japanese haircut

In Japanese we don’t say “That new haircut though” we say “上げ劣り (age-otori)” which means “to look worse after a haircut” and I think we should use this more often.

Recruits (18+) (Expansion)

Warning: contains blueberry expansion and implied popping.


The year is 2035, the middle of the second industrial revolution. The nation of Equalite as it was now known was entirely inhabited by women after all men were wiped out during the world war of 2025. The death toll was catastrophic once a nerve gas was invented that targeted the Y-Chromosome. In 2030 women began to pick up the remains and rebuild society. It was only a short few years later that states began to divide themselves and began new wars over human issues, furthering the ethical questioning of real world peace. And then there was Roxy Manson. She was 20, living in San Francisco when she was drafted by what she assumed was a ground troop position. It was soon that she realized it was no regular Military Barracks operation. She had been chosen by a special ops squadron that was testing new and advanced military tactics. They were somewhat controversial.

“Private Manson! To the front!” A commanding voice shouted out from the front of the line. She sat there completely still, hunched over, her arms resting on her knees with her head staring down to the floor. Her medium length black hair obscuring her view.

“Manson!” The voice yelled out again, getting closer. She still sat there on the bench fiddling with the silver lighter in her hand, flicking it back and forth. The room shook up and down, the green lights that illuminated the cold steel floor flickered on and off. They were all sitting parallel inside of a paratroop transport plane, 35,000 feet above the ground. They were flying through the dark night, slicing and dicing up the wispy shaded clouds.

“Hey!” The voice to her right nudged her in the rib cage. “I think that’s you Manson!” the female military grunt yelled over the sound of the loud plane engines. Roxy looked out of the side of her eye at the woman, a menacing yet careless stare. She stared back to the lighter as she flicked it on and smiled.

“MANSON! WHEN YOUR NAME IS CALLED YOU COME TO THE FRONT! THIS IS PROTOCOL!” The commander’s voice screamed as they pushed through the line of soldiers getting their assignments. She pushed through the final group and stood there, back stiff, wearing black camo garb a contrast to her beet red and frustrated face. She spotted Roxy, and proceeded to stomp over in her big boots.

“WHEN A COMMANDER CALLS YOUR NAME HOW DO YOU RESPOND, PRIVATE?!” She spittled as she grabbed Roxy’s collar and yanked her to her feet, creating a choke hold. Roxy stood on her tip toes, attempting to take the pressure off her throat. Her face began to change colors, yet she stayed defiant and stared into the commander’s eyes with her brows furrowed.

“WHAT DO YOU SAY?!” The commander repeated.

Roxy gasped, trying to swallow. “..affirmative…ma’am…” She coughed out. The commander instantly let go of her collar and Roxy fell back to her seat gasping for air. The other soldiers around her watched worriedly, the fear of the commander struck into their soul.

“Ma’am, we’ve got a rebellious recruit at the back of the plane. Should I bring her to you?” The commander croaked into her comm device.

“Ugh, again?” A young voice replied. “Bring her to me..I’m so sick of this!” The voice whined with a certain teenage angst.

Roxy was sitting in her same position, her head down as she rubbed her collar bone.

“Up! The Mistress wants to speak with you.” The commander said impatiently as they began to walk away slowly, expecting Roxy to follow. She jogged to catch up with her, still with a smug anger expression on her face. They walked out of the cargo room and past dozens of computers with technicians sat at them. All of the computer stations were in uniform rows that led to the middle of the room a raised platform with bright lights shining down on it. The commander lead her to the platform, and stood her in front of the desk. Sat behind it was a young woman, at least 19 years old. She still had a young high school look to her face. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a tight bun at the top of her head. She wore expensive framed glasses and a tight blue blazer with a matching color skirt and black heels. She had a look of very old money and very powerful privilege to her.

“So this is the one?” She asked, as she crossed her left leg over it’s twin.

