Make Matcha Chocolate!

.Kyoto Matcha Powder — Authentic Tea


KitKat Sakura matcha by Helen Silivren
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The spring is everywhere!

Green Tea Biscuits with White Chocolate.

Following from the Christmas post- here is the recipe for the Green Tea Biscuits! I made these for my colleagues at work to wish them all a Merry Christmas, and it certainly went down a treat! Edible gifts are always appreciated :) The recipe and decoration tips below, enjoy!

抹茶ゼリーで うちカフェ ♪♪

大好きな 抹茶ゼリー 。

粉寒天を かなり 緩めにして作ると、プルプルの ゼリー状に‼︎

お抹茶も 多めにして 濃厚な 仕上がり。

白玉だんごも モチモチです。

今日は 粒あんと アイスクリームを トッピングして ひんやり 贅沢な 和スイーツの 出来上がりです。


How to Decorate the Green Tea Biscuits with White Chocolate.

These biscuits can be decorated as desired, but since I was making these for Christmas I decided to make a snowflake! Simply melt some white chocolate and place in a piping bag with a 2mm nozzle. The above pictures will show you how to draw a snowflake.


How to make Matcha Souffle Sponge.

The reason for the name Souffle Sponge is because the egg whites are whipped separately to give the sponge a lovely light texture. 

In a small pan, melt 40g unsalted butter and add in 60g plain flour and 5g matcha. Similar to making choux, cook the flour out by constantly mixing on a medium heat. After a few minutes, take it off the heat and place it in a bowl. In a separate bowl, mix together 1 egg, 3 egg yolks and a drop of vanilla extract. Add the egg mixture slowly to the matcha paste, making sure not to have any lumps. Add 60ml of milk and strain to eliminate any lumps.

In a separate bowl, make the meringue with the 3 egg whites and 85g caster sugar. Whisk the egg whites for 30 seconds before slowly adding the sugar.

To mix the two together, Add a small amount of the meringue into the matcha mix and mix thoroughly until fully incorporated. Then, fold in the remaining meringue. 

I used this recipe to bake 3 sheets, using a standard ‘Brownie’ tin. Place in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes each.

From Gastroposter Christine Ngo, via Instagram:

Cecheese Cakes’s matcha Japanese cheesecake with a matcha ganache and white chocolate buttercream flowers. This cake was incredibly fluffy and moist with a fragrant matcha flavour throughout - highly recommended!