ASTRO for haru*hana Vol.43: The A-Z Questions (Eunwoo)

AROHA. What do you want to do with your Japanese fans? Filling all space of Shinkansen with ASTRO and AROHAs then going on a trip
BABY. Childhood memory? Riding the bicycle around town with my younger brother behind me, playing soccer with my father
CF. What ad do you want to appear on? Drink CF
DREAM. Childhood dream? Prosecutor, judge, announcer, etc. There’s so many.
ENERGY. Where do you get your strength and fighting spirit? Members, my family, YouTube videos of other groups, interview articles
FASHION. Fashion style you like for girls? Neat and tidy, and good sense
GROWTH. Point where you realized “I improved” or “my group improved”? When we slowly gained fans who support us
HOBBY. What are you into recently? Rubik’s cube, preparing for the concert, learning Japanese
ICE CREAM. Favorite ice cream flavor? Almond Bonbon, My Mom is an Alien, New York Cheesecake
JOKE. Personal talent that you’re good at or practicing? The sound of opening a bottle cap…? Arimasen ㅠㅠ [T/N: Sorry in JP]
KINGDOM. If you’ll become a king, what roles your you give to the other members? MJ hyung - tactician; Moonbin, Rocky - general, commander; Jinjin hyung - caretaker, magistrate; Sanha - secretary
LAUGH. Recent funny moment? When we did the fanmeeting after wrapping up promotions.
MUSIC. What song do you recommend to Aroha for this summer? Cool - Aloha
NECESSARY. Thing you always bring? Japanese (language) file, pencil case, cube, toothbrush, clutch bag, perfume
OPPA. Moment when you wanted to call a member “oppa”? When Rocky teaches dance
PRESENT. Memorable gift? Letter from my brother, shoes from our manager
QUIT. A habit that you don’t know you’re doing or want to change? Hiccups when eating spicy food
ROMANTIC. What romantic confession would you want to try one day? Naturally going from friends to lovers
SPORTS. Sports you like to play? Football, basketball, skiing, boarding, cycling, racing. Sports you like to watch? EPL.
TRAVEL. If you were to publish a travel book, where would to want to go and with whom? Trip around the world with MJ hyung and JinJin hyung
UNIT. Who would you want to be in a sub-unit with? Playing instruments while singing with Sanha
VALUE. How many points would you give yourself? What do you want to say to yourself? 50 points. Don’t get tired and always be grateful, Cha-iring!!!
WEAK. What do you hate the most? People with no manners, liars
X-DAY. If it were the end of the world, what would you do on the last day? I want to try being dead drunk.
YOURSELF. Three words that describes you? Straightforward, sincere, cool
ZZZ. What are you like when asleep? Who’s the worst member when asleep? I hide in a corner and put my arm under the pillow when I sleep~ I am [the worst sleeper], according to the members.

Jap-Kor Translation & Scan by MIZU🌟
Kor-Eng Translation by Nico of ArohaUniverse✨‏
Please take out with full credits!