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Youtube video as promised x

Ahhhhhh <3 I can’t wait for the final edits, I was only allowed a sneaky peek at a few of my shots ¬w ¬;

Even being modest they are pretty decent <3


Minori’s World - Japanese Shiro-Nuri Subculture Interview & Photo Shoot >.<

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Akihabara - A Model of Development In Japan?

This could be the start of something or just another attempt to market Cool Japan. The Economy Minister of Japan, Motohisa Furusawa, believes that the Akihabara business model can be used in other areas

Does this mean we’ll see idol groups singing to motivate factory workers? A big question is how will the otaku react to their way of life being used for the sake of the economy. Japan does have race cars decorated with famous anime characters and they seem to be fine with that.

What’s unique about Akihabara is its emphasis on expression. I do wonder how Japan plans to market that expression as they don’t seem to be a country that thinks heavily about promoting the intangible benefits of products.

How would you suggest Japan use the cultural power of Akihabara to their advantage?

anonymous asked:

From what I can see, you’re the first person to use rhinestones in Shironuri, which was 'your thing' with your video and all. Now there are all these random people copying you using rhinestones and stuff. If I were you, I’d tell them to piss off and get their own style :/

WOAH!…I’m glad you aren’t me!

Incorporating rhinestones is my way of making my personal style of Shironuri different to Minori’s, and I think it will always be my signature. 

But first of all; I doubt I’m the first to use rhinestones in Shironuri, I’m sure there is someone out their shaking their fists at me thinking - Bitch you stole my style - But I would hope that they would view it in the same way as I do:

When I see someone using rhinestones in shironuri, I do wonder if they got it from me or my video, and if they have - I’m flattered, if not- great minds think alike right? It just means my bias is aesthetic to others…and I love to see how other people use it.

I love this sub-style  it’s so freeing and if I’ve helped make it grow, made people experiment with it - then I consider myself to have contributed to its development. 

So, unlike yourself, if anything I would encourage more people to wear shironuri with rhinestones, or beads, or glitter, or whatever they can think of, because I get inspired by other people and the ideas they have that I wouldn’t think of. 

It saddens me you feel this way, admittedly I used to get upset when people would seemingly ‘copy’ me, but as I’ve grown I’ve come to realise it just makes me a part of something. There’s no use getting upset about originality when you can’t promise your own.