These are the characters and phrases I can remember through recognition in a tradtionally written piece of text. Any other words/phrases I know are in romaji only - soon, though!
I’m so excited. That list is longer than I thought!

If anyone notices a mistake, please please let me now so I can change it and prevent future mix-ups!

ありがとう | Arigatou! | Thanks!

I came across a post on narutoforums and this guy made a really nice point

When Kishimoto talked about “Sakura’s addiction to Sasuke”, he used this word: 中毒

中 = middle
毒 = poison, toxic, ill will, malice, bad influence, harm

So the word basically means that Sakura is immersed in poison when it comes to Sasuke. 

Japanese is a really subtle language, the wordplay is there and we all know how much Japanese people use symbolisms. And you can see how this is a very negative word.

Then he went on saying that there are other terms to describe the addiction that wouldn’t sound as negative or derogatory (like this one, that would explain PERFECTLY a “healthy” addiction caused by infatuation). But that’s the word he chose.

When you think shit can’t get any worse

Kishimoto knows his shit.


Sakura: Time with Cherry Blossoms  by 鈴木理策

Risaku Suzuki

In “Sakura,” the blossoms of the intersecting branches appear melded together as one, making it difficult to distinguish the foreground from the the background. My work is about the experience of time and vision. The beauty of the sakura lies in the brevity of their blossoming, so I must rush to photograph their brilliance and vitality. I photograph sakura not as the conventional symbol of Japanese beauty but as an expression of the presence of time.

via: lensculture