japanese is fun guys!

So I’ve been learning Japanese (AND LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT) and I thought it’d be nice to share the knowledge! It’s really hard to find good lessons that explain everything in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand while ALSO being free!
So I figured that since I’m already spending the money on materials and taking notes on everything as I go, I can share the experience with others too!
And the best part is incorporating Fairy Tail! So it won’t really be ME teaching the lessons, but Natsu, Lucy, and Happy instead!
I don’t know how it will go (or if anyone would even want this), but I’m excited about it! ☺️
Here’s a little WIP preview of the first page!

Let's Learn Japanese!

Today’s Japanese Word of The Day: 氷

Romanization: Koori

Pronunciation: Koh Oh Ree

Translation: Ice

Ice’s name, when said in comics and doujins, is ”アイス” but when referring to him in pairing notes or specific bubbles that belong to him, you’ll see it as ”氷”. For example 香x氷 stand for HongxIce 

To the girl that might be going to Japan next year, as someone that lived there, I would say just be your beautiful black self. Smile, act approachable, and people will wanna talk to you and be friends. Don’t be embarrased to practice Japanese, since many Japanese people aren’t confident in their English, they will be relieved if you speak to them in Japanese first . They’re also generally introverted and shy to openly show their interest in you as a foreigner, even though on the inside they’re probably so giddy. Even if you make mistakes with your japanese, they will find it cute and they won’t mind helping you. Also if you’re single and open to dating someone while you’re there, just follow the same rules. Whether you’re a cute, sexy, or quirky kinda girl, there’s gonna be guys that are attracted to your style and are either open to having fun or seriously date you. FYI though, Japanese guys really try to hide their feelings when they like someone (fear of rejection), so read between the lines. 

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remember that time Kristoph Gavin had a hot voice for like, one trailer and then never again

honestly, my mind is blown that such a small thing as that banquet scene changes my whole understanding of Viktor’s actions. I’m going to have to rewatch the entire series with this in mind. All the shots of him sulking aren’t because he’s losing inspiration, it’s because he’s bummed out that the cute and fun and lively Japanese guy isn’t around. His choreography choices, his forwardness, his tears in the second episode…all the times we questioned his intentions. It all makes sense now. 

This is such good writing. I am so shook. 

Let's Learn Japanese!

Today’s Japanese Word of The Day: かわえ

Romanization: Kawae

Pronunciation: Kah Wah Eh

Translation: Cute, Adorable

Everyone knows that Spain uses the Kansai dialect and so instead of saying 可愛い Spain’s way of saying it is かわえ. So whenever you see Spain saying ロマノかわえ~ You’ll know he’s saying, “Romano’s so cute~"