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i’m so tired of SJWs. these sexy japanese wrestlers have been here all day. they won’t leave. they just keep pushing each other around and looking at me with their well-developed arm muscles

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Do you think Kota has a crush on Tanahashi? I think he does considering the way he talks about him. As to what type of crush it may be...well, that could be a bit more complicated to determine.

Look, Anon. I like you. But there are three (3) types of people in this world:

  1. Those who have never heard of Hiroshi Tanahashi
  2. Those who have a crush on Hiroshi Tanahashi
  3. Those who are lying to themselves

And, tragically I only know Kota’s thoughts through translations of the things he says. But he seems to me to have great respect for talented wrestlers, and to be very openly effusive about it. From what I’ve seen he has always referred to Tana as a “god” and a “legend”, which seems more like reverence than a crush (or, maybe it’s like… a talent crush. A respect boner.). He lost to Tana twice in the past, and both times he was just sorta like “welp I lost to Tanahashi but he is like an actual god so I’m just really tired and I have to get better.” (His promos/comments do seem to leave something to be desired in terms of not being hell of generic.) 

Anyway, you could see this reverence a lot at the G1, not just with Tanahashi, but, like, he bowed to YOSHI-HASHI at the end of their match. He was so grateful to Nagata:

But not just veterans either! Check out my man over to the right of this gif marking the fuck out about Hirai Kawato’s dropkick (same, Kota) :

He seems like he’s just really aware of other people’s talent and hard work, I guess. And also he seems like a really emotional person (the video package about him from the 2015 G1 was basically like KOTA IBUSHI: HE FEELS A LOT OF THINGS), and he seems to even now take losses and wins with a lot of emotion. Here’s my favorite gif illustrating this, from his BOSJ win in 2011:

That was probably a longer answer than you wanted, but, well, you asked. I know what I’m about, son.

Honestly I like the wrestlers who are apart of Bullet Club but a lot of people seem to forget that NJPW isn’t just about bullet club and the non-japanese wrestlers. It’s a japanese promotion with wonderful wrestlers such as Sanada, Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Evil, Bad Luck Fale and Hiroshi Tanahashi amongst many more. 

imagine chanting ‘what’ at a japanese wrestler speaking in japanese for a press conference for a japanese wrestling show promoted by a japanese wrestling company

imagine being that racist l m a o


Last year’s Top 5 wrestlers in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s annual PWI 500 was very controversial as the writers selected Roman Reigns as the number 1 wrestler in the world with Kazuchika Okada at number 2 followed by Prince Devitt (aka Finn Balor) at number 3, AJ Styles at number 4, and Jay Lethal at number 5.  Many fans, myself included felt that Okada was more deserving of being number 1 than Roman Reigns and none of us could understand why that happened and how someone with so much hate could be better than Okada.

Well, this year, all is right in the world of professional wrestling as the 2017 PWI 500 has revealed Kazuchika Okada as the number 1 wrestler in the world thus becoming the first Japanese wrestler in history to be number 1 and the first non-WWE wrestler to be number 1 since 2010.  This year’s top 5 of the 500 sees a big shift into which 4 of these wrestlers are adored and respected by fans alike. Also if you look at two pictures above, you’ll notice that 3 of those top 5 wrestlers are featured twice.  That is because both Jay Lethal and Prince Devitt took a fall outside of the top five while one of this year’s top 5 made a huge leap.

As noted, Kazuchika Okada is number 1 in the 2017 PWI 500 but he’s has two rivals in which both are in the top 5.  At number two, is AJ Styles who was the other non-WWE wrestler to be number 1 back in 2010 and with this is now considered to be the top wrestler on WWE’s main roster.  At number 3; moving up from the top 10 is Kevin Owens (who will probably also be calling this one a conspiracy since basically he has lost his mind after losing to AJ Styles into which he can’t have another shot at the WWE United States Championship as long as AJ is champion).  He was number one last year but this year slips to number four is the result for Roman Reigns who still can’t do a decent promo.  Lastly, making the top five and making a huge leap is Kenny Omega who last year wasn’t even in the top 20 and is now in the top five.

Down Below are the Top 100 of those PWI 500 wrestlers for 2017 and my comments surrounding most of them.

