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Jimin has a weakness for the tsundere maknae!?

JM: First we should make a name for our unit. How about Between Love and Friendship? Doesn’t that fit our relationship exactly?

JK: [Pulling a sour face] Um~. Well…It’s okay.

JM: Just because it’s called Love doesn’t mean it’s anything weird! It’s brotherly love, Brotherly! Love! It means the relationship between brothers and friends, so don’t misunderstand!

JK: Nobody did [laughs]

【Hanako Vol. 1101】BTS SUGA’s trans

1993/3/9. Bloody type: O. 176 cm. In charge of rap. “I always go shopping with my mother up till middle school, I usually complain that she has bought too much (laughs). But now when I see my parents and grandmother, I would give them some allowance or gifts.”

Use a simple sentence to describe the member is a _______ man.

RAP MONSTER: A man like a piece of wood. 
JIN: A man that his outside and inside are not the same.
SUGA: A cat-like man, because I’m cute? No (laughs), it’s because I like being alone and I won’t get close to the people beside me, that’s what I have in common (with a cat). 
J-HOPE: His mind is easily shaken in a good way, because he has a soft side and he tends to go along with other people. 
JIMIN: A puppy-like guy.
V: A puppy-like guy.
JUNG KOOK: A young leaf-like guy. 

Ever since we achieved #1 on music shows, our lunch boxes became luxurious (laughs).

Every member in BTS are involved in producing music. Among the members, Min Yoongi made good use of his talent in producing quite early, that’s how he has a nickname of ‘Min PD’. On the stage, he has a deep bass voice that gives off an invincible aura, but during the interview, we can always see his bright (facial) expressions. Even when we asked questions, we asked one sentence and he replied with ten, it feels like he’s giving off positive energy. 

“In April, we achieved our first #1 place that we’ve been longing for, with I NEED U on the music show, it’s completely a different world after we’ve won #1! Our lunch boxes in Korea, as well as in Japan, it’s becoming luxurious (laughs). If we can win #1 in Japan this time, we would be really happy.” expressing his state of mind.  

Suga is a guaranteed gourmet, every restaurant that he recommended to the members has delicious foods. “Next time, I will go to Tokyo and try the sushi restaurant which has 3 stars on the Michelin Guide. I also want to go to restaurants with delicious tempura.” Seeing him talking about food like this, it seems that he is a dainty eater.

“I have an information database of the restaurants that I’ve been to stored inside of me, so most of the restaurants that I go to, I usually go there often. The comments on the internet might have an advertising message so I don’t believe them (laughs).” His affirmation about the online information, I never knew he has this side too.

“If I had to go grocery shopping with the members, I would go to the supermarket with Hobi, we’re not good at picking the things we need, especially the food. It’s hard for us to say ‘let’s eat this’, so I want to try and see how indecisive we can be in the supermarket (laughs).”

Chinese trans by: 我是一只鸡米妮

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This is a new Japanese interview but I can’t understand a thing so I’ll just look at them being pretty

【Haru Hana Vol. 27】 THREE ANSWERS TALK -V’s trans

Food that will make you happy:

1.      Japchae (Korean dish made from sweet potato noodles, stir fried with vegetables)

2.      Mandu (Korean styled dumplings)

3.      Yakiniku/ grilled meat.

Up till now, what kind of things were you captivated by, please tell us which film/drama, music, book/manga:

1.      Jessie J – Personal

2.      Haikyuu!! – It’s about volleyball.

3.      G.O.D’s One Candle

Ideal type:

1.      A girl with long hair. I like smooth, fluttering hair.

2.      A girl that uses my money on important matters.

3.      A charismatic girl.

Q: In ‘Danger’, there is a “blackout” part in the lyrics. Recently, were there any “blackout” incidents?

A: When we challenge new genres of music. Because my vocal style doesn’t have a wide range and the genres that I’m familiar with are not a lot. So when I try a new song for the first time, it would be difficult.

Q: On what matters do you want to say “I’m puzzled/confused” to the members?

A: I can’t think of anything but when we are deciding on what to eat. I have something that I want to eat, but then a member would interfere and say “I’m not eating that”. (Laughs)

Q: In films, is there a romance scene that makes you think “I want to experience it!”

A: The scene from ‘Titanic’. We’ve been on a ship before and I did it with Jimin. My parter wasn’t a girl though (laughs). I like these kind of romantic skinship.

Q: If you had to show your dark and wild side?

A: This could mean that I’m being selfish and bad but I tend to speak (as I like) without thinking about what others are thinking. I think that’s the dark side. And as for the wild part, if I’m going to show something (to people) I would put my best foot foremost.

Q: V-san you have many model friends, I’m curious of your frienship (how you became friends with them).

A: I had a lot of model friends back in the days. In the beginning, I was all alone by myself but thanks to that one friend, I started to open up a little. Do I have any interest in doing model activities? Well, that’s a secret!





[ENG] 140614 BTS/Rap Monster Interview 1 “What are the members’ roles while living together?”


【150122 Hanryu Pia February Issue】JIN & JUNGKOOK

JUNGKOOK: Do you remember the time we first met? When the hoobae trainees were visiting the sunbae trainees to see how they practice, both of us were in the same group.

JIN: When I was observing (the sunbaes), Jungkook came in. At the time, I thought “this kid is cute, with his perfectly round, googly eyes.” But now it has turned out like this (laughs).

JUNGKOOK: What do you mean? (laughs) Before I came to Seoul, I haven’t seen many handsome guys, so when I saw Jin hyung, I thought “oh handsome people like this really exists in the world”. I was purely impressed.

JIN: (laughs with satisfaction) Speaking of the trainee days, we went out to eat a lot. I remember when we had singing lessons outside of the company, we used to eat after the lessons everyday and then we went back to the dormitory together. Always asked for different menus. It was fun.

JUNGKOOK: Here we go again, it’s about food (again).

JIN: (laughs bitterly)

JUNGKOOK: Ah, I want to go and have some singing lessons.


This is so hilarious!!!😂😂😂 even B.I doesn’t want to choose himself😅😅 Ju-Ne is as sassy as always😆 aaand As “natural enemies” (Bob-Chan)goes, it seems they’re not natural enemies at all when they’re not in public 😆😆😆 …anyway the main thing is they know each other so bloody well!!😄😄 from Can Cam Japanese magazine interview. Cr on pic