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Hide Out House in Los Angeles

Acclaimed Taiwanese artist James Jean lives and works inside a beautiful contemporary space called “Hide Out” that is located close to Little Osaka in Los Angeles, California. Dan Brunn Architecture redesigned the house, which was originally created by Frank Gehry back in the 1970s. The minimalist abode features a large metal pivot door, wooden stairs, a spacious living room and a kitchen, as well as a library that draws design cues from a traditional Japanese tea room. 

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Beauty in Simplicity|Ch. 1 (Yakuza!Hanzo x Hostess!Reader)

It was much too early.

Twisting your wrist you glanced at the time as it projected itself an inch above your skin, grimacing slightly at the time. ‘0714’. Carding a hand through your hair you couldn’t help the soft sigh that tumbled from your lips, the soft click-clacking of your heels against the concrete sidewalk picking up. This was ridiculously early for you. If Ayane hadn’t called you with this ‘urgent favor’, you had no doubt you would still be wrapped up in your comforter, dead to the world until 10 AM at the earliest. The older woman, who you affectionately referred to as mamasan, was your boss and dear friend but you swore that as soon as you made it to the club you were going to have a talk about your ‘business hours’. Still, you couldn’t be upset with her, it appeared that a ‘special’ client had reserved an early trial meeting and she wanted her ‘best girl’ there. Her flattery worked, obviously, pulling you out of your bed and sending you down the road towards the coffee shop on the corner before catching a cab to Roppongi.

She had kept details scant, as was normal, not wanting any prying ears to possibly pick up anything over ‘unsecure lines’. The patrons of the club valued their privacy and every girl that worked there as well as mamasan were more than happy to comply. Club Rosebud was a members only club that served the elite; politicians, CEOs, oyabun of the upper crust yakuza families, military leaders and the like. As long as they paid their dues, respected the ladies and didn’t become too disrespectful or belligerent, they would always be welcomed back with open arms. The building itself was discreet; a Vishkar commissioned project, sleek and modern with solid black privacy glass covering the outside. Ayane had balked at the thought of subscribing to the neon signs that often decorated the hostess and nightclubs in the area, instead vying for a hologram that projected the name in stylish cursive and katakana,  hard light roses and petals constantly falling down and onto the sidewalk. It was chic yet discreet, beautiful and classy; the exact image mamasan wanted to convey and what kept their clients both happy and impressed.

Club Rosebud location was a calculated decision on Ayane’s part, a street that existed an arms length away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, yet close to several embassies and five star hotels. The street was fairly calm; wide sidewalks leading to high-end cafes and bistros and a small two-lane road that had a small side lane that cars could take directly to the front of Rosebud. A side street led to a private entrance for those that required it, although it was most often used by the women that worked there as a quicker way to the back. This is where you often entered the club and where you were headed that morning.

Lifting your wrist to the panel next to the door, you hummed idly as you waited for your credentials to be verified, the small security pad turning blue before the door slid open smoothly. You barely paid any mind to the environment around you as you moved through the warmly lit hall, continuing the softly hummed song as you made a beeline towards the back. The art deco theme left the place brightly colored and yet tied together with dark walls or decor, seating plush and comfortable and inviting. A long bar was attached to a door that led to the kitchen, the different bottles of high-shelf liquor on the wall looking like twinkling gems. There were private rooms, of course, with varying themes; Japanese-style tea rooms, traditional conference rooms, hell, there was even a small private theater. Anything the clients needed, Ayane wanted to be able to provide.

You carried on past them, walking through a door that was affectionately marked ‘Roses’ Only’, signifying an employee only area. A little ways down was another door that led to the dressing rooms; a pastel explosion of a room that was fitted with a dozen pearlescent white vanities, soft lighting and two dozen or so rolling racks filled to the brim with clothing from designer clothing from all over the world. Tucking your purse underneath your personal space, you sighed as you sank into the soft pink skirted vanity chair, stretching before crossing your legs.

‘Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster’- Sun Tzu.