  1. Kazuchika Okada (NJPW):  Well deserving.  Should’ve gotten it last year but didn’t.  His matches have said it all. He is the absolute best
  2. AJ Styles (SmackDown! Live):  The Top wrestler in the WWE based on skills and the ability to wow the crowd.  Despite his age, he’s still showing that he is the face that runs the place.
  3. Kevin Owens (WWE):  He’ll likely call this a conspiracy too.  He also complained about Seth Rollins (who didn’t even crack the top 10 this year) being on the cover of WWE2K18. I like the wrestler but he complains too much and only thinks small.
  4. Roman Reigns (RAW):  After losing to Rollins at Money in the Bank 2016, went down the hill than came back up only to go back down again.  His matches against Braun Strowman have been fantastic but needs a lot of improvement.
  5. Kenny Omega (NJPW): Made a huge leap from last year’s PWI 500 and that is thanks to his in-ring ability and his promos. Plus the online series “Being the Elite” is a huge hit on YouTube.
  6. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT/SmackDown! Live):  Though his English is limited, his actions always speaks louder.  The way he carries himself is nothing of extraordinary.
  7. Dean Ambrose (WWE):  Nothing much but he’s slowly proving why he’s one of the best wrestlers today.  On a plus side, with him in the top 10 for this year’s PWI 500, this could shows us that Rollins/Ambrose are the best team for 2017.  Only four months to go to see if that happens.
  8. Samoa Joe (NXT/RAW):  Wow! One of the best who I believe is ready to become champion. The question though is when will that happen.
  9. Bobby Roode (NXT):  What a huge leap for the “It-Factor” after being way outside the top 10 last year.  Though I not a fan of his promos, no one can deny his in-ring ability.  It truly is one of the best.
  10. The Miz (WWE):  If it wasn’t for that promo on last year’s Talking Smack, then we wouldn’t talk about how much The Miz has improved since then.  Becoming arguably one of the best talkers and one of the best wrestlers in professional wrestling.
  11. Adrian Neville (RAW):  He’s finally getting notice but it wasn’t ‘till now that he is actually starting to have some fun.
  12. Tetsuya Naito (NJPW):  One of the few who didn’t budge 1 muscle from this spot.  I really expected him to be a top 10 wrestler but guess that’ll be saved for next year. What a shame for the 2-time (and reigning) G1 Climax winner.
  13. Randy Orton (SmackDown! Live):  Made a huge leap, large in part to him winning the Royal Rumble though his words towards the indies have made him a controversial figure as of late.
  14. Adam Cole (ROH):  A big leap for “Adam Cole Baybay” who became the 1st 3-time ROH Champion at the Tokyo Dome and one of my favorites due to his mic skills and his in-ring ability.
  15. Bray Wyatt (WWE):  Big leap for the “Eater of Worlds” but most of his matches and promos have suddenly lost steam.  The crowd no longer wants to “Follow the Buzzards”.
  16. Seth Rollins (RAW):  Was in total shock to see him outside of the top 10 after being number 1 in 2015 and then managing to stay in the top 10 for 2016.  He’s still having some of the best matches and the best has yet to come for the “Kingslayer”. The good news though is that his tag partner is a top 10 wrestler this year possibly making them the best team in this year’s PWI 500 despite only being together for a short while.
  17. Christoper Daniels (ROH):  What a big leap for this man who at the age of 46 became ROH Champion and like AJ, showed to everyone that age is just a number and that wrestling is about skills and not height.
  18. Bobby Lashley (GFW):  Since I don’t watch him, I can’t comment.
  19. John Cena (SmackDown! Live):  With his career winding down, this had to be expected but it was fun to see John Cena stay in the top 10 for most of his career.
  20. KUSHIDA (ROH/NJPW):  Another wrestler who made a huge leap and has become the official successor to Seth Rollins’s old finishing move “God’s Last Gift” which he calls the “Back to the Future”
  21. Will Ospreay (NJPW/Indies):  1 year he’s cracking the top 20; this year, finds himself outside of it.  Guessing Will needs to improve more.
  22. Chris Jericho (WWE):  His “List of Jericho” (Which I’m on by the way) has gotten so much attraction that fans want to see who make the list next.  It is most likely that this is his last year wrestling full time and he made the most of it.
  23. Katsuyori Shibata (NJPW):  Though his career may be over, let’s not forget the year he had before Sakura Genesis including winning the New Japan Cup in a classic thriller against Fale.
  24. Johnny Mundo (AAA):  I know who he is but I haven’t watched him in six years. Glad he’s making progress as a wrestler.
  25. Brock Lesnar (RAW):  WWE really needs him to drop the Universal Championship to an full-time competitor ‘cause this ranking shows why.
  26. Zack Sabre Jr. (NJPW/Indies):  He can really hurt you in the matches.  At least he is more respectful towards his opponents to the point he’ll show respect to them.
  27. Eddie Edwards (GFW):  Can’t say much except this guy is something.
