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News Channels on Youtube

Here are some radio shows/news channels on Youtube broadcasted in various Asian languages. 

Cantonese: RFA | VOA | Apple News | Ming Pao News

Mandarin: VOA | RFA | NTD Chinese | BBC

Taiwanese Hokkien台視台語新聞

Vietnamese: VOA | RFA | Người Việt TV | BBC

Tibetan: VOA | RFA

Khmer: VOA | RFA | Khmer News Daily Playlist

Burmese: RFA | VOA | BBC

Lao: RFA | VOA

Thai: VOA | Thai PBS News | Morning News | BBC

Uyghur: RFA | Istiqlal TV

Farsi: VOA | Euronews | BBC

Dari: VOA | 1TV Kabul

Pashto: VOA | 1TV Kabul

Urdu: VOA | BBC

Indonesian: BBC | Metro TV News

Malaysian: KiniTV Malaysian

Korean: KBS News | YTN News | JTBC News

Japanese: BBC News | ANN News | TomoNews Japan | FNN News

RFA Radio also has tons of radio broadcasts in Burmese, Khmer, Cantonese, Mandarin, Lao, North Korean (!!!), Tibetan, Uyghur and Vietnamese. 

Should you fight them: Russian leaders from 1855 onwards edition

Tsar Alexander II: leave alexander II alone. he just wants to free serfs and liberalize the legal system without having his authority threatened by the nobility. If you fight him you will definitely win, but, you’d be a bad person.

Tsar Alexander III: PLS FITE HIM. I mean, he’s big and burly and stoic and conservative and everything a Russian tsar is “supposed” to be so you will probably get all your limbs broken, but he is a dick, so fight him anyway.

Tsar Nicholas II: Fight him. You will undoubtedly win. He will run all the way to your duel by foot, by means of an extremely dumb and unnecessarily long route, (accidentally fighting the wrong person along the way) and be already totally wiped by the time he arrives. Even when it’s clear it’s a losing battle, and everyone he knows is telling him to just back out of the fight already, he will refuse, consequently pissing off everyone on his side and driving them to beat him up FOR you.

Vladimir Lenin: Don’t fight Lenin. He’s probably been planning his fight strategy for a decade. Bad idea.

Joseph Stalin: Um. Yeah. Don’t fight him. I dont think i need to explain myself, y’all already know the gory deets. Just, yikes, as much as fighting him would be amazing, pls stay far far away. 

~~fast forward~~

Nikita Khrushchev: If you fought him you would winbut he’d probably just read you an angry speech, throw a shoe at you, and then run away to watch star trek.

Leonid Brezhnev: Don’t fight him. He’s got a whole squad of underlings forced to come to his defense and fight you against their will, so, yeah. Don’t.

~~fast forward~~

Mikhail Gorbachev: You could definitely fight him, but you should probably just leave him be. He’ll probably just end up accidentally beating himself up, you wont even have to lift a finger. Anyway, he has a grammy and you don’t, so he’s won in the game of life. 

~~fast forward~~

Putin: i would say fight him but if he caught wind of your plans you would disappear off the face of the earth before you even got a chance.

once again, wished they would team up together and fight the last boss annddd THEY DID NOT…….

What I love best about Kubo-sensei drawing Shachihoko!Viktor is that here she is again, calmly responding to our wild screaming that more or less goes like, “WHO THE HELL IS CHIHOKO I MUST KNOW OR ELSE I CAN’T LIVE???”

Kubo-sensei’s consistently subtle way of answering our maniacal screeching throughout the life of this fandom is so refreshing, here I am just laughing my head off. I feel like a banshee meeting its tamer, lmao. I love you, sensei! ❤

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Hello naughty children, I am going to talk about “psychotic breakdowns” in the P5 localization, and the fact that it’s a (very big) mistranslation that could mess up your perception of a fair amount of things in the game. (also, the fact that “psychotic breakdowns” and “mental shutdowns” are different things).

As usual, post is pretty long & screenshot heavy.