The quote from the great Chinese philosopher sat permanently affixed to the mirror of your vanity, a silent reminder of your life’s philosophy. You jokingly would tell the other girls you worked with that you were preparing for a battle; dressing yourselves in fine silks and chiffons like they were armor, your warpaint high-end cosmetics, your simplistically intricate hairstyles your helmet. The war ground is one that you had fought proudly on for years and would continue to do so for however long your spirit compelled you to, the battle of courtesans and their wealthy, upper class clientele.

Your battle hardened statements were all in jest, of course, but you enjoyed the playful distance it allowed you to practice whenever you entered the club. You were skilled at your job and you knew what was both wanted and demanded of you. An amicable warmth, lively conversation, class and professionality, charm and attractiveness all wrapped into a package with a pretty little bow. You were fortunate. Within the walls of the club and the mouths of patrons and advertisers, you were sought after not only for your beauty and charisma but your intellect as well, known for being demurely scintillating. For now, however, you worked on accentuating the beauty that was seen before the brain, primping in front of the vanity in the changing room.

You kept your vanity clean and tidy, makeup neatly stored away and sorted in a deep blue makeup case, your hard light styling multi-tool laid across the top of it. Assorted hairsprays, perfumes, brushes, accessories and jewelry were scattered, albeit tidily across the back of your small table. A place for everything and everything in its place. Your fingers moved over your items in a practiced manner, humming softly to yourself as you considered the look you were trying to go for this afternoon.  Bold, glittering neon matte lips had become popular recently, appearing on magazines and in talk shows but you felt that it was much too flashy, at least for the client mamasan had assigned you. Your look had to be perfect, demure and respectful, enticing and seductive. Chewing lightly on the inside of your cheek, you visualized several looks before opening your eyes and looking at your reflection. You had an idea.

🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Hanzo rolled his shoulders as the hovercar came to a stop, eyes glancing up at the building, barely suppressing the groan that tumbled from his lips. Hanzo could feel anger begin to lap at his insides like fire, doing nothing to hide his agitated expression from his brother. Hanzo made a soft dismissive ‘tch’ in the back of his throat as he stared at the name, ‘Club Rosebud’, the fluttering flower petals aesthetically pleasing and yet…irritating.  

“A hostess club”, Hanzo deadpanned, shooting his younger brother a scathing look. The frown on Hanzo’s lips only grew deeper as Genji returned the look with a shit-eating grin, clapping his hand down on his older brother’s shoulder and shaking. “This is the last time I trust you with picking the venue Genji.”

“Relax aniki”, Genji says, his tone much too lackadaisical for Hanzo’s taste, purposefully sliding directly next to the man despite the car’s roomy interior. Genji wrapped his arms around Hanzo’s shoulder, the older pushing against the younger, drawing laughter from the man. “Rosebud is one of the classiest joints in all of Japan! I promise, aniki, even Prime Minister Sakamoto goes here!”

That earned a small upward quirk of the eyebrow from Hanzo, skeptical yet easing the shoving match he and his brother were locked in.

“I don’t think you would know ‘high class’ if it bit you on the ass”, Hanzo stated matter-of-factly, finally managing to untangle himself from Genji’s hold. Hanzo’s hands immediately began straightening the tailored black suit he wore, readjusting the deep blue button up with an agitated precision. He shot another glare his brother’s way, only earning yet another wide grin. “What exactly was wrong with Suzume?”

“No offense but during the daytime that place is boring”, Genji said bluntly, nose wrinkling up at the thought of returning to the empty, musicless, patron-less club in the daytime. “It doesn’t create a ‘welcoming’ environment! We want to make our ‘partners’ feel welcome, Hanzo! Not bore them to death in an empty night club. Plus the girls here are gorgeous and they are very generous with alcohol. You know how that loosens lips, right? Plus today is only a trial run aniki! No pressure!”

Genji wiggled his brows conspiratorily, a knowing smirk on his lips as he gently nudged Hanzo with his elbow. Hanzo gave a grunt, an unspoken, if temporary, concession that he would try this for the time being, twisting his body towards the door as their Omnic chalet opened the door. At the very least, if the location was subpar, Genji had actually come prepared for the meeting. The 25-year old had actually worn one of his nicer suits, albeit was a crisp snow white in color. The inner button up was a forest green, his cufflinks golden dragons with emerald eyes, much like Hanzo’s own white gold and sapphire ones. His younger brother had even managed to dye his garish lime green hair back to black, just solidifying how serious he was about assisting Hanzo with this transaction. Although the elder sibling had no doubts that his brother would soon dye it again when things were set in stone with the Americans.

