japanese hot springs

The Hot Springs Episode

This is for the @galraweek mini exchange. The recipient is @oldmythos pairing is Ulaz/Shiro.

I hope this is something you enjoy, cute and fluffy. (And I indulged in my love of hot springs)

Being the Defender of the Universe has it’s perks, like being able to get an entire bath house to yourself for a cultural exchange… and the opportunity to spend time with someone you like.

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The outside hot spring in the river.


Are you courageous enough to take a bath outside?

外(そと)で お風呂(ふろ)に入(はい)る勇気(ゆうき)がありますか?

This hot spring is ”free” though.lol


Gani-yu, Taketa City, Oita



Ohara no Sato

Me and my friend wanted to try an outdoor natural hot spring, so we took a trip away from Kyoto to Ohara. The hot spring was amazing :) it was in a ryoken. We decided to explore the area first and found a waterfall. It was all amazing except we got trapped in this crazy thunder storm. Luckily a Japanese couple who had also gone to the hot spring saw us running in the rain and pulled their car over and asked if we wanted a ride. They seemed like a nice couple so we thanked them and got in. They weren’t headed to Kyoto but they still drove us all the way there. It was so kind of them and I definitely won’t forget this moment. 


Ryokan Motomatsu -NoCC- (40x30, Lounge)
Japanese Resort with a hot spring. There’s also sauna, bar, restaurant with big kitchen area, relaxing massage room and gaming area in the venue. NoCC are used and play tested. For download please search by Origin ID: motoko-b or #Japanese #ryokan #nocc. Same as always, feel free to renovate the building to fit into your own game play!

サウナ、マッサージルーム、レストラン、キッチン、娯楽室やバーを取り揃えた温泉旅館です。NoCC&プレイテスト済み。ダウンロードはOrigin ID:motoko-b、又は#Japanese #ryokan #nocc からどうぞ。楽しんでいただけたら嬉しいです。