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a vermilion bird

summary: They represent all the virtues, Kaname thinks he remembers reading. Justice and kindness, loyalty and honesty. They won’t stand to be around a person found wanting. They won’t visit impure or unhappy places.

pairing: tanatsu


Kaname wakes up to a tapping on his bedroom window. When he lifts his head, groggily, and squints through the dark, it’s to find Natsume’s face peering at him from the other side of the glass. For a moment or two, Kaname is suspended uncomprehendingly in something of a liminal space – and then, a heartbeat later, he makes sense of what he’s seeing and shoots upright, scrambling across the room.

“What are you doing here?” Kaname asks, once he’s slid the window open and warm summer night air has had a chance to stretch its languid fingers inside. He’s rubbing sleep from his eyes, more awake with every second, and the massive creature Natsume is riding on becomes less and less defined as he does. Still, Kaname says, “Hello, Ponta.”

Before the yokai can get a word in edgewise, Natsume says, “Come with me. I want to show you something.”

His tawny hair is tousled, and his face is chapped pink from flying too fast against the wind, and his clothes are more ruffled than Kaname’s pajamas probably are – but his eyes are impossibly bright in the moonlight, and the curve of his smile is wide and infectious, and when he puts out his hand, Kaname takes it.

(When he puts out his hand, there’s nothing else in the world Kaname can think of to do but take it.)

“Just let me get my shoes,” he says.

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List of Adjectives in Japanese
  • Red: あかい(赤い)Akai
  • New: あたらしい(新しい)Atarashi
  • Hot: あつい(暑い)Atsui
  • Thick: あつい(厚い)Atsui
  • Sweet: あまい(甘い) Amai
  • Good: いい Ii
  • Thin: うすい Usui
  • Noisy: うるさい Urusai
  • Many: おおい(多い)Ooi
  • Large: おおきい(大きい)Ookii
  • Heavy: おもい(重い)Omoi
  • Interesting: おもしろい Omoshiroi
  • Light: かるい(軽い)Karui
  • Dirty:  きたない(汚い)Kitanai
  • Strict: きびしい Kibishii
  • Attractive: きれい(な)Kirei(na)
  • Healthy: げんき(な)(元気な)Genki(na)
  • Quiet: しずか(な)(静か(な))Shizuka(na)
  • White:  しろい(白い)Shiroi
  • Kind:  しんせつ(な)(親切(な))Shinsetsu(na)
  • Few:  すくない(少ない) Sukunai
  • Small in area: せまい(狭い)Semai
  • Hated: だいきらい(な)(大嫌い(な))Daikirai(na)
  • Favorite: だいすき(な)(大好き(な))Daisuki(na)
  • Expensive: たかい (高い)Takai
  • Small:  ちさい(小さい)Chisai
  • Near: ちかい(近い) Chikai
  • Boring: つまらない Tsumaranai
  • Far: とおい(遠い)Tooi
  • Long: ながい(長い) Nagai
  • Lively: にぎやか(な)Nigiyaka(na)
  • Low: きくい(低い)Hikui
  • Spacious: ひろい(広い) Hiroi
  • Inconvenient: ふべん(な)(不便(な)) Fuben(na)
  • Old: ふるい(古い) Furui
  • Convenient: べんり(な)(便利(な)) Benri(na)
  • Short: みじかい(短い) Mijikai
  • Bad tasting: まずい Mazui
  • Serious: まじめ Majime
  • Difficult: むずかしい(難しい) Muzukashii
  • Easy: やさしい(優しい) Yasashii
  • Inexpensive: やすい(安い) Yasui
  • Famous: ゆうめい(な)(有名(な)) Yumei(na)
  • Young: わかい(若い) Wakai
  • Bad: わるい(悪い) Warui

1. Power Rangers was originally a Japanese Property called “Super Sentai” which is still an ongoing thing in Japan.  When they brought the property over to America they had a diverse cast much like the 2017 version has. They did not take it and have only white actors in the roles.

2. Pacific Rim is a movie that pays a lot of homage to Japanese properties and genre called “Mecha”.  Notice how the director has a diverse cast in it and not just white actors. Hell the giant monsters they fight are called “Kaiju” which is what Godzilla and other Giant monsters in Japanese properties are sometimes referred too.

