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Rules: List 10 songs you’re vibing on and tag 10 mutuals!

1. Ready or Not - Monsta X (I just, i can’t with this song. it’s one of those masterpieces(just like the rest of mx’s discography ;)))
2. Oi - Monsta X (have I told you already? masterpiece!)
3. Beautiful - Monsta X (can I repeat myself?)
4. Area Code - Nick Jonas
5. Not Today - BTS
6. Never Ever - GOT7
7. Fairly Local - twenty one pilots (i just love that song <3)
9. Hero (Japanese Version) - Monsta X (i tried to make it not only about monsta x but i can’t help it, i’m sorry haha)
10. Stuck (Japanese Version) - Monsta X

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During the battle of Nomonhon (Khalkhin Gol) in 1939, Captain Fujita commanded a Type-94 Anti-Tank gun, and under his supervision, his regiment was able to beat back several Soviet tank offensives, but soon ran out of ammunition, and so when the Russian tanks attacked his position again, he unsheathed his katana, climbed onto a Russian BT-5, opened the copula, pulled out the tank’s commander, and savagely stabbed him to death. He was then severely wounded in his arm by the tank’s gunner who had popped out behind them.

He survived, recevied the Order of the Golden Kite for his bravery in combat, and spent the rest of the war as an instructor training fresh troops.


Google Doodle honors civil rights hero Fred Korematsu

  • Fred Korematsu, the civil rights hero who crusaded against the United States’ internment of the Japanese in the 1940s, is the subject of the Jan. 30 Google doodle.
  • The digital tribute honors Korematsu, who died in 2005, on what would have been his 98th birthday. 
  • In 1942, the activist was arrested for evading Japanese internment, which eventually prompted the American Civil Liberties Union to step in and challenge his conviction in the landmark Supreme Court case, Korematsu v. United States.
  • In one of the most contentious rulings in its history, the Supreme Court upheld Korematsu’s conviction as constitutional. It’s a decision that’s still referenced today by current Supreme Court justices as a blemish on the nation’s history. Read more

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The creator of My Hero Academia shows his boss drawing skills. 

MONSTA X - 「HERO (Japanese ver.) 」 Music Video (Full ver.)
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