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More shots from the Japanese Diamond is Unbreakable premiere and a message from Hirohiko Araki, via the film’s official site.  Araki directly addresses fan criticism surrounding the movie pre-release and gives the film his full and ringing endorsement:

In the coming August, Jojo’s film will finally be released. I think there are some manga readers who have felt very anxious about it along with having great expectations, but the high completion level of the film far exceeds your anticipation. The character building by the protagonists and others dominate the scenes overwhelmingly with cinematic suspense. The CG and the soundtrack are also amazing enough to make the film even more exciting.  Please enjoy the film breathlessly this summer. 

Thank you.  (Translation mostly via Crunchroll)

Araki appeared by video at the premiere to deliver his message and his thanks. 

John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, J.J. Abrams and Adam Driver at the Japanese premiere of The Force Awakens.

I love the contrast between John and Adam here. John is clearly thrilled to be there, holding his lightsaber with open glee, while Adam is super intense and on the verge of returning to method actor mode on account of the lightsaber in his hand. Daisy and J.J., without props of their own, are just in chill photocall mode.


Live action film “Neko Atsume no Ie” new trailer!

The film will premiere in Japanese theaters on April 8th.


Visuals from the NBA x Kuroko no Basuke LAST GAME collaboration

Anime film “Kuroko no Basuke LAST GAME” will premiere in Japanese theaters on March 18th and in Taiwan and Hongkong on April 2017,

src: https://twitter.com/kurobasanime/


Live action film “Peach Girl” new preview video featuring manga to movie comparison!

Mackenyu as Kazuya Tōjigamori
Mizuki Yamamoto as Momo Adachi
Kei Inoo as Kairi
Mei Nagano as Sae Kashiwagi

The film will premiere on Japanese theaters on May 20th.

Yoji Shinkawa and His Powerful Brush

As an artist myself, I sometimes wonder “if I could gain the skills of other artists, what would I want?” but the name that always comes up in my head in the end is Yoji Shinkawa, the man in charge of designing the Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders series.

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