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My presentation from Ushicon 12 on February 17, 2017.  This was the sequel to my panel from last year discussing the origin of Japanese Super Heroes that covered mostly the 1960s and 1970s. 

I apologize in advance for my rambling and technical problems.


Google Doodle honors civil rights hero Fred Korematsu

  • Fred Korematsu, the civil rights hero who crusaded against the United States’ internment of the Japanese in the 1940s, is the subject of the Jan. 30 Google doodle.
  • The digital tribute honors Korematsu, who died in 2005, on what would have been his 98th birthday. 
  • In 1942, the activist was arrested for evading Japanese internment, which eventually prompted the American Civil Liberties Union to step in and challenge his conviction in the landmark Supreme Court case, Korematsu v. United States.
  • In one of the most contentious rulings in its history, the Supreme Court upheld Korematsu’s conviction as constitutional. It’s a decision that’s still referenced today by current Supreme Court justices as a blemish on the nation’s history. Read more

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The creator of My Hero Academia shows his boss drawing skills. 

So my brother and I started watching "The Man in the High Castle"

And for those of you that don’t know it’s an Amazon Prime series based on a book of the same name set the 1960s in an alternate history where America lost World War II

The East Coast is now controlled by Nazi Germany

But the West Coast is now part of Imperial Japan

Eastern states are now all very German'esque with Eagles and swastikas plastered over everything

The west tho….. imagine Little Tokyo but everywhere

San Francisco was what was shown mostly

It sparked a question from my little brother

“Does Disney’s Big Hero 6 take place in this same universe?”

Music Monday - Hero

Hi Quotakus!! Today’s feature will be Hero by 安室奈美恵 (Amuro Namie)!!

Those of you who are into Jpop may know who she is!! As she is one of the famous solo artist singer in Japan!! Many of her songs are a hit in Japan. Also, the theme song “Dear Diary” and the insert song “Fighter” of Death Note: Light Up the New World (2016) is performed by her!!

Do check her out! (b ~_^)b d(^_^ d) and have an amazing Monday!!


Today in 1938, the most prolific comics creator on Earth was born. Shotaro Ishinomori was a protege of manga legend Osamu Tezuka and would go on to create some of the most iconic Japanese heroes including Kamen Rider, Kikaider, Cyborg 009 and the first two Sentai Series (Himitsu Sentai Goranger and J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai). He holds the Guiness Book of World Records record for most single comics pages drawn and published with over 128,000! Sadly, he passed away at the age of 60 in 1998.

Among his lesser known but amazing works are Akumaizer 3 and Brother Fist Bycrosser (pictured above). He also created the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series of programs.  Without him, we wouldn’t have much of the tokusatsu we enjoy today.

Thank you for everything Ishinomori-San!