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do u like babymetal?

Babymetal is the perfect symbol of why I love metal so much : literally anything works with metal, and whatever bizarre genre mix you can think of has probably already been done at one point or another. Traditionnal middle eastern music with metal ? check. 8-bit sound with pirate songs with metal ? check. Kawaii choreographed japanese teen pop with metal ? double check : Babymetal.
And the best part of it is that whether or not it’s parodic or “serious” doesn’t matter, because the line between “seriously over-the-top” and “ironically over the top” is so thin that everybody stopped caring. There’s no serious elitist genre purity bullshit, everybody’s just having fun in putting odd pieces together and making it sound as catchy as possible.
This being said, I think babymetal has a great sound and killer rythmics so even though I don’t know much about it I could say I rather like it !