  28. Prince Devitt aka Finn Balor (RAW):  The 1st-ever WWE Universal Champion took a big fall from the top 5 largely due in part to too much inactivity.  May fall even further if his current storyline with Bray Wyatt doesn’t end right now as fans are totally bored with it.
  29. Pete Dunne (Indies):  Another big leap here going from being way outside the top 100 to now being of the top 30 wrestlers in the world.  This one is truly deserving.
  30. Jinder Mahal (SmackDown! Live):  Someone who suffered losses is now getting a big push into which he is now WWE Champion.  The craziest part is that he wasn’t even in the PWI 500 last year.  Talk about how those last three months played out into him reaching the top 30.
  31. Marty Scurll (ROH): I love his music and I love his skills.  Plus, he’s another one who made a huge leap from being outside of the top 100 to making it into the top 40 at number 31.
  32. Dolph Ziggler (SmackDown! Live):  Moved up a bit but not much.  Here’s to hoping he does well in the Indies when the time comes.
  33. Cody Rhodes (NJPW/ROH/Indies):  What a leap for the “American Nightmare” into which he’s still has the chance to produce more amazing matches.
  34. Braun Strowman (RAW):  Thought he would be a top 10 guy this year but at least he’s making progress. Let’s hope he becomes the next WWE Universal Champion so that we can see that belt ‘till year’s end.
  35. TJP (RAW):  Originally TJ Perkins.  Not a great wrestler but he really is one of the best.
  36. Ethan Carter III (GFW):  Haven’t watched him in years so I can’t comment on him either
  37. Alberto El Patron (GFW):  Had a strong resurgence until his private issues got in the way.
  38. Kyle O’Reilly (ROH/Indies):  Dropped down a bit but hopefully can have the resurgence in NXT
  39. Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW):  Awesome wrestler who likes to showboat too much.  But you have to love his air guitars, truly awesome
  40. Nick Jackson (ROH/NJPW/Indies):  My comments on him coming up next.
  41. Sami Zayn (WWE):  He’s great but has been greatly undervalued by WWE into which it’s time for him to go back to NXT.
  42. Matt Jackson (ROH/NJPW/Indies):  With Nick, one of the best tag teams in the world but they have competition since the only tag wrestler to make the top 10 this year is WWE’s Dean Ambrose.  Also their show “Being the Elite” is the best.  On another note, The Elite have an average raking of 29 for 2017 after last year’s average ranking was almost 40, which make them the second best staple/group in professional wrestling today right behind the former Shield brethren whose average ranking for 2017 is 9
  43. Mark Haskins (Indies):  Never watched him so can’t comment.
  44. Rusev (WWE):  Really taking a fall after being in the top 10 two years ago. It’s sad that one of the best wrestlers in the world has been demoted to the role of jobber.
  45. Matt Hardy (GFW/ROH/Indies/RAW):  With his brother Jeff, achieve the rare feat of holding the top 3 US promotions tag-titles in 1 year.  He’s crazy but I like the guy
  46. Ricochet (Lucha Underground/NJPW):  Another big fall mostly because of a television deal. Expecting him to get back up and rise again.
  47. Yamato (Dragon Gate):  Haven’t watched him so I can’t comment
  48. Hiromu Takahashi (ROH/NJPW):  Huge leap for the “Time Bomb” who made a big statement at the Tokyo Dome earlier this year.  Can’t wait to see him become champion again.
  49. Baron Corbin (SmackDown! Live):  Not a big leap for 2017′s Mr. Money in the Bank but still room for improvement including his attitude.
  50. Tyler Bate (Indies):  Wasn’t even ranked last year and now sees himself as a top 50 wrestler.  Not bad for the first WWE UK Champion.
  51. Jeff Hardy (GFW/ROH/Indies/RAW):  With his brother Matt, tore the house down in their tag matches including the two against the Young Bucks at Supercard of Honor XI and against Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins the night after SummerSlam.  With Matt, they are passing the torch to the next generation of tag-team wrestlers.
  52. Jay Lethal (ROH):  Last year, he was in the top 5; this year, he finds himself now scratching to make the top 50.  Shocking that it happened but it did.  Have the feeling that this will make Silas Young happy who will be upset to learn he’s not a top 100 guy.
  53. Bobby Fish (ROH):  Another fall for him while his partner is still in the top 40.
  54. Cesaro (RAW):  Though one of the best, his status here shows us all who the best tag-team is in professional wrestling.
  55. Moose (GFW):  Heard about this guy. Haven’t watched him but I can say that he’s really good.
  56. Rich Swann (RAW):  Awesome wrestler into which I love his music.
  57. Sheamus (RAW):  Read about what I said about his tag partner, Cesaro.
  58. Drew McIntyre (Indies/NXT):  Made it to the top 10 via a tie last year and this year finds himself outside the top 50.  Let’s hope he has a lengthy reign as NXT Champion so that he can crack the top 10 again.
  59. Big E (WWE):  Strong downfall for him but he’s still funny
