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I sure do have a lot of android feelings: a list of some robot media I like, for your consideration/possible addition to your awesome masterpost
(this was too long to send as an ask, so I hope you see it here!)

Dark Matter (live action TV) – in an ensemble cast, a spaceship’s service/security android develops a personality

Star Trek: The Next Generation (android) and Star Trek: Voyager (artificial intelligence as a hologram) (both live action TV) 

Person of Interest (live action TV) – massive artificial intelligence helps humans predict crimes; eventually explores supercomputer-as-body, human/machine interfaces, machine PoV and thought process, technology as senses & communication

Gunnm (Western release title: Battle Angel Alita) (Japanese manga) – reconstructed cyborg becomes a bounty hunter & explores worldbuilding; the focus is machine bodies, not machine consciousness

Jacob’s Ladder series by Elizabeth Bear (novels) – some residents of the titular generation ship are AI that can take corporeal form thanks to robots/nanites

Silently and Very Fast by Catherynne M. Valente (novella) – artificial intelligence iterates its program and bodies within an internal simulated construct

Nier: Automata (Japanese video game for platform/PC) – androids at war against machines, engaging every possible discussion of machine bodies/definitions of consciousness/iterated and networked consciousness/robot feels

SOMA (Western video game for platform/PC) – human consciousness scans are uploaded into robots and a simulated reality

Wolf 359 (serial fiction podcast) – one member of a deep-space exploration team is the ship’s AI