japanese writing desk

Today was the last day of 14 working days in a row!!

I had a hectic week😵 💦

I’ve been cleaning my room since I got home from work, because I bought a new desk online ✏️

I’m looking forward to that being delivered❤️

Thanks a lot, my desk😊

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to the park and shrine, but according to the weather forecast, it’s going to rain 😭

I hope tomorrow’s weather is fine!!

———- Note to self ———-
working 14 days in a row : 14連勤(れんきん)
busy day : 忙(いそが)しい日(ひ)
hectic day : とっても忙(いそが)しい日(ひ)
since I got home from work : 仕事(しごと)から帰(かえ)ってから
I’m looking forward to ~ : ~するのが楽(たの)しみ
according to ~ : ~ によると


Day 8.

Despite the fact that I am actually doing this challenge and I am being productive everyday. Whether it’s work, studying or chores that I have to do everything is getting done.

I just suck at posting!!!

These are the only two pictures I took, my Japanese home work for Thursday, I’m so happy I’m starting to get it again. I took a break from Japanese for about a year and I couldn’t remember anything. Yet as soon as I saw my Sensei again (the same one I had before) I started to get it so quickly and she is amazing. So helpful and makes sure we pronounce everything beautiful. Then it’s all my planning for every single assessment I have this year, I made an academic planner that has all my assessment deadlines on I just need to add all the work I have to do for them before to it.

Sorry I am poop poster!

Kanji: 机

Meaning:   desk, table

Reading:  つくえ、キ  (tsukue, ki)

About the kanji:  The kanji is made by two radicals. One being 木 meaning “tree” and the other one  几 meaning “table” (which it looks almost like a table). Together they meant “a table made from wood”. Therefore, the kanji means just “desk” or “table” in some cases. 

Words using this kanji:

長机 :   long desk

唐机 : Chinese style desk

文机 : Japanese-style writing desk

机上 : on the desk

机の足 : legs of a table

机辺 : near a desk

Example sentence:


sono tsukue wa mokusei de aru

The desk is made of wood.

I bought a new textbook 📚

I have trouble memorizing English vocabulary, I have lost a little confidence 😔

I want to be more motivated.

———-Note to self———-
I have trouble 〜 : なかなか〜できない


Hey everone, 

My name is Cat and I’m new to the studyblr community. I am a senior in high school and 17 years old. After finishing this year I probably will study something with Languages (translating/intrepeter) or something with writing (Writing for Perfomance).
My hobby’s consist of writing, listening to music, drawing, learning new languages and sporting.
My goal for this year is to learn full Japanese and speak it! 

I would love to follow more blogs so if any one has a few in mind I would love to check them out!