japanese monster toy


My coworker (coworkers?) thought it was necessary to dress up my NECA 1994 Godzilla figure.  I left it up for more than a week, and everyone loved it.  My first thought was “Why do people keep on messing with my Godzilla?” (if it isn’t this, he’s hiding, or doing a handstand, or what have you), and then my second thought immediately thereafter was, “How did you have time for this?”

X Plus makes some of the most detailed hyper real figures I’ve ever seen.  Can you believe all their stuff is made of vinyl?  Its incredible that you can get such life and detail out of a non breakable (even sometimes bendable) material.  Its also really light, and this is a 12 inch tall figure (25cm).  You’d think that X Plus would be a company that focused on making characters from top box office movies and pop culture…but they’re NOT cuz they love making KAIJU! Their line of Japanese monsters from film and tv is massive.

This is Gamera, the 1966 version from Gamera Vs. Barugon.  Gamera is my favorite Kaiju. This figure protects me from monsters with knives for noses and chirping squids.  GAMERA!