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Pa III. SENSATION / Miku Hatsune, Rin Kagamine, Gumi

Yunosuke / Sept 15, 2016


yeah me too

(that’s one old crappy comic))


Take a humour group from Vörå in western Finland making funny music bits in their local Swedish dialect and mix ‘em up with J-pop/K-pop influences, TA-DAAH! KAJpop

I’ve written about them once before (over here) and they are certainly not losing their edge. The track is called Pa to ta na kako?, which sounds very Japanese to a layman, but is actually a Swedish dialect (from Vörå) and translates to “Brukar du ta kaka?” in standard Swedish, which means “Do you take cake?”. 

The video explains it all even if the language is a mystery to you. You know those grannies who just can’t get enough of feeding you with cake, pastries and buns? Yes, those. Lovely people. No further explanation needed. 

BTW, the music was made together with a guy called Janne Hyöty from the city of Vaasa. He has some insight into the J-pop/K-pop scene as he has worked on tracks performed by Japanese acts like Kat-Tun, Arashi and Sexy-Zone to name a few.

Cablepool Pixiv tags

There’s a lot of really wonderful Deadpool and cablepool-related art to be found on Pixiv (Japan’s much more streamlined answer to Deviantart). I’m currently in the process of putting together a huge pixiv-for-beginners post (now up here) going through exactly how the site works, but for now, here’s a quick guide to all the most useful bilingual tags you’d want if you’re looking for Cable/Deadpool-related stuff.

Deadpool art: デッドプール OR ( deadpool )

Cable art: ケーブル or ( cable )

Cable and Deadpool art: (ケーブル OR cable) AND (デッドプール OR deadpool )

Cable/Deadpool: ケブデプ
Deadpool/Cable: デプケブ
English cablepool tag: cablepool

Any of the above: ケブデプ OR デプケブ OR cablepool

Alternately, feel free to have a browse through my own massive collection of pixiv bookmarks (the Deadpool and Cable tags should cover all the relevant stuff.)

You might also find these tags useful:
デッドプール100users入り – Deadpool art bookmarked by 100 or more users
デッドプール500users入り – Deadpool art, 500 or more bookmarks
デッドプール1000users入り – Deadpool art, 1000 or more bookmarks

アメコミ – American Comics tag (lit: AmeKomi)

MARVEL & DC – Self-explanatory.

The spideypool tags on pixiv are also well-populated (デプスパ, スパデプ, spideypool if you want ‘em). But Pixiv does have a very good Boolean search feature, so if (like me) you’d rather filter spideypool art out of your results, you can do that too.

Deadpool minus spideypool: [use this link]

Cablepool minus spideypool: [use this link]

Keep in mind that this can be a little self-defeating though, as many artists will post both cablepool and spideypool material under the same image set, and you’ll lose those links by filtering either out.

On one last note, if you do find art you like on Pixiv, please DON’T repost it on tumblr or any other site. This is a major faux pas in Japanese fandom, even when the art is correctly credited and sourced, and many fanartists will react to seeing their art reposted by deleting the original off the web altogether. Linking is fine, but reposting is not appreciated.