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This is a new Japanese interview but I can’t understand a thing so I’ll just look at them being pretty

This is so hilarious!!!😂😂😂 even B.I doesn’t want to choose himself😅😅 Ju-Ne is as sassy as always😆 aaand As “natural enemies” (Bob-Chan)goes, it seems they’re not natural enemies at all when they’re not in public 😆😆😆 …anyway the main thing is they know each other so bloody well!!😄😄 from Can Cam Japanese magazine interview. Cr on pic

"I’ll do my best.” in Korean & Japanese

I will do my best.


  • Hangul: 최선을 다하겠습니다.
  • Romanization: Choeseoneul dahagesseumnida.
  • Today’s Video Lesson: Korean words about jobs


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[TRANS] Yoongi in a Japanese Magazine Interview

Q: Suga’s must-have items.
YOONGI: iPhone. I listen to lots of music. I like instruments, musical equipment, computers and electronics.

Q: Upon hearing “Japan,” what comes first in your mind?
YOONGI: Clean. It’s a really clean country. I think it’s a place where environmental consciousness is important.

Q: Japanese artists that you like?
YOONGI: AK-69, KOHH. I’ve met AK-69 once. I really like how he seemed to make hip hop a common kind of stuff.

Q: (Japanese) anime that you like?
YOONGI: “Slam Dunk.” The scene where Mitsui Hisashi said, “I want to play basketball.” was the most famous part. It’s the best anime I have watched. I’ve probably watched it for like, 100 times.

Q: Japanese film or drama that you like?
YOONGI: Legal High. It’s a drama about lawyers.

Q: Japanese food that you like?
YOONGI: Sushi. Japanese food is really delicious.

Q: Place in Japan that you like?
YOONGI: Tokyo and Osaka.

Q: Where do you want to go next time in Japan?
YOONGI: I want to go to Kumamoto. I want to see the character named Kumamon. I heard that Kumamon is selling really well. And they said that it’s just like any other person who works in the office, performs and rides bikes.

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guide of SUGAriness_闵玧其个站
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The ELvin in this made me squee like crazy.


This has probably already been translated before but I just saw this for the first time so I’ll give you a summary ^^

The members confessing their unrequited love for each other~

In short: “If you were a girl, which member would you like to spend Christmas with?” (In Japan, Christmas is more like a couples holiday rather than a family one; I guess Korea is kind of like that too?)

Dongho chose himself (he gets excited about holidays and prepares all kinds of stuff so he would feel special as a girl spending time with himself)

Kevin chose Eli (he’s a good cook and he gives out gifts a lot)

Eli chose himself (he’s good at preparing for events (apparently there’s always one for Christmas))

Kiseop chose Soohyun (he has an amazing voice; it’d be great to hear him sing Christmas carols)

Soohyun chose Hoon (in Soohyun’s opinion, Hoon has a much better voice than him. He would be moved if Hoon sang a Christmas carol for him. Plus he is very whole-hearted so he thinks Hoon would be good to him)

AJ chose Kiseop (Kiseop makes even event-planning fun and thinks he would give AJ (as a girl) a wonderful event as a present (I don’t get what they mean?))

Hoon chose Dongho (he’s like a little puppy that would obey anything his girlfriend says)

Soohyun has trouble with personal space. I wish I was around him.


Dear Naruto Fandom:

Above is an interview with the Naruto Live Stage main cast in Japanese. I’m wondering if anyone can translate it into English? (or even Mandarin would be great)
I would be forever grateful to you :’) and I would gladly do anything that you may wish to ask of me (follow back, promos, requests, etc etc.) 

please help spread this around so it may reach our kind Japanese speakers in the fandom :)

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thank you in advance!!  


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