From birth, both brothers had been molded, trained to take over the Shimada-gumi, one of the strongest and largest Yakuza factions in the Tokyo area. The older the heir and the younger his right hand man, each imbued with their own skills. Hanzo was the tactician, blessed with a naturally analytical mind with a scathing wrath that could, and would, crush anyone that dare to buck against their Shimada reign. He was protective of what was his; his family, his assets, his livelihood. Genji was the amiable social butterfly, a man able to read the room and the people around them, able to draw people to him with his innate charm. Contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t a naive playboy, his ability to disarm people allowing him to gather his fill of information before flashing even a modicum of his true nature. Both had extensive training in both hand to hand combat and various weapons; pistols, assault rifles, swords, bows. Name it and it had been in their hands. And while their father, Sojiro, still handled a bulk of the responsibilities, he trusted his two sons with managing new business deals in his stead.

Giving one last vexed grunt, Hanzo turned towards the door as Yosuke, their Omnic chalet pulled the door open. Hanzo stepped out into the subtle warmth of the spring morning, straightening up and rolling his shoulder before stepping to the side to allow his brother room to move out as well. Genji practically jumped out of the car, arms raised high as he waved at the elderly woman who was walking towards the two of them, both waving enthusiastically before each approached the other with open arms. She was short, definitely no taller than five feet tall, dressed in hōmongi-style black kimono, soft pink and creamy yellow primroses and tea roses stretching from her feet to her back then over her left shoulder and to the edge of both sleeves. As Genji spun her around, Hanzo caught sight of the simple graying bun she wore, adorned by a fresh pink-red rose pinned in her hair.

Setting her down, Genji and her continued to talk animatedly as Hanzo observed, taking in the yellow obi with the intricately tied knot. An obvious refined taste was felt in the clothing, but her nature only helped to solidify her classiness. Her gaze was affectionate yet sharp, focused on Genji yet not missing anything happening around her. She wore very traditional clothing and yet her mannerisms were nothing if contemporary; hands on hips, grabbing Genji’s chin and pinching his cheeks. However when her gaze twisted to Hanzo, the playful chiding in her tone gave way to a warm professionality.

“Shimada-san”, she said, stepping away from Genji and giving a respectful bow that Hanzo returned with one of his own. Straightening up, a small sage smile settled onto her lips as she returned Hanzo’s once over before giving a quiet chuckle. “Your brother has told me much about you. My name is Ayane Takahashi. Let me assure you that we, at Club Rosebud, are both honored to be at your service and understanding of your need for discretion. Genji has enlightened me on the company you are expecting and I do believe I have the perfect accommodations for your needs, Shimada-san.”

Hanzo gave a short half nod, disguising the look of skepticism with a small bow to the elderly woman. Her eyes twinkled as she returned the bow, turning on the heel of her foot and beginning to move smoothly towards the building. Hanzo kept himself a few paces back, Genji walking backwards between the both of them, a Cheshire grin on his face. As Ayane approached the front doors, two well dressed men, obvious bodyguards, pushed the doors open from the inside.

As soon as he stepped foot within a door they were greeted by a comfortably sophisticated ambiance; lighting warm but frosted, casting a well lit yet relaxed vibe. The soft scent of perfume hung in the air, constant yet not overpowering; base notes of vanilla, musk and amber were accompanied by notes of citrus and stone fruits. Plush fauteuil armchairs in colors of pink and key lime and powder blue and creamy peach were spaced around the room, some near wrap around black hard light tables, others stand alones with small cherry wood coffee tables placed in front of them. To the left of the room was a long bar counter, black marble with glittering gold flakes locked under a highly shined surface, ambient lighting shining beneath top shelf liquor and fine crystal glasses. The floor was hardlight as well, sturdy and slip resistance, twinkling lights following the steps of the three of them as Ayane came to a stop in the center of the room.