“Yes Ma’am, she refused to call roll when her name was spoken. She was also caught with a silver lighter ma’am, which is as you know against on board protocol so we confiscated it. I think if I were you I would detain this woman and have her instantly deported back to ground patrol. It’s only fa-” “Zzzt!” The mistress cut the commander off while making a straight line motion with her right hand.

“Leave.” Mistress said smoothly as her eyes focused onto Roxy. “You. Sit.” She snapped as she grabbed the wine flute on her desk. Roxy walked over to the needlessly fancy chair and sat down, her arms crossed and her legs spread.

“Manson, correct?” She asked before taking a sip of some expensive alcohol that had no business being on a military plane. “Yes, I’ve heard many things about you from sorting patrol back in Poughkeepsie. You’re very defiant aren’t you?” She said demeaningly as she leaned in. “I see that’s why you kept the whole 2010 Japanese punk rock haircut, yeah? And the non-standard gray tank top and black combat pants? Man you’re so anarchistic that you won’t even wear uniforms.” She giggled. Each phrase she uttered had a new and strengthened teasing cockiness to it. Roxy sat there, in the same unmoving pose while staring at the mistress with a bored expression on her face.

“So.” She said cheerily as she grabbed a file off her desk. “I’ll now have to do your job assignment manually.” She picked up a clipboard with a stack of confidential papers on it.

“Ahem…Race?” She read out loud with a pen in her hand.

“Japanese..” Roxy replied.

“Ooh, so you aren’t a mute? That’s good to know.” She teased as she checked off a box on the sheet. She followed each box with her pen, skipping over a box labeled “Gender” that had been scratched out with a black pen.

“Weight?” Mistress asked

“115” Roxy replied slowly

“You’re a small little thing aren’t you? According to my scale I’m one pound overweight, but I always chock that up to a bit of extra curvaceousness you know?” The mistress laughed as if she was sharing a fact with one of her best friends at a sleepover.

“And now, I have to assign you a job…S-” “Shut up.” Roxy interrupted.

The mistress was completely frozen, her mouth slightly open with the pen still in her hand. A scoff of offended disbelief came out of her open mouth as she bobbed her head and looked around the room discreetly to see if anyone else heard that.

“You’re so fake. Me and all the other privates know who you are, especially your parents.” Roxy began to lay it down one after another, as she slowly deconstructed the mistress.
“You only have this job because your mom owns a major bullet foundry. You wanted a way into the ‘Family business’ and begged your mom until she gave you a basic desk job. A typical military grunt. Now you sit there adding new expensive furniture and decoration so you feel some glory to your job. It’s all fake, just as fake as you.” Roxy said, her voice shaking a little bit with anger and adrenaline.

The mistress sat there in the same position, her legs crossed, the clipboard in her hand, the pen in the air and her face in shock. All of the typing of the technicians stopped, the only sound audible was that of the aircraft’s engine. They all had their heads turned to the platform where they were conveniently illuminated by the Mistress’ fancy french light fixtures.

“Well then….” The mistress said as she uncrossed her legs, bit her lip and cleared her throat.

“Based on the traits you have shown to me in this ‘interview’ I think you have the perfect traits for a certain position in this squadron!” She said with a petty fake smile on her face and phony happiness in her voice. “I think you’ll make a great B-Bomb.” Mistress smiled a sly smile.

All the technicians and observers quietly gasped and whispered. Come with me private manson, I think we all would like a demonstration. Name’s Sergeant Mistress for your information, maybe you should learn one’s name before you make so many blatant assumptions about them.” She giggled as she stood up from her seat and lead Roxy to the cargo area of the plane. “Any observers and technicians who witnessed Private Manson’s remarks please follow us to the cargo bay.” She yelled out as she walked past confidently.

Mistress stopped walking and spun around on her tippy toes. “Stop right there private manson, that’s enough. Everybody gather around! Don’t be shy!” She yelled as the technicians filtered in forming an audience of female soldiers.

