Okay this is something I’ve never seen people talk about Japanese Spiderman, which is the fact not only is it one of the first depictions of Spider-Man’s powers onscreen, but it does so with real stunt actors.

Shots you see here? They got a real person, in the Spider-suit, doing Spider-Man action (the climbing, the web-slinging) and goddamn it looks impressive.

The sheer guts it must take to actually do this stuff is nothing short of admirable, especially considering how modern live-action stuff generally use CGI (for completely understandable reasons, mind).
In terms of live-action depiction of western superheroes, this was far ahead of its contemporaries, and is an important contributor to how the genre’s history.

Japanese Spiderman | Spider-Man | TV | Marvel.com
Produced by TOEI Company in the late 1970s, the series follows the exploits of motorcycle racer turned super hero Takuya Yamashiro (not Peter Parker), as he slings and swings, battling the evil Iron Cross Army along the way. No, it's not the Spiderman ...

Reminder that you can watch Japanese Spiderman with english subtitles for free on the Marvel Website.