“This”, Ayane started, sweeping her arm left to right across the room. “Is our general sitting room and bar. This is where most of our one on one meetings between our ladies and their patrons, although small private rooms are readily available if requested. Our bar is one of the, if not the best, stocked bar in the area. However, if you do have a particular brand which isn’t located here, we will be more than happy to order it for you. We also have a fully stocked kitchen and chef on call, so if you have any requests for your guests or if you’re anything like your brother, we can supply almost any sustenance you’d like.”

There was a satisfied smile on her lips as she casted a brief glance over here shoulder, able easily read the subtle impressed look that rested on the elder Shimada’s face. Hanzo had seen some of the clubs that Genji frequented and this definitely differed from the playboy’s normal. Hanzo had half expected a gaudy interior, fraught with the acrid smell of cheap liquor and perfume, cigarette smoke clinging to everything. This was actually…nice. More than nice if he was being honest. Genji smiled, breaching the gap between his brother and him and clapping a hand down on his shoulder.

“Nice isn’t it aniki”, Genji practically sang, the smug smile on his face only growing as Hanzo rolled his eyes yet didn’t push him away. That was as good as an admission as he was going to get from the hardass.

“Security seems lax”, Hanzo stated, more to his brother than Ayane as if to pull some of the wind from his presumptuous sails. Ayane turned completely with that, her grin slick and filled mirth.

“Oh Shimada-san we take security very seriously here”, Ayane said stated warmly, reaching into her sleeve and pulling out a tablet from a hidden pocket. “We value privacy here and you cannot uphold privacy without superb security, right? Every single guest, employee and Rosebud members are authenticated into our systems. If you are not in our system, you do not get in. If by some chance, let’s say, some paparazzo snuck in here we have automated security systems that not only notify our security team but short circuits any electronics they have on their person. If they happen to fight back, well, we do have other means as well.”

Hanzo hummed softly before looking at the woman and giving a small smirk at the dangerous glint in her eye. Well, it appeared that this place could be…acceptable.

“Shall we continue”, Ayane asked with a soft chuckle and a graceful turn back around. She didn’t wait for their acknowledgement, steps picking back up as she led them down a warmly lit hallway. “The conference room your brother requested is one of our mid-sized rooms, more than enough space to accommodate up to twenty people if need be. Light refreshments and drinks will of course be provided within the fees for the room, as well as the services of my girls. Now you both are in for a treat. I have picked two of my loveliest, most charming girls to attend to both of you personally. It always looks nice to have a pretty lady on your arm, especially with those Americans doesn’t it? Oh and Genji, do watch out. She is not happy with you.”

Ayane waved her hand over a small console built into the wall, the screen coming to life as her credentials were instantly accepted.

“These doors are secured as well”, she stated simply as the console turned green and the doors began to slide open. “Just as an added measure of privacy. Ah, Aiko, Hitomi, come and introduce yourselves!”

Ayane stepped to the side as the doors to the roo fully opened, allowing the two Shimadas to enter before her. Hanzo hummed in approval as he looked around the room. Two bright, avant garde chandeliers hung over a mahogany conference table; glasses, holopads and bottles of premium spring water sitting in front of each plush, leather upholstered chair. A small bar was tucked into the corner, a small holopad denoting an automated bartending system. Across from the table was a large screen, obviously for projecting any presentations, pictures or videos to anyone who hooked up to their system. What set the room apart, however, was the sitting area that had been included. A large, cream wrap around couch sat spaced apart from the conference table, fluffy pillows and throws of various shades of orange adorning the piece of furniture. Two women were just beginning to turn as Hanzo’s eyes finished assessing the room, his focus now on them.

“Genji-kun”, the shorter of the two squeaked out, a playful, scolding look on her features as she stormed over to the younger Shimada. The woman was petite but the heels she wore placed her just under Genji’s nose. She was dressed in a glittering blue lace bodycon dress, her light brown hair styled in loose waves around her shoulders. Her hands rested on her hips, her frown faltering as Genji grinned back at her, bottom lip quivering as she tried to keep her expression downturn. “Where have you been mister?”

“Ai-chan”, Genji exclaimed, taking a half step back so he could give the young woman an exaggerated look up and down. Aiko rolled her eyes at him before cocking her hip to the side and continuing to stare him down, any real malice in her actions lacking. “You are looking as beautiful as ever. Did you do something with your hair? It accentuates your cheekbones!”