“Now, how many of you know what a B-Bomber is?” She asked to the crowd. Roxy crossed her arms and looked around the room, trying to keep her strong and angsty persona but it slowly being replaced by fear, confusion, and nerves. A few of the soldiers put their hands up. “Alright then, for the rest of you.. A B-Bomber is an experimental and slightly controversial method being tested for the battlefield. I’m a big supporter of it personally. My mother’s industry actually created it, but that’s not the only reason I have a soft spot for it. I find it a very enjoyable weapon of war.” She smiled deviously.

She pulled a small white pill out of her pocket and showed it to the crowd before turning it back around and showing it to Roxy. Mistress pulled a small black device out of her pocket and clicked a button, out shot a projection beam forming a flat square that was showing a google slideshow.
“See it’s a pill that genetically modifies the consumer. The consumer is used as a form of suicide soldier, somewhat of a kamikaze. Now, I won’t tell you exactly what the pill does to the consumer because that would spoil the surprise.” She smirked. She clicked off the slide show. She turned to Roxy, her back straight and a smug smile on her face. She placed the pill in Roxy’s hand. “Consume the whole thing in one swallow please.” Mistress smiled confidently before spinning back around to the crowd. Roxy has to think quickly while the mistress spouted some nonsense at the crowd. She bit the white pill in half, spitting both halves into her hand and placing one in her pocket. She placed the other half of the pill in the palm of her right hand and lunged towards Mistress. She held her in a chokehold with her left hand and backed away from the crowd as they gasped.

“Nobody move!” Roxy shouted out “Or i’ll kill her!” She screamed again.

“What do you think you’re doing? There’s nothing you can do, I have security all over this place.” Mistress said calmly. “You’re nothing but a worthless grunt, you’ll always be.” She said with a smug tone.

“That may be true…”Roxy whispered “But there is something I can do..” Roxy said menacingly. She quickly moved her hand and grabbed the top of mistress’ hair and yanked.

“OW!” Mistress screamed out, her mouth wide open. Roxy swung her right hand around and flung the white pill into the back of her mouth and shoved Mistress to the ground so the impact would cause her to swallow. Mistress rolled back onto her side while choking, catching her breath.

“…W-..WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” Mistress screamed out at Roxy, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Let’s see what it really does.” Roxy smirked.

Mistress sat there in the center of the crowd, leaning back on her hand with her legs curled to her side. She was looking around the room panicked. “What are you looking at?!” She yelled frantically scanning the crowd. Mistress’ nose began to turn a bluish purple. She climbed to her feet, pulling out the compact mirror in her pocket and looking at her face. A blue color began to spread from the tip of her nose around her face. She looked at her hands as a blue hue began to take them over. Her legs exposed at the bottom of her light blue skirt were completely blue.

“Oh my god..” She whispered to herself, a tear streaming down her cheek.

Suddenly the lower half of her blazer began pushing out. In shock she threw her hands over her midsection and tried to cover it as it grew and pushed out.
The clasps holding together the blazer unlatched throwing the jacket open. She was wearing a ruffled white dress shirt beneath. Her belly was pressing against the fabric, which could be seen as a dark blue through the cloth. In a panic she pulled of the blazer and dropped it at her feet. Her stomach continued to grow rounder and rounder, lifting the bottom of the shirt. Her attention was drawn to the sound of her skirt stretching. Her thighs had begun to thicken and grow bigger along with her ass, causing the skirt to roll up her legs further and further. Her ass grew out bigger and wider, causing the seams of the skirt to tear. Her attention was drawn back to her torso as her tits were now resting on top of her growing belly. Her breasts began to lactate blue juice, staining the white shirt. Mistress began to panic, breathing rapidly as she tried to cover all the parts of her body. The juice continued to round out her belly, making her midsection nearly spherical. She let out little worried moans and “No”-s as she continued to creak and groan and bubble. Her thighs grew bigger and bigger, and her arms began to catch up, her forearms growing bigger and chubbier before getting pushed out to her side by her giant belly. Her legs were becoming part of her midsection, just a big blue sphere as her white shirt snapped apart falling to the ground. Her panties and bra were completely soaked blue with juice before falling to the ground in tatters. The weight of her body was making it too hard for her to stand.
“No..No, make it stop, make it stop.” She cried. Her cheeks puffed out and her body grew rounder. She resembled the shape of a giant blueberry. “I’m gonna pop!” She cried out in fear muffled. Suddenly the growing stopped and her body stopped swaying from side to side. She sat there kicking her hands and feet.