  60. Austin Aries (NXT/RAW):  One of the best wrestlers in the world but never got the push he truly deserved in WWE.
  61. Luke Harper (SmackDown! Live):  Had gotten a huge push after betraying Bray Wyatt but hasn’t been seen in months.  WWE is underestimating his potential.
  62. Trevor Lee (GFW/Indies):  Can’t say much but based on what I’ve read, he’s really good.
  63. Hirooki Goto (NJPW):  Had a resurgence that resulted in him being in the top 50 last year but toppled out.  One of the best in the world but can’t really blossom like he should.
  64. Brian Kendrick (RAW):  Coming back to WWE has really helped “The Man with a Plan” to the point that he’s now feuding with the next generation of wrestling talent.
  65. Pentagon El OM (AAA):  Haven’t watch him so can’t comment
  66. Katsuhiko Nakajima (NOAH):  Whoa! Took more than half of the top 100 to find someone from Pro Wrestling Noah.  This shows us all what the company has been through in the past year.
  67. Tommaso Ciampa (NXT):  This guy is special.  It’s just too bad that his year ended with a torn ACL keeping him out until 2018.
  68. Crazzy Steve (Indies):  Can’t comment much except I can’t really stand this guy.
  69. Kofi Kingston (WWE):  One of the best in the world who’s also a record holder for Tag-Team gold.  His 2009 feud with Randy Orton is still one of his best highlights in my opinion.
  70. Luke Gallows (RAW):  This is not good for the team that was once the best tag-team in the world.  WWE really has ruined both him and Anderson.
  71. Bad Luck Fale (NJPW):  Look who took a huge leap and this one is well deserved.  One of the best on the mic and 1 that strikes fear in any ring announcer around the world.
  72. Xavier Woods (WWE):  Moved down alot as well.  But, he’s the best at hosting game shows including his UpUpDownDown which I saw once and it was funny.
  73. Karl Anderson (RAW):  The “Machine Gun” has gone from being one of the best to being nothing in the year since being in WWE. 
  74. Tomohiro Ishii (NJPW):  Went down alot as well but had some of the best matches against both Kenny Omega and Tetsuya Naito.
  75. Davey Richards (GFW):  Is now pursuing a doctor’s career.
  76. Michael Elgin (NJPW/Indies):  Took a huge fall as well.  This mostly is due to his injury but who knows.
  77. Abyss (GFW):  Surprised he’s still in the business
  78. Andrew Everett (Indies):  Plan to watch him real soon since I’m subscribe to CWF-Mid Atlantic’s YouTube channel
  79. Big Show (RAW):  Still one of the best in the word but age is coming into him based on him not being used much.
  80. Johnny Gargano (NXT/Indies):  Great Individual wrestler who I can see getting a huge push sometime in the future.
  81. Jay Briscoe (ROH):  Great wrestler who took a huge fall as well.
  82. Minoru Suzuki (NJPW):  Glad this guy’s not in the top 10.  He scares me more than Bray Wyatt and that is saying a lot.
  83. Jey Uso (SmackDown! Live):  For someone who claims their team is better sure didn’t gain the attention of the PWI writers who believe that the teams of Rollins/Ambrose, The Young Bucks, The Hardy Boyz, Cesaro/Sheamus, and The New Day are better than them based on these rankings alone.
  84. Rocky Romero (NJPW):  Great wrestler who we’ll see try to leave his mark in singles competition as RPG Vice says goodbye.
  85. Frankie Kazarian (ROH):  One of my favorites but hasn’t really gotten the push he truly deserves and at this stage, most likely doesn’t need it.
  86. Jimmy Uso (SmackDown! Live):  What I said about Jey is the same thing I say about Jimmy.
  87. Go Shiozaki (NOAH):  Awesome wrestler.  Just wished I would watch him some more.
  88. Hijo Del Texano (AAA):  Haven’t watch him so can’t comment.
  89. Roderick Strong (NXT):  Took a very strong fall outside the top 20 but hoping to see him have a resurgence leading into 2018.
  90. Sonjay Dutt (GFW):  Heard this guy’s a history maker.  Been a long time since I’ve watched him but he’s really good.
  91. Trent? Baretta (NJPW/PWG):  One of the best wrestlers in the world today.  Can’t wait to see how good he does in the heavyweight division.
  92. Eric Young (NXT):  Hadn’t had the year he wanted but was able to leave his mark through chaos.
  93. Maximo Sexy (CMLL):  Can’t comment due to not watching him much.
  94. Big Cass (RAW):  Strong leap for the 7-footer who may see himself outside the top 100 next year since he’ll be sideline until 2018 with a torn ACL injury.
  95. Magnus (GFW/Indies):  Great wrestler but really needs to get better and quick.
  96. Dalton Castle (ROH):  Great wrestler with one of the best entrances in the world.  Can’t wait to see him win his first world championship.
  97. Mark Briscoe (ROH):  Can’t comment more since I really can’t tell the two brothers apart at all.
  98. Marco Corleone (CMLL):  Haven’t watched him but it’s awesome to see him the top 100 after not being listed last year.
  99. Timothy Thatcher (Indies):  First time I’ve ever heard of this guy so I can’t say much about him right now.
  100. Keith Lee (ROH):  My uncle is apparently a huge fan of this guy.  Honestly, I haven’t watched him yet but if he’s good then I’ll take their word for it.

