japanese lofts


LOFT ‘89.
Thank you for hosting that great after party taylorswift :’)
We got invited during she played Love Story. A staff came to us and asked “Do you guys want to meet Taylor?” and then we went crazy, cried so hard and said YES. We couldn’t stop crying like a baby for a while because we’ve been wanting to meet Taylor for almost 7 years.

In LOFT '89, there were lots of pizzas, drinks and some cakes and we couldn’t believe that we made it to our dream place. And then, Papa Swift, band members and dancers came in. We talked a lot and took pictures, they gave us their autographs :) Scott gave us guitar picks, he was so kind and nice. After that we talked with Paul, Amos, David, Melanie, Kamila, Clare, Christian and Eliotte. THEY WERE SO NICE. We talked about the show and Japanese food! I was so glad that David and Melanie knew a little Japanese! Melanie and Kamila said they saw our video of us dancing shake it off, and we danced together in LOFT'89!!!!! That was so much fun!!! We talked a lot, took many pictures and selfies :)

After a while, Taylor came in there… I couldn’t believe that she was in the same room but I somehow kept calm, hmm, no, but I was like “Okay, take a deep breathe, she definitely will come to us. Don’t worry, okay,,,, OH IM NOT OKAY!!!!!”. She looked like an angel, real angel. Finally she came to us with big smile and said “I followed you guys on Tumblr and you guys will be Natalie tomorrow?”. OH MY GOD. SHE KNOWS IT. She already knew it. And what’s more, she said “I will find you tomorrow.” (And she found us on May 6 during she played Clean. She blowed us a kiss. OMG.) We told her that we became friends because of her, we’ve been loving her for almost 7 years… She put her hand on my arm during I talked with her. She was like my friend. No. SHE IS MY FRIEND. And she asked us about the show. We said the show was AMAZING, then she said “YAS!” with a victory pose which was so unbelievably cute. I told her my favorite part was You’re in love but oh no I couldn’t remember her response to me! At last, after we took a group picture, we sneezed like Natalie with Taylor. She laughed so hard and said “So cute!”. And I asked her about one more hug and she gave us a group hug. She said “I love you so much”.

That was the happiest moment in my life. She was incredibly nice. More than words can describe. She is the most wonderful human being alive. I love her forever and always.

Sorry my English isn’t good but I just want to tell you this story because I believe the power of Tumblr. Without Tumblr, we might not be able to meet her. Thank you for everyone who helped us. We love you so much.

Thank you for making my life full of happiness, Taylor. You are amazing. You are the reason I live. I love you.

Lots of love, Futaba