3. Ghost In The Shell is a Japanese Property that was recently adapted into a live action Hollywood production and it is white- washed plain and simple. 

 They took a Japanese property, slapped a white person on it, then called it a day.  Hell one of the points in the movie has the character saying she use to be Japanese to try and justify the whitewashing which makes it even worse.  

There is a difference between respecting the source material and shitting on the source material.  

Mashima giving into ‘fan pressure’ is not real

Is there fan pressure? Yes. Does Mashima give into it? No.
This misconception most likely came from badly translated things, people thinking Mashima reads every comment he gets in every language and most likely just another blind argument to deny people of something they like.

Some comments he gets are harsh but can you really consider people tweeting him ‘Could we please see more of x?’ fan pressure??? This is more of a western type of comment as reading Japanese ones I don’t really notice them asking anything much. 

Now unlike people who love to spew out things and never give sources I here am gonna provide you some. 


Q: Does Sensei adjust the storyline based on the reactions of your readers?

Mashima: Very rarely. I don’t completely ignore their comments of course, but in the end, since every reader has different expectations, if I accept every suggestion, then I would not be able to create a proper story. So changing the storyline due to the reactions of the readers alone is quite rare.

There are some things he takes into consideration but it’s still his story and he leads it as HE wants. People forget that Mashima’s english is very weak and he can’t exactly get a translator to translate every bit of comment he gets, the first audience he appeals to is the Japanese one as most sales are from there, where you know people actually buy the magazine and manga volumes? He does do things so it appeals more to the western audience like avoid references only japanese people would understand, but his main audience still stays with the Japanese and they don’t ask much to begin with.

Now this thing is where people love to misunderstand a lot


“a cute story from early on where Lucy’s heart pounds over Natsu.( this is referring to omake as official translation calls it ‘Beware of guys who show a keen interetest’) I had no intention whatsoever of writing a romantic aspect of Natsu and Lucy “

Ok so the last part is where people stumble and forget this is referring to VOLUME 10. It’s referring to things that were EARLY ON.

Continuing with “ but starting with this story, I conversely ended up making readers anticipate it… “

Seems like Mashima himself accidentally made fans anticipate it more with this chapter.

“Putting aside if I’ll write the romantic aspect, I am currently writing them with a sense like more than friends, less than lovers. I might like that relationship. Lucy having delusions in this story is super cute.“

This is Mashima mentioning how thinking about it he may really like the relationship in a romantic sense in the future. CURRENTLY they are in the ‘more than friends. less than lovers stage’ but there is a possibility he’ll take it further on his own will. 

and more on pairings http://thefairystales.tumblr.com/post/144632204797/mashima-sensei-on-pairings

“ I see requests regarding pairings almost daily. Even authors who don’t use SNS (social networking service) might see it through their FL (fan letters). But authors can’t meet all the demands of the fans. Because we draw with our own convictions. I’m very happy that fans get excited over the pairings, but there isn’t any author who wants to see fans quarreling. “

“ No, no, no, it was talk regarding the events happening in the manga back when I was drawing it. I meant “In that part of the story/chapter….“. I don’t know what’s going to happen from now on. I’ve even said that (Fairy Tail) would end in 10 volumes in the past but it’s gone on for 55 volumes… “

Mashima doesn’t always know what’s going to happen, people think he has everything planned out, but he doesn’t. A lot of Mashima’s comments on certain things are about things IN THE PAST. Not the present people seem to love to ignore that fact.

you can read about some of it here http://thefairystales.tumblr.com/post/160333722057/mashima-hiro-interview-by-webnewtype-2517 

there are several posts like that.

Now does this mean Nalu will be or won’t be canon? No idea it’s not my story to write whatever decision Mashima makes is what he makes and we’ll have to respect that and not be rude to each other over whichever one it is. We can get from these however is that there IS SOMETHING with nalu they DO have a deeper relationship than of friends. Whether that’s gonna go to lovers or not is not the fan’s pressure decision but Mashima’s free decision as a story writer. 

