japanese pa


Take a humour group from Vörå in western Finland making funny music bits in their local Swedish dialect and mix ‘em up with J-pop/K-pop influences, TA-DAAH! KAJpop

I’ve written about them once before (over here) and they are certainly not losing their edge. The track is called Pa to ta na kako?, which sounds very Japanese to a layman, but is actually a Swedish dialect (from Vörå) and translates to “Brukar du ta kaka?” in standard Swedish, which means “Do you take cake?”. 

The video explains it all even if the language is a mystery to you. You know those grannies who just can’t get enough of feeding you with cake, pastries and buns? Yes, those. Lovely people. No further explanation needed. 

BTW, the music was made together with a guy called Janne Hyöty from the city of Vaasa. He has some insight into the J-pop/K-pop scene as he has worked on tracks performed by Japanese acts like Kat-Tun, Arashi and Sexy-Zone to name a few.

Hoshi tends to not use honorifics when referring to others - this is sort of a faux pas in Japanese, and he does this in order to make people immediately distrust or be appalled by him. It also gives him a blunt, almost laid-back tone most of the time, which is what he’s going for.

However, he will from time to time refer to himself as “Hoshi-jukeisha” (”Hoshi, the convict”) when he’s talking about himself in the present tense, but will refer to himself as “Hoshi-senshu” (”Hoshi, the athlete”) when discussing how he used to act. This plays into the fact that he sees his past self as almost another person entirely, and that he believes that he’s nothing but a hollow shell of what he used to be.