japanese horror

Death sentence

After trying and trying to have a baby, a certain woman was finally able to get pregnant. She and her husband were thrilled when the little girl was born, and as she grew older, the parents only loved her more.

After quite a few months, she got to the age where she began to speak.

“Grandpa!” was her first word. Her entire family was excited beyond belief, and they eagerly listened to her repeating the word.

But the next day, the little girl’s grandfather passed away.

The child still managed to bring joy into her parents’ hearts, though, and shortly after her grandfather’s death she began speaking again.

“Grandma!” she cried out with a look of pride.

But the next day, her grandmother died.

The little girl’s parents became suspicious. However, not realizing how scared they were of her, the girl spoke yet another new word.

“Mama!” And her mother died the next day.

The girl’s father was horrified. What if he was next? There weren’t any other family members left, so who else could the little girl choose? It wouldn’t be long before she finally began calling his name, and surely he would die just like all of the others.

“Dada!” the little girl cried out one day. The man fell into despair but accepted his fate.

The next day, the man who lived next door died.