So there, you have it. Those are the top 100 wrestlers for the PWI 500 and stay tuned here for matches of those top five wrestlers courtesy of dailymotion’s various users.

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Fav Kota move? Uh, that is to say, -offensive- Kota move, as fav passive overall is obviously now him bouncing up & down on the apron with his back to the camera.

Ha, hm. Actually my favorite overall move of his is him being happy and enjoying his life. 😊 Followed by him being the only person in human history who can somehow pull off white booty shorts. Then the butt wiggle.

Well, I mean. You might think it would be his Golden Triangle Moonsault. That’s what he’s most known for maybe, move-wise. It’s not my favorite but it does have a special place in my heart. The gif below shows the exact moment I fell in love with professional wrestling via Kota Ibushi:

Originally posted by wrestling-giffer

He doesn’t actually have too many moves that feel unique to him! And everything he does frequently he does iconically, IMO. I always love seeing Phoenix Splashes because they remind me of him, and of course I think his are the best. I think I might be the only person who genuinely loves that little flurry of blows and kicks thing that he does. I also think he has the best Pele kick/double Pele and the best turnbuckle frankensteiner (but not the infamous one from his DDT match with Kenny; that was Too Much). Can you tell I think he is the best?

But here’s my favorite thing he does. Again I know he’s not the only one who can do it, and these days he usually doesn’t add the corkscrew, but: 

Originally posted by wrestling-giffer

He and his standing corkscrew moonsault are things of beauty. I love him so so much.

This one is for all the fanboys who think that thirsty ladies don’t like wrestling in the correct way because they cannot fathom that you could do sexy feelings and intellectual appreciation at the same time, just because they themselves are incapable. 😘