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Aron sends his friend off back to the USA after touring him around Korea ft onigiri battle 

This video literally made my heart expand time 100x Aron holds the onigiri so gently and looks so friggin  s  o  f  t  in that pink jumper and big ass glasses IM NOT OKAY

「声かけてもらえると助かる」”I’d appreciate it if you could call me.”

〜てもらえると助かる (~てもらえるとたすかる)
“I’d appreciate it if you could ~/it’d be helpful if you could ~”

This grammar point is a really polite way to ask someone to do something for you.

The 〜てもらえる part is from the potential form of one of the grammar points for receiving favors 〜てもらう 
So basically もらう (to receive) –> もらえる (to be able to receive)

〜てくれる can be used too but 〜てもらう has a more thankful feel to it

and the verb 助かる means “to be saved” or “to be helped”

Ex: 明日、空港に迎えに来てもらえると助かります。
      I’d appreciate it if you could pick me up tomorrow from the airport.

Yuna Parlor, Okinawa

We had an early flight out of Ishigaki, a small island in Okinawa, yesterday morning, and while all of the duty free and gift shops in the airport were open at 7am, none of the restaurants were. But then, sensing our dilemma, a friendly local directed us to a “hidden” eatery there that opens early for the airport staff… Yuna Parlor!

Yuna Parlor is a bright, airy, island-themed establishment with two tables and a six-seat counter, located in the back of Ishigaki Airport, run by a lone man who you can see here in hissmall kitchen…

Their menu offers a pretty good range of local favorites, from Okinawa soba to pork dishes to “loco moco”…

In the mornings, Yuna offers a more limited breakfast menu, with two soba options, local “juicy” rice, a natto & pork soup set, a daily sandwich and toast…

And then there’s their most elaborate AM option, which I went for, the pork rice bowl…

The pork they use is of the famed Okinawan Agu variety, served with miso soup, pickles and a raw egg…

All for anly six bucks! A steal for an airport meal!!

To access Yuna Parlor from inside the airport, go behind the Starbucks and look for the butterfly garden, which you should also stop and admire…

You’ll see the sign for the restaurant there above these security doors, which you can pass through…

You’ll find Yuna Parlor down the hall on the left…

We could not have been happier to find this hidden gem where we had a marvelous final meal on this amazing island before jetting out!