japanese nationals 2011

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Announcer: Hanyu Yuzuru, 17 years old. He is one of the Japanese skaters seen with great attention this season. The quad Takahashi Daisuke landed had Hanyu’s quality. We can see the rise of Hanyu, will his talent give him a chance for his Worlds debut?

Hanyu Yuzuru, 17 years old, finalist at the Grand Prix this season. Romeo and Juliet. The first quad!

Honda Takeshi: Quad toe loop…

Announcer: He landed it!

Honda Takeshi: Eagle to triple axel.

Announcer: A jump with great height!

Honda Takeshi: Triple flip.

Announcer: Spin with great positions, his strong point.

Honda Takeshi: Triple lutz, double toe loop.

Announcer: Jump in the second half of his program.

Honda Takeshi:  Triple axel, triple toe loop, double toe loop.

Announcer: Three jump combination came from a triple axel.

Honda Takeshi: Triple lutz, double toe loop.

Triple loop.

Announcer: He landed 7 jumps, he has one minute and a bit left!

His step sequence!

His choreography shows Romeo, who learned of Juliet’s death, with anger and misery.

His last jump…!  AH!

Honda Takeshi: His triple salchow became a single salchow…

Announcer: His last jump!

Still, with his own strength, he opened a door to the Worlds!  His quad was great, but his last salchow, you can see his frustration.  But the audience’s cheers proves everything (everything=Yuzuru’s talents, performance, etc.).  Hanyu is not smiling, showing disappointment on his face.  


Arakawa Shizuka: Yes.

Announcer: What do you think?

Arakawa Shizuka: He was one step away from a perfect performance like at the Grand Prix Final, and we can see his frustration.  But if we think about the first half of his performance and the pressure and nervousness, I think he skated great.

Announcer: Honda-san.

Honda Takeshi: Yes, his quad and triple axel, and also his triple axel in the later half of his program-his jumps were the jumps that has high GEO.  The choreographed step sequence in the later half of his program lacked speed because of tiredness, also the last jump became a single.  I think those the points he needs to work on now.

Announcer: Despite that, his performance gave us the excitement and anticipation that something amazing is going to happen.  Kokubun-san, what do you think about this?

Kokubun Taichi: I think he looked up to his senpai (older) skaters, and I think his free program was his moment.  I saw the how much Hanyu-senshu (athlete) grew in this one year.  He makes his failures and successes into experience.  

Announcer: He personally raises his goal everytime and is no longer satisfied by landing a quad- he is aiming for a perfect performance. On March 11, he experienced the disaster and lived in an evacuation center. His rink was closed, so he searched for training places at other rinks and also practiced by performing in ice shows. For Hanyu-senshu, he had special thoughts as he performed at the Nationals. His final frustration, probably thinking why his legs did not last to the very end. But still, he is still 17 years old, still a Junior age. Now, let’s wait for his marks! If he becomes 3rd, it is almost certain that he can go to the Worlds. 1st, Takahashi, 2nd Kozuka. We are waiting! To the Worlds in Nice, Frace! Wow! His technical elements score is 88.59! Program components score very high too for a total of 241.91! He makes a large difference to Machida (4th place)! We can certainly imagine him at the Worlds! This is Hanyu Yuzuru!