Let’s play a game called How far can you get through the lesbian tag on tumblr before you come across a penis

I’m not saying that a woman can’t have a penis

I’m saying that heterosexual men use terms like lesbian, Japanese, ebony, teen etc as porn categories and I’m fucking sick of it. 

I no longer offer the tags lesbian or bisexual on my girls looking for girls blog simply because men type in those tags and assume all the women on there want to send them nudes. 

Instagram has also removed the lesbian tag because it was being flooded with nudes and porn ads.

We should be allowed to use our own labels on social media!! 

LGBT Artists To Listen To After PWR BTTM Broke Your Heart

these are all artists I personally listen to! feel free to add onto it if you’d like. i’ve included gender and sexual orientations so you can find someone who most closely resembles your own identity, if that’s something you’re interested in.

  • Panic! At The Disco - mga male lead singer
  • Gerard Way - non binary
  • Against Me! - trans female lead singer
  • Fergie - bisexual woman
  • Angel Haze - non binary, mga
  • Tove Lo - bisexual woman
  • The Japanese House - lesbian woman
  • Green Day - bisexual male lead singer
  • Sia - bisexual woman
  • LP - lesbian woman
  • Hayley Kiyoko - lesbian woman
  • Years & Years - gay, non binary lead singer
  • Pentatonix - one gay man, one gay non binary singer
  • Kehlani - bisexual woman
  • Halsey - bisexual woman
  • Tyler Carter/Issues - bisexual man
  • Adam Lambert - gay man
  • MIKA - gay man