Aiko’s face lit up, her hand moving to wrap around a lock of her hair before moving to her cheek, the hard look on her face melting away as she dissolved into a fit of giggles.

“You’re lucky flattery works every time”, she stated simply before throwing her arms open and laughing as Genji’s arms wrapped around her in an affectionate huge. The two began talking back and forth rapidly, the increasing volume and pitch of their voice making him cringe.

“So excitable. I’m envious, I wish I had an iota of that much energy. Although, I highly doubt I’d get half as loud…”

Hanzo’s gaze snapped to the left, eyes dancing over the woman he could only assume was the ‘Hitomi’ Ayane had mentioned. She wore an ombre strapless chiffon dress; the bodice fitted and white, the color gradient slowly trickling downward until it was a warm orange marmalade color around her feet. Her exact shoewear wasn’t clear but she stood right at Hanzo’s chin,dark eyes glancing up at him as she addressed him. A rose gold bracelet with pink and white diamond hung loosely around her wrist, shifting with the subtle movements of her hands as she commented on the pair in front of the two of them.

Her dark hair was half up and half down, loosely pulled back with a twist and secured by a pink crystal hair comb, the shape a large sakura blossom flanked by smaller closed buds. Her makeup was simple yet elegant; a soft pink glow across the cheeks, lips glossed with copper and bronze eyelids, mascara and eyeliner tight. Confidence poured off of her in waves as she stood next to the man, the smile on her lips demure and inviting, eyes respectful yet curious. The eldest brother was intrigued. While attractive people were not a rarity to either brother, he couldn’t help the way his heart picked up as he looked her up and down. Hanzo hid the gulp that unconsciously wanted to follow as he stared, his eyes locking onto hers before snapping to her hand as she extended to him.

“Oh where are my manners”, you asked softly, head tilting to the side as you admonished yourself. “My name is Hitomi. It is nice to make your acquaintance, Shimada-san.”

Hanzo lightly grabbed your hand in his, feeling a rush of lightning arc through his system at the physical contact. This was new. Lifting your hand to his lips, he pressed a chaste kiss against the back of it before looking down at you with the slightest ghost of a smile on his lips.

“The pleasure is all mine.”


Tatami mats are not soft. This is something you’ve become acutely aware of since getting Luhan underneath you in your traditional Japanese hotel room. But damn it, seeing him so surprised and completely under your control is totally worth the bruises you’ll have on your knees later. With your hand clenched in his hair around the cute little ponytail, you can tilt his head back to perfectly access his beautiful throat while you rock your hips over his quickly-hardening dick. You can hear his loud moans as you continue dragging your lips and teeth down his throat until you have to start unbuttoning his shirt to move further. He’s so good at accepting all of it, leaning back on his elbows with his hands resting on your thighs. It’s almost enough to forget that you’re starting to get tatami carpet burns.

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Today while napping - I had a Little Nightmares dream 

and my dream was about: The Lady, The Bellhop, The Janitor, and The Twin Chefs ( no Six, The Ferryman, and The Granny sadly ) were in a traditional Japanese style room ( like the rooms in the game ) and the guys were wearing Japanese clothing and all were drinking/ laughing and celebrating something xD   

should I draw this? xD

the sense8 au you never asked for (1/2)

the ones in the cluster are all the same age because sense8. Victor/Chris are 27, while Yuri/Yuuri/Otabek/Phichit/Guang-Hong/Mila/Sara/Isabella are 23. (Guang-Hong is a trans woman in this fic.)

I. Yuuri Katsuki

One year ago, Yuuri was a simple physical therapist living in his family’s inn. He had a simple life. He was content. And yeah, he had given up on his childhood dream of becoming a figure skater, and he was settling for the less glamorous life in this small town, but he was helping people. He was helping his family. It was good.

Now though… Now, his life was the most complicated it has ever been.

First, he started seeing hallucinations of people and places. He saw a man begging him “help me, find me” before disappearing in a flash of light. Then, he saw a boy his age wearing a hamster costume and dancing some kind of calisthenics. Days later, he was suddenly in a gun range, watching an Italian woman angrily shoot straight at the target.

