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Busted and Blue Theory

Let me explain how Busted and Blue is about Noodle:

I first got the hint at the concert when the visuals throughout the whole song was phase four Noodle looking back at everything she had been through during the other phases. Then I went back and looked at the lyrics and put the pieces together.


“I was asked by a computer
A shadow on the wall
An image made by Virgil
To rule over us all
To amplify the sirens
And to find real amends
I’m through the echo-chambers
To other worlds away”

I believe this certain set of lyrics was written bc she finally remembered her past life as a child solider and remember everything those people had planned for her and those other children to do.

Example #2:

“Where do they come from?
The wires that connect to us
Weightless and fall on your body
‘Til we’re invisible
I’m with you throughout it, choose
Busted and blue”

Noodle is looking back on when she first joined Gorillaz and she’s questioning how such a miracle was about to happen. I mean think about it. Murdoc, a selfish jailbird that seemed to only be out for the fame, 2D, a half wit that acted like a zombie most of the time, and Russel, a traumatized guy from NY, took in a little Japanese girl that had no idea how to speak English and had no idea about anything in her past joined the band and made a family out of them. Without Noodle, they might not have been the family we’ve come to know and love.

Example #3:

“All my life
All my life
Beam a light on me
I am a satellite
And I can’t get back without you
Be my love
Be my love
Be my light
Be my light”

In the chorus Noodle’s taking about how she’s grown and can finally step back and see the sacrifices the band has made for her. She was always the little girl, the baby, but now it’s her turn to save them from their demons. Noodle isn’t their little baby girl anymore.

Theory created by @all-gorillaz-imagines