Blogs to follow~ Langblrs needed!

Hi! It’s me again… And again I am looking for blogs to follow TT
Langblrs needed!!!!

♥ German langblr
♥ Greek langblr
♥ Korean langblr
♥ Japanese langblr
♥ Swedish langblr

But also
♥Japanese fashion blogs

Msg me, reblog, like it for me to know who to follow ♥
thnks ♥

ʚ♡ɞ My Melody Eyelashes Container ʚ♡ɞ
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“ Ok, so I want to have an MBTI blog, and just on the side I’m gonna have a pink aesthetic blog, a holographic aesthetic blog, a meme blog, a Korean fashion blog, a Japanese fashion blog, a blog showing the differences between Korean and Japanese fashion, a blog to post my J-pop covers, a blog to post my K-pop covers, an edgy art blog, a cutesy art blog, a typography blog, a positivity blog, a negativity blog, a conspiracy theory blog, a studyblr, a blog about the cheese making process,  a gif blog, an anime quotes blog, a cooking blog, a beauty blog, a cooking blog dedicated to sponge cakes, a feminism blog, a photography blog, a blog exploring the struggles of being a phangirl, an anti-racism blog, an anti DD/LG blog, a LGBT+ blog, a blog dedicated to cosplay, a knitting blog, a psychological help blog, a book blog, a My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic analysis blog, a Molang blog,  a Yuri!!! On ice blo-”