I started to learn how to draw and paint academically at Art Lyceum at 2001 (age 11) - we were tasked to do a lot of daily sketches, landscapes, still lifes, plaster heads, you name it. 🖌

I became accustomed to japanese medias like anime, manga and videogames at 2003 - and it blew me away; but the teachers were against of all of it because it wasn’t academical, so it were prohibited to draw manga at school. 🙀

After I graduated Art Lyceum I went to the Architecture college (2008), where started to draw some manga-like illustrations and fan arts of favourite animes in my free time, because I loved it so much, but it was soo hard to start drawing something like this right from imagination after academical scholarship where basically all you needed to do is to create a nice copy of something you see in front of you. ⚡️

The picture on the left is one of those attempts from 8-9 years ago - I didn’t even know what I was doing, haha, but if I weren’t start to do it little by little at those times, I would never be at where I am now.


A repost.
Today November 11th, 2017 marks the day Bulma Briefs Va, Hiromi Tsuru was confirmed deceased. A horrible tragedy: Hiromi was found dead in her car at the age of 57. The second Dragonball character to be ever introduced, one of the biggest side characters..
I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of pain Nozawa and the other voice actors are going through right now. Thirty years together in the studio..gone like that..I’ve watched Dragonball many times in different dubs and I first watched it in Japanese. This hit me hard..hard enough for me to break into tears. Thank you for playing a gargantuan role in my childhood Hiromi, you’ll be missed by me and every other Dragonball loving fan. Rest in peace old friend..may Shenlong watch over your soul.


PUNPUN • The design is based on a Japanese manga “Goodnight Punpun” (Oyasumi Punpun/おやすみプンプン). Definitely one of my favourite tattoos I’ve done so far. I am really happy that I could make in possible for this work to look as it would be an actual manga style but transferred to the skin. I absolutely loved the technique and would be more than happy to make more like this.