japanese puffer fish


A small Japanese puffer fish is the creator of one of the most spectacular animal-made structures. To impress the female puffer fish, the male labors 24 hours a day for a week to create a pattern in the sand. If the female finds his work satisfactory, she allows him to fertilize her eggs. She then lays them in the middle of the circle, leaving the male to guard the eggs alone.

Life Story (2014)


Fishblr! Hello again. For awhile, I was completely done with fishkeeping. After my Betta died (more on that later), I couldn’t bring myself to set up another tank.

Last week I bought an entire tank set up. Heater, filter, all of it. I plan on setting this tank up to house a dwarf pea puffer and (possibly) some other tank mates as well. Everything is still several months out from actually putting anything in the tank but I like to be prepared.

I now have to test out the heater and the filter. However, I’ve never heard of this particular filter/heater, so I don’t know if they will be good for what I’m planning to do with the tank.

The filter is a Emperor BIO-Wheel 280 and the heater seems to be a visi-therm 100W. The tank is 20 gallons. Are those okay?

My knowledge on fishkeeping is very limited so if anyone has any tips on stocking, care, tank maintenance or just fun facts, I’d love to hear them. I would be grateful for any advice.


Yujin Gashapon Kodomo No Jiten Daihyakka Strap por The Moog
Por Flickr:
Puffer Fish Japanese Charm Strap