“See, I only gave you half the dose. You’re stupid if you think I didn’t know what a B-Bomber was. I’ve seen it in action when San Francisco was bombed. These giant blue masses were falling from the sky, dropped from planes hitting the ground and bursting covering all the surrounding soldiers in citizens in the same blue juice. It was only seconds later that the women began to grow and take the same shape as the bomb that covered them. I’ve seen the destruction your ‘Weapon of war’ has caused. But half a dose…half a dose won’t make you pop not even close.” Roxy laughed.

“So you still have the other half?” A soldier leaning against the wall asked and broke the silence.

“Right here.” Roxy said as she pulled it out of her pocket.

“Thinking what I’m thinking?” Asked the soldier with a smile on her face.

“No, no come on guys. You have to help me. Get my security guard she’ll know what to do!” Mistress cried, a giant naked blueberry in the crowd completely ashamed and embarrassed.

“I’m right here Ma’am” Replied her security guard standing in front of the blimp of a girl.

“Why didn’t you do anything? WHY DIDN’T YOU STOP HER?!” She screamed, shaking her whole plump body.

“Cause you’re a bitch! You abuse your power and you abuse me…and look at you now, completely powerless and helpless.” Laughed the guard.

“What?! NO, no, you can’t do this my mother will have you all executed!” She whined and cried and threw a spoiled tantrum.

“Come on ladies!” Shouted the guard. They all at once ran towards her, pushing into her soft warm blue flesh.

“Ah! Stop!” She screamed as dozens of soldiers ran into her big plump body at once, pushing her forwards. She began to roll forwards, kicking her feet and hands as she screamed.

She was now laying on what was once her belly, staring down to the floor. Roxy leaned down onto one knee, making eye contact with the mistress.

“Ah, this is what happens to rich and spoiled kids. You can never satiate your hunger for something, be it money power or food. And look at you know, you’ve eaten yourself into a big fat blueberry.” Roxy teased as she stroked Mistress’ face. She quickly threw the other half of the pill into Mistress’ mouth and forced her to swallow as she screamed out in tears. All of the soldiers shouted out in triumph, laughing and cheering. Mistress’ enormous body began to gurgle and groan once more before it started to rise into the air like an inflating blue balloon. She kicked her feet and hands trying to scream over the sound of the soldiers all cheering. She rocked from side to side as the plane hit turbulence, causing her to leak juice. The soldiers all quickly stepped back, making sure not to get any of the juice on themselves. Mistress’ body began to creak and groan as it reached capacity, she was nearly filling the whole cargo bay to the ceiling.

Roxy stepped back and pushed the cargo bay door button, as it slowly opened letting in the cold night air. The full moon was bigger than ever, shining into the eyes of all the soldiers. The door was completely open. All the soldiers backed up in unison getting some distance.

“Charge!” Yelled out the commander. They all ran towards her again, making contact with her body which was soft yet very taught like it was full of pressure. She felt all of the soldiers bounce against her body, rocking her back and forth once again. She began to roll forward and screamed. She rolled out of the airplane and into the midnight sky, her screaming faded into the distance. Roxy pushed the door button once again, closing the cargo bay.

Roxy stepped into the center of the crowd where they all cheered her on and threw their fists into the air. One soldier accidentally bumped into Roxy in all of the horseplay making her lose her balance

“Woah!” She yelled out as she slipped backwards, falling ass first into the puddle of juice Mistress had left behind her. The entire crowd went silent, staring at roxy as she sat indignantly on the ground.

“Oops..” she muttered before the same groaning and gurgling sound came but from her backside as her nose went blue.