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zoras--sapphire  asked:

Pardon the out-of-the-blue question, but what's a "hokkaido inu"? Is that another breed similar to sheebs and Akitas?

So there’s the Shiba Inu we all already know about which is one of the ten extant dog breeds originating from Japan.  Shiba inu they have moderate muscle tone and range about 13 - 17 inches in height.  They come in red, black and tan, sesame, and cream.

And as you’ve mentioned there’s the Akita inu.  Often mistaken for Shiba Inu, the Akita is much larger (23 - 28 inches), more muscular, thicker fur, and a different face shape.  Akitas come in a large range of colors, though they also have colors that mimic those of the typical Shiba.

But there are a few more Shiba dopplegangers that are much rarer and are often forgotten…

The Hokkaido Inu is one of these.  It’s typically around 19 inches in height, making it only a little taller than the tallest of the Shibas, but they tend to have “a rising triangular outline,” as if they had very strong shoulder muscles.  Their face shape is also somewhat different from the other breeds.

Probably the most famous Hokkaido Inu is Kai-kun, the mascot of the Japanese telecom company Softbank!

Very similar to the Hokkaido Inu and the Shiba Inu is the Shikoku.  They are closer in height to the Hokkaido, but they have somewhat sharper features giving them a dignified, wolfish-look.

But there’s more!  The Kishu looks like a leaner, more athletic Shiba at around 22 inches in height.  They are typically white but also come in red and sesame like Shibas.  The have a more narrow face than the round ones of their cousins.

The Kai Ken is also somewhat similar to the above dogs.  They are similar in stature to the Kishu, but while the Kishu has an angular face the Kai Ken’s is boxier.  The Kai Ken comes in various brindle colors.

The other Japanese dog breeds are the small, fluffy, white Japanese Spitz, the alert Japanese Terrier, the large and powerful Tosa Inu, and the wide-eyed lap dog the Japanese Chin.


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