I don’t…I don’t understand why the Free! fans are upset about Rin’s name being pronounced as “Reen” in the dub. That…that’s the correct pronunciation. I’m rewatching the OVA right now (cutest OVA ever), and also Ao no Exorcist, which also has a character named Rin, and “Reen” is definitely correct. And Nitori is Neetoree and Samezuka is Sahmayzookah. Am…am I the only one who tries to listen and pick names out from the dialogue even as I’m reading subs? I don’t get the upheaval.

Also, the dude and bro… That’s how American teenagers talk. Part of translating is changing colloquialisms as well as just straight definitons. 

I’m not going to try to argue subs over dubs or vice versa or anything, and granted I’ve only see clips of the Free! dub and not the whole episode, but I’m just weirded out by the posts I’m seeing on tumblr.