It got worse from there.

Overwhelmed by the stress of the hallucinations, he sneaked into Ice Hasetsu Castle, the only ice skating rink in town. It was owned by his best friends so they gave him full access, especially when he was sad or confused about something. Being on the ice calmed him down.

He started skating slow circles, warming up. In his head, he could hear music he was very familiar with. He could imagine Victor Nikiforov skating one of his gold-winning routines, the one for the song Stay With Me.

He skated to the middle of the ice, and let the music in his mind silence his other worries. He danced the routine and poured all of his feelings into it: his longing for the ice, and for the dream he had long given up.

And then, when it came to the jumps, despite not knowing how to do any quads, his body moved on its own. It was as if his body learned it without his knowledge. A toe loop. A flawless jump combination. A quadruple lutz with a perfect landing.

He performed the routine from start to finish, including all the jumps that he should not have been able to do anymore. Not after years without practice.


Days later, Victor Nikiforov himself appeared in Hasetsu Yutopia, naked in the hot springs, hands outstretched towards him like some sort of dramatic protagonist in some cheesy drama.

“Yuuri Katsuki,” he said. “Let me be your mentor!”

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Arriving at Koyasan by DanÅke Carlsson


Koagari, Fukutsuru Sake Brewery by TokyoViews
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Sakura’s room was very comfortable, much like a traditional Japanese room despite his new environment… It helped him adjust better here, though despite the way it looked, there were candles placed everywhere, and an incense burner… 

He had loved the scent… loved the soft lighting of the other’s room… and somehow it made his own room even more comfortable.  He flushed a little thinking about it, but shook his head, humming a sweet tune as he straightened things, up, arranging the flowers just so.  

His second safe place….

So I’m starting to realize that the setup for the hetaoni house is kinda ridiculous.

I mean, there’s four floors, right? And counting the beds, it’s set up to hold eight people (most likely six with two guest beds in the top floor, seeing as those two beds are separated from the others, or perhaps six normal bedrooms with two servant beds). There’s an entire room dedicated to this one white piano, as well as a long, strange white library (adding to the small library behind the kitchen and the giant one in the first floor), and two rooms that are made to look like the traditional Japanese tatami rooms that hold no other real purpose besides that.

Yet, with all this extra space, there’s only ONE toilet?! AND on the first floor?! You have room for eight people, two staying four floors up, and you put one toilet on the first floor? No wonder it’s abandoned…

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What about STARISH and Quartet Night going shopping with their s/o? This could be at the mall or just regular domestic shopping.


READING GUIDE: { ”…” }- Him { (…) }- You { *…* }- Actions

Grocery shopping with Natsuki:

*pushes the cart down the baking & spices aisle* “___-chan, can we get marshmallows for the brownies too?” *You shrugged*  (Sure if you want.) “Yay~! Oh! Can we also get these chocolate chips?” (Okay, yeah. Why not?) “Ooooh~!” *He began to toss random bottles in the cart: parsley, cilantro, garlic, parmesan, red pepper flakes, and vanilla extract. You stopped him immediately.* (What the hell are these for?) “The brownies, silly!” (Okay, no. Take these, place them back where you found them and don’t pick up anything else, got it?)

Shoe shopping with Tokiya:

*You examined the shoe on your foot and smiled up at the midnight haired idol* (I like these!) *He frowned, picking up the display* “These have little to no support. You’re running a marathon.” (I want to look good… for charity.) “No one will be looking at your feet. I can assure you that.” (B-But!) *He kneeled taking the shoe from your foot* “You’re not wearing these. That’s final.” *He put it back in the box, placing back on the shelf. Completely ignoring your pouting face* (Tokiya~!) “Your heels will thank me later.” *He began to look at running shoes much better suited for the job*

Christmas Shopping with Cecil:

*The brown haired boy stared wide eyed at the large Christmas tree in the center of the mall* “Amazing!” *You had been still been walking in the same direction, checking your shopping list* (Alright, so next up is your secret Santa gift for Ittoki-kun. What did you want to get him? There’s special going on at the music store. The commercial said they’re selling acoustics for as low as–) *You turned to see that the prince has disappeared. You pulled out your cell to call his to feel your own pocket vibrating* (Dammit!) *You set out in search of the prince*

