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Undercover Spring Summer 2006.

I was drawn to this for the dark imagery, the round runway, and the candles (the Givenchy AW13 runway show seemed to borrow from this) but really it’s just that the the motif “The Amazing Tale of Zamiang” stands out to me.  I first saw this motif on SuFu user fewgale/newgale:

External image

Zamiang somehow reminds me of Zardoz, that awful Sean Connery sci-fi movie… you know, he figures out the civilized peoples’ ploy to control his savage people when he finally reads the Wizard of Oz (and deciphers “Zardoz”).  But the artwork that reads “The Crowd”… I think it might be from an indie band I saw play in Little Tokyo in 2004 - I had their CD.  It was ridiculously catchy.  I just spent half an hour looking for it but couldn’t find it.  Instead, I found an old CD of a Japanese punk band called Doing Life that I was going to play but the CD/DVD player on my computer is jammed. Fuck.

Anyway, what I’ve been doing is I found a site with a huge archive of runway shows and I’m using a Fusker to download the archives for  from Martin Margiela, Undercover, Raf Simons and Comme Des Garcons. It’s a good night.

Music Monday - ともに

Hi Quotakus!!! Happy Monday!! Today’s feature is ともに by WANIMA (ワニマ)!!!

They are a Japanese Punk Rock band formed in 2010. The band consist of 3 members, FUJI, KENTA, KO-SHIN. One fun fact is, the reason that FUJI, one of the band member joined the band, as it was because he seems to be able to drive the band to their tour!! They also won the BREAK THROUGH ARTIST Award at the SPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS in 2016.

Some of their famous songs are, THANX, TRACE, 1106,  リベンジ, BIG UP and many more!! Their songs are really awesome!!

anonymous asked:

Does anyone know any good Japanese punk bands? So far the ones Closest to punk I found are all idol groups like BiS/H, Fruitpochette, Deep Girl, etc.


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a really solid Japanese punk band is Your Pest Band!!! saw them live twice in the states and they're so good. kinda hard to find though