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after rewatching the four PVs countless times, i’m both happy and sad to say that i think i was able to piece together the sequence of events in persona 5. this made me realize just how much information atlus actually released about the game through the PVs; all you have to do is arrange them in an order that makes sense and analyze how they connect. even though people might think i spoiled myself in this process, it actually increased my excitement and hype for the game!

disclaimer/warning: obviously, these are, first and foremost, speculations. i’m not claiming any of this as fact; just my own speculations made by observing and taking note of the details of the game. read at your own risk because i’m serious about this being full of spoilers; the only part it does not touch on is the last party member yet to be revealed. also, this is an extremely image-heavy post.

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- hahaaha, since many girls is uncomfortable about the skirt and the buruma (japanese gym uniform) you can switch , just the shorts and the pants from the boys XDD , feel free to do it if you dont like skirt :3

ask me anything~ <3 i will answer you guysss ~ <3

We are starting
A schoolAU! xDSo, lets have fun everyone! :Dc

Im your captain/prez from sport club! >:P
@pen-astron is our concil student prez
@demonic-pancakes is the vice-prez
@gosextri is the prez of the jornalist club
@ink-pallete is the art teacher
@askmalengil is our student that makes you follow every rule!
@keban-kiin Is our spanish teacher
@yahto-oriba its the soccer coach
@ms-vali is the Music Teacher
@prim-floret is the Gardening club prez
@danandhisdemon is the Student who gets by easily due to family working at the school
@brittneythecircleoflife is the the quiet student when alone, but really creative
@martyini sells “not-allowed``stuff behind the bike shed
@nina-nebula is the english teacher
@dell-drop is the student that is left behind because he wants to
@gear-iq Yandere Student
@magi-nate Student consoler
@laney-of-the-stars is the trouble maker student
@solomon-ciel the shady nurse
@soleil-demon-booty the student who is always sleeping
@cheese–wheel joins the sport club (MY KOUHAI :Dc) but she wants to take my place XD
@mus-note the music teacher 
@paris-eiffel-the-demon the sex Ed. Teacher XD
@firstlordoftime president of the language club
@rolethedicetoseewhatyouget is the physiology teacher
@timtrouble and @quinn-gambit is the class/school clown
@princevnightfury :
Luke- the substitute teacher!
Dick and
@boo-and-candy - Gym teacher!
Hugh- the advanced literature teacher
@devronier-demon-of-memory the librarian :3
@pin-codex unfairly attractive world history teacher who’s high-key going out with the stab team teacher :DD
@ign-ite the stab team teacher XD
@splatplat Art club prez anddd joins the sport club (swim)

/to be updated :3c

Hallo, my name is Lighty and I’m gonna talk a bit about some analysis of the Pv03 of Persona 5. This is mainly retaining to the theories of the seven deadly sins, the dungeons and the boss battles. Please keep in mind this is all speculation on my part. SO- to start with, we all remember the scene in the opening/PV01 with Morgana, where the Seven Deadly Sins pop up around her in Latin?

Originally, people were speculating that this list of the sins would have to do with our heroes Personas, considering it says PERSONA under each sin. But now that Personas have been revealed, that’s looking a bit less likely (it could still work in some cases, but it seems less valid than it once did)

But what if these sins don’t act as references to the Phantom Squad’s Personas, but rather the bosses of the game?

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