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Class 3-A Student Spotlight

There’s a portion of the Assassination Classroom character book that highlights some of the students in Class 3-A. I figured I’d share it since it could be useful for fanfic writers. It’s nice to know more about Gakushuu’s class too. Some of them sound like pretty cute kids. 

The heading at the top reads “Specially acknowledged students: We shall introduce you to the twelve students in Class A with the highest grades”

Asano Gakushuu: Kunugigaoka Middle School’s most excellent student

Sakakibara Ren: He can prepare two blocks of a town in one week

Edit: Thanks to @irraydiance, I learned that “Two-block” is a type of hairstyle, so the correct translation should be: 

“He tidies up his two-block cut once per week.”  

Koyama Natsuhiko: His driving force is definitely complex

Araki Teppei: Behind his glasses is pride akin to a celebrity on official business

Seo Tomoya: If you are elite, even ill-naturedness is forgiven

Mori Iori: He is secretly troubled by his feminine name

Yano Takaaki: The reading for his name is different than a certain soccer player’s. [TN: His name is written with the exact same kanji characters as the Japanese soccer player Yano Kisho (矢野貴章), but it’s pronounced entirely differently]

Mizuno Takemaru: The son of an ophthalmologist. He sports pearly white teeth and a smiling face.

Fujii Hiroyuki: Because he really hates having his picture taken, he broke out in a cold sweat

Toda Seijiro: He’s a member of the student council. He is troubled by his thick beard

Tamamushi Keima: Of all the Shogi pieces, the knight is his favorite

Torii Hidetoshi: He’s the type who always visits a shrine before a test

Note: This is not all of class 3-A. There’s a total of 40 students in Class 3-A, 28 boys and 12 girls. For whatever reason, we’re only introduced to 12 students. Interestingly, all of the classes with the exception of 3-E have 40 students.

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