japanese river otters


This isn’t about how it’s amazing that 10 people made the anime in 500 days or how deep the plot actually is. That is also great, but Kemono Friends is even more than that.

Humans have the tendency to believe that we are above everything else, thinking of other animals as if they weren’t worth of our treatment, and we drive many whole species to extinction.

(See how Japanese River Otter has no shine in her eyes? It’s because her species is extinct. I don’t want more Friends to loose the shine in their eyes because of humans.)

Kemono Friends revolves around the fact that all animals have different qualities and different ways of being. It brings us closer to them by showing us characters based on different animals, allowing us to learn more about them.
It shows us animals we very probably never heard about, or wouldn’t have taken into account because of how they look. Random fact here but, did you know that pigs, rats and crows are amongst the most intelligent animals on earth? Crows, for example, can create hooks with wood sticks and use them as tools. Or make use of our stoplights to throw nuts, let cars crash them open, and pick up their meal once the cars have to wait.

After the anime was released, there was sort of a boom regarding certain characters, and with it also came more media circulating around their respective animals. 

It is already well-known how their collaborations with zoos are making far more people visit them, or how they share their proceeds with zoos like Kumamoto City Zoo, which was damaged in an earthquake in 2016… 

Basically, Kemono Friends is about getting along with animals, and several humans are getting closer to nature thanks to this franchise.

Please keep supporting Kemono Friends!!

There’s many more I wanted to say but didn’t want to make this too long so… Please add more if you wish to!!