The only real pressure Mashima has to deal with is editors and deadlines.

anonymous asked:

wait but aren't people of euro descent also europeans?? bcs if they're not then what abt asian americans who lived in us their entire lives? would u consider then not Asians but only if Asian descent?

r we actually gonna have a debate about this, like is that what we’re gonna spend our time doing today jfc…..do white people in America consider urselves American or “European American”, bc ur only fuckin there bc Europeans went over and colonised it and murdered the natives
We sent prisoners to Australia in like 1750, nearly 300 years ago, and they colonised and killed out aboriginal people, but 300 years on they don’t call themselves “European Australians” bc their ancestors 3 centuries ago were from Europe, they’re just Australian

i hate this website


When 104th kids couldn’t find Levi, they asked the only person who might know Levi’s whereabout, Mr. Smith. He can’t be SURE where Levi is at that moment but he knows where Levi lives. (I am seriously concerned with this teacher/student dynamic)

Attack on Titan Junior High vol. 2

Matsuno sextuplet combo & pairing nicknames in Japanese fandom

Part of the fun of the Osomatsusan series are the six main brother protagonists, who all have different personalities which clash in different ways! Though a lot of segments feature all six together, more contained skits will often put the brothers together two at a time and let their personalities drive the plot and humor of the skit. And because there are six of them, there are total of 15 different ways to mix them up. As a result, fans (as well as official sources) have come up with various nicknames for these sextuplet combos.

Fans of BLmatsu will often refer to their ships with these nicknames on Twitter and  in Pixiv tags. However, these combo names are used in non-shipping contexts as well, so even though there is also some misconception among Japanese fans, the names don’t necessarily imply a romantic pairing (ships in particular use name portmanteaus ordered in certain ways; skip to the end of this post for a few more notes of explanation about Japanese ship-naming conventions.)

Osomatsu & Karamatsu (OsoKara, KaraOso)

長兄松 (Chokeimatsu)

“Eldest-Brother Matsu”

Straight-forward enough. Osomatsu and Karamatsu are the two eldest brothers (first and second, respectively).

This combo nickname was used by Namco Najatown for their “Osomatsusan in Nanjatown” collaboration promotion. Thus, it is considered to be an official nickname.

Osomatsu & Choromatsu (OsoChoro, ChoroOso)

速度松 (Sokudomatsu)


In reference to a wordplay on Osomatsu and Choromatsu’s names, contrasting Oso (遅い, osoi/slow, late) and Choro (チョロチョロ, chorochoro/darting about, moving rapidly).

Osomatsu & Ichimatsu  (OsoIchi, IchiOso)

パーカー松 (Parkamatsu)


In reference to the fact that Osomatsu and Ichimatsu are the two brothers who have fewer alternate outfits than the others and are the ones most likely to be wearing their signature color-coded sweatshirts.

Osomatsu & Jyushimatsu (OsoJyu, JyuOso)

馬鹿松、いちご松 (Bakamatsu, Ichigomatsu)


Oso & Jyushi are arguably the two stupidest brothers of the group according to their official character profiles, which describes Osomatsu as an idiot having the mental maturity of a 6th grader and Jyushimatsu as “exceptionally cheerful, exceptionally stupid”. An alternate nickname for them is Ichigomatsu, meaning strawberry, but also a pun on their birth order (ichi/one, go/five).

Osomatsu & Todomatsu (OsoTodo, TodoOso)

紅松 (Benimatsu)


Refers to Oso and Todo’s similar image colors of red and pink, respectively.

Karamatsu & Choromatsu (KaraChoro, ChoroKara)

水陸松 (Suirikumatsu)

“Water-and-Land Matsu”

Refers to Choro and Kara’s image colors of green and blue, reminiscent of land and sea.

Karamatsu & Ichimatsu (KaraIchi, IchiKara)

色松 (Iromatsu)


A pun on the pairing name KaraIchi (カラ一) which looks identical to the Japanese katakana rendering of the English word, “color” (カラー, karaa). Iro is the Japanese word for color.

