japanese is probably wrong

the finished version of disappointing_your_abuela.jpeg, based off my favorite headcanon of Lance deciding to teach Keith a little Spanish, and suffering when Keith picks it up annoyingly well and looks up how to say some steamier things ;3c

(note that my Spanish is absolutely atrocious and if I screwed up feel free to send me a message and I’ll fix it.)

“I love Daisuke as Daisuke.”

Valentine’s Day piece based off of the Michi e No Armor Shinka CD drama. Now, of course, Ken doesn’t say that, but he might as well have. Even though I have mixed feelings about the CD drama (and I’d love to talk about it!), it sure is a wacky one to look into if you haven’t already!

PS. I like to think Ken giggles after every time he says “Daisuke ga daisuki da.”

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I was watching the game promo thing on YT and this part happened. Hanae Natsuki is seriously too cute [full vid here]

Also, not actual translation!!

This is just something I imagined they meant because I don’t really understand Japanese. I’m sorry. I probably got the whole story wrong sobs but it’s just too cute

I like how the cast call Kobayashi Yusuke Denka so casually like it’s a nickname.

Okay so with the help of my awesome friend Jaz we managed to translate this menu. (Please note this is a rough estimate to what it says)

相談する (Discuss)

パレスに潜入する (Infiltrate Palace)

So this is basically the ‘Junes Court’ of Persona 5! Where you can gather your party and ultimately enter the dungeon!

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