Dress Shopping with Ren:

*You strutted toward the strawberry blonde waiting for you on the couch* (What do you think about this one?) *Ren twirled his finger, gesturing for your to spin for him* “Hmm….” *You struck a pose and smiled* (Sooo?) *He shook his head* “Sorry, lady. But that dress doesn’t suit you. Let’s see the next one.” *You went back to the dressing room to try the next dress. When you returned he frowned* “We’re meeting with your family to formally announce our engagement. I want you to wear something that’s nice enough to impress; but at the same time I want you in something that’ll make me impatiently rip it off when we’re home alone to celebrate.”

Toy Shopping with Otoya:

“These are so cool!” *You watched the red head bouncing down the aisle excitedly* (Yeah, these toys are quite something.) *He gasped and picked up one of the skateboards.* “I wish I had one of these when I was a kid.” *He placed on the floor* (Otoya, what are you doing?) “I don’t want to go buy something for the kids at the orphanage without testing it first.” *You smiled* (You don’t have to make up an excuse to act like a kid when you’re in a toy store.) *He chuckled at you before taking off down the aisle on the skateboard*

Accessory Shopping with Syo:

“I think these earrings would like nice on you.” *You examined them carefully and smiled* (Those are nice~! Good eye, Syo!) *He smiled proudly* “I know right. That’s why you never go shopping without me.” *You picked up a necklace and handed it to him* (This suits you, I think.) *He nodded* “I really like that one . Put it in the basket along with your earrings.” *He walked over to the shelf filled with hats.You picked up a hat and placed it on the blonde’s head. He took a look at his reflection in the mirror and removed it* “That hat isn’t very flattering.” (Flattering to what? Your height?)”O-OI!”

Furniture Shopping with Masato:

*The bluenette narrowed his eyes at the sectional you were looking at* (What do you think of putting this in the living room?) “No, it wouldn’t match the style of our living room.” *He walked off to check out the flooring portfolio you’d passed earlier*  (This would definitely work. I like it and it’s comfy too. Don’t you think, Masa?….? Masa?) *You looked around the store to find him staring intently at the portfolio. He hadn’t flipped the page since he found it. You peeked over his shoulder to see what he was brewing over and sighed.* (Masato, we’re not getting tatami in the living room.) “Give me one good reason why we can’t have a least one traditional Japanese room in our home?”

Gift Shopping with Reiji:

*He led you out of the music store where you found a t-shirt for Ranmaru. Now you were headed to out to find a gift for Ai.* (What was it you said Ai mention wanting before?) *Reiji had completely missed your question because he’d stopped at a kiosk in the middle of the mall. You were stopped by another kiosk that were offering you some of their products. When you finally managed to slip away, your eyes widened as the brunette ran over to holding a cane* “Ne, Ne ___-chan! Don’t you think Myu-Myu would love this? It’s a full sized walking stick.” (Ah, yes. Nothing says, ‘Happy Holidays’ like pimp cane.)

Computer Shopping with Ai:

*You were looking carefully at all the laptops on the shelves for a while. You found it hard to make a decision. You’d noticed that Ai had been missing for some time now. You saw him, kneeling in front of the glass casings up front.* (Ai, I’m having a hard time picking a laptop that I like.) “Well, you’re bound to be unhappy with anything you pick out there.” (Huh?) “If you want to decent laptop with quality specs… You should look at these.” *He tapped against the glass* (What about that one?) *He looked at you with a blank expression. He was not at all amused by your choice.* “Sure, if you want to purchase a laptop with a poor hard drive and minimal storage space.” *You blinked.* (K…How about you choose for me?) *He stood to his feet and led you to the clerk* “I’d thought you say that. I’ve already got someone to ring it up for you.”

Meat Shopping with Ranmaru:

*The silver haired man was slouched over peering intently into the glass casing. He looked at the attendant behind the counter who was busy with another customer* “Oi, how much does the prime rib weigh? There’s no tag.” *They looked over at him and kindly asked him to hold on. He clicked his tongue, already visibly impatient* (Ran, just give him a second he’s wrapping their stuff. Let’s look at some of the other meats.) *You pointed at pointed at the sirloin* “That’s weak. Look at the size of those ribeye.” *The attendant walked over to assist him* “We’ll take 100lbs of the ribeye.” (What?!) *He looked at you questioningly* “Right, I forgot about the prime rib. We’ll two of those.” *You stared at him* “What the hell are you looking at? You don’t pass up quality meat on sell.”