Karamatsu & Jyushimatsu (KaraJyushi, JyuKara)

筋肉松 (Kinnikumatsu)


Karamatsu is arguably the most conventionally masculine of the bunch, as well a “nikushokukei” (肉食系, lit. a carnivore, meaning a “man’s man” who aggressively pursues women). Jyushimatsu on the other hand is the most physically active and athletically gifted brother. Thus, they are the “power-kei” matsus. This nickname is also reinforced by Jyushimatsu’s “Muscle, muscle! Hustle, hustle!” catchphrase.

Karamatsu & Todomatsu (KaraTodo, TodoKara)

材木松 (Zaimokumatsu)


Karamatsu and Todomatsu are the two brothers whose names are a wordplay on species of trees (唐松/karamatsu is a Japanese Larch and 椴松/todomatsu is a Sakhalin fir).

Choromatsu & Ichimatsu  (ChoroIchi, IchiChoro)

年中松 (Nenchumatsu)


A reference to Choromatsu and Ichimatsu being the two middle brothers (third and fourth, respectively.)

This nickname has been used officially in online promotion for the “Osomatsusan in Nanjatown” collaboration at Namco Najatown.

Choromatsu & Jyushimatsu (ChoroJyu, JyuChoro)

若葉松 (Wakabamatsu)

“Young-Leaf Matsu”

In reference to their color combination of green and yellow. In Japan, newly-minted drivers will attach yellow and green arrow feather-shaped stickers to their cars called wakaba-marks.

[Also, on a purely personal note, coming from Attack On Titan fandom, I’m a huge fan of the Eruri ship, which incidentally are also the characters voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke in that series. The fact that those characters are represented by similar color schemes and feather motifs, the wakaba has another level of symbolism that I enjoy a lot, LOL.]

Choromatsu & Todomatsu (ChoroTodo, TodoChoro)

サイバー松 (Cybermatsu)/ツッコミ松 (Tsukkomimatsu)

The nickname Cybermatsu derives from the fact that Choromatsu and Todomatsu are the two brothers who were initially shown with electrical gadgets in promotional art (laptops, smartphones). They are alternately referred to as Tsukkomimatsu, since they are the ones most likely to be playing the Straight Man in contrast to their other brothers’ funny antics.

Ichimatsu & Jyushimatsu  (IchiJyushi, JyushiIchi)

数字松 (Suujimatsu)/電池松 (Denchimatsu)


The Suujimatsu nickname refers to the fact that Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu are the two brothers whose names are a wordplay on numbers (rendered in kanji as 一 ichi/one and 十四 jyuushi/fourteen, respectively. It’s also notable that they are the only two whose names are written entirely in kanji!) Their alternate nickname comes from the 十 and 一 in their names resembling plus and minus symbols, suggestive of their polar-opposite personalities, yet close bond.

Ichimatsu & Todomatsu (IchiTodo, TodoIchi)

110松 (Ichitomatsu) 


Another wordplay on numbers, this time with 一 (ichi/one) and ト (“to”, an alternate pronunciation of ten.)

Jyushimatsu & Todomatsu (JyuTodo, TodoJyu)

末松 (Suematsu)

“Endmatsu” or perhaps “Youngmatsu”

In reference to Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu being the two youngest brothers (fifth and sixth, respectively.) Todomatsu is the family 末っ子 (suekko, “youngest child”), which is an alternate reading of the 末/matsu kanji (which means “end [of a series of numbers, etc]”.)

This nickname was used officially along with Chokeimatsu (OsoKara) and Nenchumatsu (ChoroIchi) for Namco Nanjatown’s promotion for the “Osomatsusan in Nanjatown” collaboration.

A few notes about shipping names and terms (BLmatsu warning)

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the-ol-timble-tumble  asked:

I bought a peignoir the other day before realizing that despite the fact that i see them everywhere, I have no clue how to wear one. Do you have some examples/advice?

I know the feeling!

I think peignoirs are often associated with cult party kei, but if you look closely at some pastel CPK coords, they could also be considered fairy kei! Japanese blogs tend to refer to these pastel CPK-esque coords as fairy too (*´▽`*)

Here are some cute peignoir pics to get you started:

source unknown - apparently they got snapped in KERA tho!

image source: Heavy Snap

image source: Tokyo Fashion

image source: Pink Planet

(you can see close ups of these coords here)

image source: Pastelbat

I hope that helps💕