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Hi! I know you don't post translations from fansign events and Japanese concerts here but do you know if GOT7 mentioned Jackson in Japan or during last two fansigns? Like, what was their reaction to him attending MTV EMAs, were there any jokes about it?

Hi, yes it’s true, I don’t post everything because it would take too much time ;-;

GOT7 haven’t mentioned Jackson during Japan Tour, but some people believe that it might have something to do with their contract with a Japanese label. Of course, it’s only an assumption - since Jackson was removed from GOT7 Japan’s site and fanclub that means he’s not longer a member according to the Japanese label. 

As for the recent fansign events, no, GOT7 didn’t mention Jackson or MTV EMAs. 

In the past GOT7 members mentioned that their group chat is always active and that Jackson posts there the most so I’m sure they know about him going to London :)

Japanese Match Box Labels

I think this is just about the most beautiful collection of label designs, all featured on Japanese match boxes  from the 1920s -1940s. I love the colour palettes and how unique each and every one is. Also, the textures are just incredible. 
You can view the entire collection here: Jane McDevitt on Flickr. 


What can’t Harry Styles wear? The former boy bander has shown his playful side in floral suiting from Gucci and slick ensembles from Saint Laurent, and pushed the envelope with daytime dressing in Japanese cult label Blue Blue Japan. And earlier today in New York City, Styles took center stage in Rockefeller Center for his solo music debut on the Today show, sporting a bespoke suit from English tailor Edward Sexton. This isn’t the first time the cool crooner has opted for solid tailoring. However, his choice of color, millennial pink, energized the live audience and took Styles’s wardrobe into Bowie-like territory.

The custom suit featured natty ’70s-inspired elements, including a single button creating the illusion of a nipped waist, while a peaked lapel enhanced strong shoulders. A simple black button-down offset the bright hue and lent a boyish, Johnny Cash–esque spin to the look. The finishing touch? Styles’s famous wavy tresses, tousled like a true rock star.


from @acid.rar’s,
“The ßlack Lodge”, exclusive to @seikomartjapan
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❝Would you give me a chance?❞

Plot: After two years, Jaebum sees his ex girlfriend and he hasn’t stop loving her. What will happen? 

Pairing: Jaebum x OC

Words count: 4,8k+

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warning: None / Italics parts are lyrics of a song expect for the last sentence.

I made this one shot two weeks ago ispired by “My I” by Seventeen (CHINA LINE IS RISING YEAH!), I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥ 

“ Are you saying to come or to go, that waving hand.

Not sure if you want me to come or go. What could it mean? Tell me about it.”

Jaebum sighed while for the umpteenth day he reopened his eyes, waiting for the screams of his bandmates who were trying to decide who should use the bathroom first.  

He turned on his side, clutching a pillow against his chest and for the first time after months he was happy that Youngjae had abandoned their room for the living room.  

To be alone allowed him to reflect, without interruptions that brought him back to reality. Returning to those moments, returning to those feelings, was like eating something sweet and sour. It wounded him but at the same time healed him, like a chain without the possibility of being broken.  

“Aish..” He dimmed his cursing by thinning his lips, returning to lie down on his back with his gaze facing sideways.  

On a photo that he hadn’t dared to throw, to leave behind as everything that concerned her.  It was his mistake, he knew it forever. As much as she had continued to take part in those too big faults to endure, he was solely responsible for that end.  

Her smile crossed his mind like a lightning, that smile she wore on the day they had taken different paths. She knew it, she had read it in his eyes many months before soon came to their “end”.  

But when the end arrived, she had been totally unprepared. Just as he had been, too busy with his own work and pressures to be a “leader” to distract him from what, perhaps, had helped him more than anything else in the worst moments.  

Nervously he passed a hand through his hair, throwing the pillow against the door at the moment when it opened. He struck an unsuspecting Jinyoung, who had made an appareance to understand why he hadn’t already come out of his room.  

“Sorry J.”  

“What’s going on, Hyung?” He asked, lowering to be able to recover the pillow and entering the room he closed the door behind. He knew Jaebum for years, now more than eight, and recognized when something obscured that mind already overburdened with thoughts.  

He approached the bed, sitting next to him and crossing his legs propped his elbow on his thigh, supporting his chin with his open hand. He observed his own hyung, who in those moments had hidden his face under the pillow, sensing immediately what the problem was.  

And he couldn’t help him more because in those years he had always been a great help for him.  

“It’s been two years and you still think about it, Hyung?”  

Jaebum sighed, feeling his heart heavier and being almost on the verge of breaking but it didn’t happen. Lifting the pillow he looked jinyoung, his fleshy lips folded in a half-smile and the understanding that flashed blatantly in his deep eyes. “Jinyoung-ah, I never stopped thinking about it.”  

“It’s unusual for yo–I joked, it’s usual for you. But I thought you’d live better with it. ”  

While Jaebum was seated, Jinyoung paraded his slippers and turned towards him; crossing the legs and preparing for one of those moments between them. Jaebum had never been the kind of person to open easily, but you knew he was about to do it when on his face you could only see the sense of helplessness. And he was powerless in front of that amount of emotion and resentment ever disposed of.  

