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Yasuke The Black Samurai by Brian Lei

Artist commentary: “Yasuke was a samurai of black African origin who served under the Japanese hegemon and warlord Oda Nobunaga in 1581 and 1582. The name “Yasuke” was granted to him by Nobunaga, although why and when is unclear. His original name is not recorded in any known source, so it is unclear if Yasuke is a Japanese rendering of his previous name, or a wholly new name granted by his lord.”

Yasuke (believed to have lived during the 1500s) was a samurai of black African origin who served under the Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga in 1581 and 1582. The name “Yasuke” was granted to him by Nobunaga, although why and when is unclear. His original name is unknown – or, at least, there’s no record of it (none that’s been found at this time); so it is unclear if Yasuke is a Japanese rendering of his previous name, or a wholly new name granted by his lord.

Yasuke, (variously rendered as 弥助 or 弥介, 彌助 or 彌介 in different sources.) (b. c. 1555–1590) was a samurai of black African origin who served under the Japanese hegemon and warlord Oda Nobunaga in 1581 and 1582. The name “Yasuke” was granted to him by Nobunaga, although why and when is unclear. His original name is not recorded in any known source, so it is unclear if Yasuke is a Japanese rendering of his previous name, or a wholly new name granted by his lord. He was one of the first foreign samurai and only African samurai recorded in contemporary accounts

Archer (Oda Nobunaga)

The son of a daimyo and one of the Three Unifiers of Japan, Oda was one of the most successful Japanese warlords, conquering over a third of the country before his death in 1582.

He was also a master of warfare tactics and at the Battle of Okehazama, his 3000 men would defeat an army of 25,000. He would also change the economic system of Japan as well as revolutionizing fire-arms.

Oda was also a ruthless and brutal man, burning Buddhist temples that had slandered him, slaughtering all men, women and children that lived in them. Some people believed that Oda was so evil, that he had made a deal with a demon to gain power and thus he called himself ‘Demon King of the Sixth Heaven’.

His loyal retainer Akechi Mitsuhide would betray Nobunaga as he was a stout Buddhist and could not bear to see his fellows die. His mother would also die in a hostage situation and he lost all faith in Oda. 

He would attack Honno Temple killing both Oda and his son along with several bodyguards and Mori Ranmaru.


Nanako Dojima’s Persona, Tokuhime

Lady Toku, or Tokuhime, was probably the most well known daughter of the infamous sixteenth century Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga.  She’s best known for being responsible for the deaths of her mother in law, Lady Tsukiyama, who she detested, and her husband, which was an unintended consequence of getting the former killed.  Oops.

The specifics aren’t really all that important here, as I mostly chose Tokuhime because she was the daughter of a terrifying warlord, which I thought was a good enough callback to her own fears of her father in her shadow.  I dunno.

But, funny thing, this Persona’s design.  I have really good ideas for basically every other Persona I have left to design, and I hit a roadblock with Nanako for a while.  I only really knew two things–one, that it was to be a navigation Persona, not a combat one, and two, that I wanted it to be angelic looking.  You can see an earlier attempt on the bottom left of the lower picture.

However, I felt nothing was really working until I just looked at the design a completely different way–Personas don’t have to be big, monstrous things, do they?  That’s when I realized the direction I had to go.  Some more brainstorming, and I came up with this.

I wanted it to look like a cartoon, kid appeal character, something that Nanako would really like.  Soft, cute, and cuddly: and what soft, cute, cuddly thing does Nanako like the most?  Teddie, of course!  So the design became sort of what Nanako would imagine as a female counterpart to Teddie.  And I really wanted to sell what I thought would be Nanako’s personal excitement at helping the Investigation Team, so I gave it a magnifying glass (I know she’s also a fan of some detective show or manga in the adaptations I think).

I didn’t really pull anything from Tokuhime’s tale from the design at all (as there isn’t much to go on, really), so I decided to use the Oda clan symbol as her belt buckle and tie its flower motif into its dress, which helps connect it to Nanako more I think, what with her fond memories of her mother picking flowers at the riverbank.

Anyway, yeah, Nanako is intended to be a navigator.  She would use the magnifying glass to see what’s going on.  I briefly, briefly thought about giving her a combat role but that just felt so very wrong.  Like, gross child negligence or something.  You just don’t make a six/seven year old fight.  Plus, Nanako’s too sweet of a girl.

Go here to compare to Shadow Nanako.


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belovedbabydoll  asked:

Sorry not to pressure you! But are you looking at any rejected princesses in Japan for either now or the future?