Pet Shopping with Camus:

(I’d like to see Alexander dressed up for the holidays as an elf. That would be so cute.) *Camus shook his head* “I’d never dress Alexander in something as demeaning as that. Besides, we’re here for his food not costumes.” (Fine, I still think it’d be cute.) *Alexander barked loudly* (See, I think even he agree with me.) *Camus scoffed* “Please, my Alexander isn’t working class. I’d never put him in something that silly.” *He ignored your pouting lip. You watched the count as he examined the many food choices for his dog.* (I’m going to the restroom.) “Mhmm.” *When you’d returned , you’d nearly died when you’d seen that Camus dressed Alexander up as Santa. You giggled at the count’s attempt to keep a straight face.* (Alexander, what has this man done to you?)

Avoid stepping on the edges of the tatami mats and on doorsills.

  • Even today, many homes in Japan have traditional Japanese rooms, and the floors of these rooms are covered with tatami*.
  • Tatami consists of igusa reed woven on top of tightly layered rice straw, with the edges made of sewn cloth, and is ideal for Japan’s humid climate.
  • Though tatami mats were originally thin, they became thicker after they came to be used by aristocrats during the Heian period, although these were stand-alone mats used for one’s own space.
  • The proper way of sitting in tatami rooms is on top of a zabuton*.
  • When entering a tatami room, one should take care not to step on the door threshold of the room partition or the edges of the mats.

*tatami: (畳)  a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms. 

*zabuton: (座布団, photo below) a Japanese cushion for sitting. The zabuton is generally used when sitting on the floor and may also be used when sitting on a chair. In a more casual setting, the zabuton can be used in conjunction with a zaisu (座椅子), a type of Japanese legless chair, with or without an accompanying kyousoku (脇息), a Japanese-style armrest. Ordinarily, any place in Japan where seating is on the floor will be provided with zabuton for sitting comfort.

External image


Enkaku-Ji in Kita Kamakura :)

I’ve been daydreaming about going there a lot recently :3
I think the contrast between the first and the last photo also goes to show the dark and shadowy parts and the bright sunny parts of this temple :)
I feel like temples are very much like a small image of surrounding nature trying to be as agreeable a space for life as possible :)

Another architectural detail that I liked were the different styles of gates on the temple grounds :)
The first (photo not the first you’ll see ;) is a simple reed thatched roof with a simple yet elegant structure while the second gate (the much more prominent Salmon :) is a very intricate structure with a very nice tiled roof :) and the last one being a combination of both a very intricate structure with a elegant thatched roof :)

I liked the exposed wood on the Sanmon and to see how it was built :3
One of my favourite aspects of temple carpentry is how you cannot see how the  parts got joined together :3
To me this is the ultimate refinement. The structure as the essence of shape nothing is taking away your attention from the delicate carvings or the grain of the wood :)
As someone enjoying black and white photos this is what I like about these :)

As an engineer it is also fascinating to analyze how these traditional structures move during earthquakes :3

I think this is basically the essence of traditional Japanese rooms they are less about the way they are built because like a canvas for a painter they are meant to be filled with something pleasant by the one using it and for the very same reason a painter starts with a blank canvas they are left with little decoration :)

Sorry for getting carried away again (^-^;)
I’m writing this while taking a break from writing my thesis (^-^;)

Progress is slow….

Today I was surprised how many people liked my Treppenviertel article (°_°;)
I guess it was because it has cats in it :D

I wish I could do moe woodworking but I also need to finish my thesis…

I wish everyone a great time and sweet dreams (^-^)/

Work on the game is taking a little longer than I thought, but I really want it to feel polished when I’m done with it. I don’t know much about decorating traditional Japanese rooms so I’m just winging it!

As it stands, the game is 2/3ds finished. I intend on putting a little information session at the end as well, so any topics the game brings up that are unfamiliar to people will be explained.