“It was my fault, Jinyoung. She was always there to stretch her hand when I was on the verge of collapsing and I let her go. ”  

“You made a choice. The music or her.. ” He pointed out Jinyoung, biting the corner of his lower lip making it just blush; “You didn’t have many options.. You had worked so hard to get what you got, even she knew it.. If I remember she didn’t ask you to choose, she did it. ”  

“And why, huh? Because she knew I wouldn’t choose her. Even though everything she saved me from remorse of an obvious choice. ”  

The two boys looked in their eyes for a handful of seconds. The Jinyoung’s big and expressive ones sought to scrutinize in Jaebum’s sharp and thin ones which were even more reluctant than usual to get “read”. He regretted that day more than anything; he regretted not stopping her, not telling her the truth. And the youngest of the two read all in a simple glance, too wounded in order to be healed.  

“You know where she lives.. If you really have all this remorse, apologize. You have taken two different paths; ” He began with a gentle tone, rising from the bed and giving him a slight pat on his shoulder; “You’re two adults, your apologies perhaps are the only thing that after two years you can really give her.”  

Smiling he stepped out of the room, leaving him alone again and Jaebum could hear that he screamed to the other five to stand good and not disturb him; otherwise, he would make everyone bald in zero seconds.  

“Your apologies are the only thing that after two years you can really give her.”

But Jaebum didn’t have the courage because he knew that if he had seen her he would find those reasons why he had fallen in love with her. And neither one could afford another wound on a heart already too destroyed.  

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Nihilist Surfin' Group

Nihilist Surfin’ Group // 1981 // Garbage Sandwich

Nihilist Surfin’ Group was a side project of Juntaro Yamanouchi, the primary force behind The Gerogerigegege. Garbage Sandwich was a massive cassette compilation released by Japanese label Beast 666 Tapes in 1992 containing a bunch of stuff by (at the time) nobodies for no real audience, including early experiments from Suckdog and Smog, a bunch of tracks by Yamatsuka Eye using various aliases, a phone call GG Allin made from prison with noises played over it, and a Jello Biafra track that sure sounds like it could at least partially be a recording of someone peeing, among other things. From the liner notes:  “This double cassette compilation ‘Garbage Sandwich’, is only mere 'garbage’ which musicians, non-musicians, artists, non-artists, who exist, live, work or have already disappeared in mainly Japan, U.S.A. or all over the world, play, which only lunatics or perverts play, whcih is the worst and the lowest one like real garbage and normal person cannot find out any necessity, meaning and value to listen to and it has spent about three years from the end of 1989 to the end of 1992 and comes to waste and which becomes only 'garbage’ after collecting, compiling, producing, decomposing, and at last breaking completely and after all, it does not have any meaning and does not bear anything and everything comes to nothing.”


Japanese Chin Matchbox Label 1890s by Blue Ruin 1

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />A Japanese Chin Dog pulling two Sika Deer in a cart.

Camoshita SS18 Collection - Pitti Uomo 92 Preview

Entering Camoshita’s exquisite booth at Pitti has now become one of the most anticipated experiences on the fashion calendar - especially if the master himself is there to guide you through his latest creations. If memory serves me right, I got immediately hooked on Camoshita’s collections ever since I attended my second edition of Pitti back in 2010: driven by my love for Japanese labels and United Arrows’s amazing work, visiting the stand seemed only natural.

The inherent beauty of Camoshita’s pieces, besides the uniquely unexpected color palettes, luxurious materials and sturdy construction, is the timeless elegance they portray, undoubtedly the result of its founder’s extensive know-how of menswear history. The numerous influences that propel Yasuto Kamoshita to create his collections, incorporate several periods and historical movements of menswear, spread across continents and generations - from Americana to Ivy League, British tailoring and a very personal interpretation of the classics healthily biased by his Japanese sensitivity.

For SS18, Camoshita plays with bolder shades than usual, with striking regal blues and neon pink merging with the trademark hues of brown, yellow, green, burgundy and slate grey. The result is a sophisticated approach to men’s elegance, mixing tailored elements with casual ones to portray a very particular vision of contemporary male elegance, one that is seamlessly embodied by Kamoshita on every attire.

Miguel Amaral Vieira

[ARTICLE] MONSTA X To Make Official Japanese Debut Under New Label

MONSTA X will soon be promoting in Japan!

On April 3, Starship Entertainment announced, “MONSTA X has signed with Universal Music’s new label Mercury Tokyo and will make their official debut in Japan.”

Mercury Tokyo is a label created especially for MONSTA X’s Japanese debut by Universal Music. The name comes from a famous label called Mercury Records in Chicago, Illinois in 1945.

MONSTA X’s Japanese debut single will be “Hero,” which they promoted as part of their second mini-album in Korea last year.

MONSTA X will also release a Japanese version of “Stuck” at the same time as “Hero.” Their official Japanese debut date is set for May 17. On May 1, they will travel to ZEPP NAMBA in Osaka to hold a showcase event.


JohnUNDERCOVER SS17 Collection

Jun Takahashi’s successful sub-label presents an eclectic collection for SS17 focused on the use of gradient throughout garments and accessories. Revolving around primary colours and pastels, the Japanese label delivers clean, polished silhouettes with a contemporary twist, that are further enhanced by superb color combinations.