Hey! I’ve done a few, and there two or three more in the book coming out in October!

For an easy way to check if I’ve done someone from a specific region, check out the map on the main site:

(just wait until I add the 80 unique book entries to that thing, it’s going to be significantly more filled in)

As for Japan entries available to you right this very moment, there’s a couple!

You have Masako Hojo, the Nun Shogun:

You have Tsuruhime Ohori, teenage shrine maiden warrior:

And covered elsewhere on the site (although not in fully illustrated form), we have a number of other Japanese figures. This includes:

A theory by a Japanese historian that famous warlord Uesugi Kenshin was a woman (spoiler alert: probably not, but maybe intersex?).

Junko Tabei, first woman to climb Everest:

Ashima Shiraishi, phenomenal Japanese-American tweenage mountain climber:

Yukako Fukashima, who develops prosthetic fingers for Yakuza members:

And a link to this awesome Dazed Digital post about Japanese girl gangs of the 70s:

Future careers: Seirin

Butterflyspit here! Hello and happy Seirin Week! Today’s theme is teamwork/teammates.

I’ve been working on a list of future career headcanons and thought that it would be nice to celebrate the start of Seirin Week by publishing my headcanons for Seirin.

Aida Riko: Riko puts her leadership and coaching experience to good use and juggles multiple professions. She coaches, but also works as a personal trainer and a consultant.

Fukuda Hiroshi: Fukuda likes playing RPG games so he decides to turn his passion into a career and becomes a game designer.

Furihata Kouki: A dog trainer, possibly a police dog trainer. I think that Furihata will become the next captain of Seirin so he feels pressure to be more assertive. He is awkward and nervous around people so he wants to gain more confidence and figures that it would be easier to start with animals. He starts taking Nigou to dog training classes as a hobby and finds out he actually enjoys interacting with dogs. After getting much needed confidence Furihata decides to pursue animal training as a profession and possibly specialises in training police dogs. It’s also possible that he takes an interest in special needs dogs and aims to give injured dogs a better life.

Hyuuga Junpei: Hyuuga collects warlord figures and his speciality is making dioramas.

On one hand I can see Hyuuga going to the university to study history and archaeology, but then realising that he just doesn’t have the patience for it. After that he might get into making Japanese warlord roleplaying sets. Or maybe he follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes a barber.

On the other hand it’s possible that Hyuuga sucks it up and sits through all the excruciating classes because he knows that after he graduates the job gets a lot more interesting and he gets to go digging for “treasure”.

Izuki Shun: A struggling, terrible (let’s be real here) stand up comedian, who works part time as a cashier so he can pay his bills. (Although he might have a small, dedicated, pun loving fan base.)

Kagami Taiga: I know his alternative job is a firefighter, but I think Kagami has a chance of going pro in basketball. I can see him moving back to America and having a long and successful career. After that he might move back to Japan and become a coach, personal trainer, PE teacher or something similar.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko’s alternative career is a kindergarten teacher and I believe that is very fitting. To be honest Kuroko doesn’t really have what it takes to become pro. I think that he might play basketball in his free time, but his career is somewhere else.

KAGAKURO SHIPPING EDITION: Kuroko follows Kagami to the States and works as a tutor for American Japanese children. After they return to Japan Kuroko becomes a kindergarten teacher (possibly at a bilingual kindergarten). 

Kawahara Koichi: Biography writer. Kawahara has a knack for storytelling. He enjoys talking about his childhood and possibly also likes hearing other people’s stories.

Kiyoshi Teppei: A nurse or a physiotherapist, specialising in sports injuries. I can see Teppei’s injury affecting his career choice. Because of his personal experience he wants to help others in similar situations.

Koganei Shinji: Sign language interpreter. He might not even consider it at first, thinking that he will just get an “ordinary” job, but then Mitobe encourages him. After all Koganei has spent years interpreting Mitobe’s gestures, why not learn sign language for real?

Mitobe Rinnosuke: Mitobe is good at cooking and his hobby is photography. Maybe he starts writing cook books and specialises in food photography and styling. He is quite family orientated so I can imagine him wanting a profession which allows him to spend time with his family and have flexible working hours.

Tsuchida Satoshi: In high school Tsuchida was in the broadcasting committee so he decides to pursue marketing as a profession and becomes a pretty ordinary business man. His English is pretty good so he gets a job at a fairly successful multinational firm.

Hope you enjoyed reading these!