((my apologies to anyone who’s waiting for an ask/rp reply, I’ll try and get to them soon! I JUST NEED TO FINISH FANART OF ALL THESE AMAZING MOTHSS!!
I get very excited by moths. (if people haven’t noticed pfpfpdpf)
And that include moth inspired characters/ mothified characters!!!

from top to bottom:
Moth!Jamison @window-service
Moth!Mitch  @thatscreechinghellhound
Moth!Henry @ghostest-withthe-mostest
Moth!Cherry @cherrymangomuffin
Moth!Nolan (i think?) @officernolan

5 down 5 to go! ))

We’re now headed to the last week of March; following by the next month that is April as usual. And with this, another new event is approaching in advance which has a connection with the new school semester that will be opening in the entire Japan that for them it’s called, School Entrance Ceremony (nyugakushiki). And in the same next month as well, the entrance ceremony which are held by the companies that accept new college graduates are being held too in here and also, this is a good month when the fiscal year of Japan begins.The celebration of this school ceremony is featured mostly in TV along with the cherry blossom trees surrounding the background. Take note that springtime in Japan only begins in 3 months from March - May only.  

That ceremony is usually held in the school gym or any large area within their school that can accommodate mass of people where the older students (together with their parents seated at the side area) are taken their seats first as they give a big round of applause to all incoming new students marching into the room. This is also a good opportunity to make themselves known to all new people/faces in the new educational environment that they will be going into. Typically, the opening (new) word is started by the principal, to encourage new students to have an enjoyable and remarkable experience as they start their new day/year inside the campus followed by the introduction of the homeroom teachers and afterwards, a welcoming address coming from one of the older students in school. In my own opinion, that older student is someone who is included in the most topnotch of their school academically and also a reliable and responsible student when it comes to class leadership. After the welcoming address is done, a simple speech is followed by an incoming new student to present him/herself in behalf of his/her class. Before the opening ceremony ends, the older students will be chanting their school’s anthem. Later on, the new incoming student are led by their respective teacher and explain it to him/her what they can expect in this whole year to come. Textbooks are being handed out and commemorative class photos are done in a class to class basis 

Been feeling down so I made myself on the sims with all my perceived and known issues and then went to see if tiny me would screw up his life on the sims and probably pee a blue puddle on the floor or something else I might find sad to see.  

Except he actually did alright. He has some breakdowns from his anxieties, but he gets through them. He writes a lot and even got into a loving relationship. Now as long as my sim doesn’t get struck by lightning, this is actually cheering me up to see. 

Go sim me, go!