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Since it’s almost 4 September right now, I’m assume that it’s Luna’s Birthday(based on Japanese guide book), and she’s a Virgo!


And whick look of Luna are your favourite?
Mine is Kingsglaive when she let her hair down 😍😍

Japanese text books

For those interested at what Japanese universities prescribe as textbooks for Japanese learners, my texts books are:

- Situational Functional Japanese vol. 2 drills {amazon link}
- Situational Functional Japanese vol. 2 notes {amazon link}
- Basic Kanji volume 1 {I found a pdf here of the 1990 version of it} {amazon link}

The class I’m in expects you to know Hiragana, Katakana, about 150 kanji and basic grammar. So if you’ve got the basics down, this would function as a good guide.


Seems like someone has found Luna’s birthday 😊😊 It’s 4th September! Awww, she’s Virgo 😆😆😆😆 (but also Leo in some places)

It’s in Japanese guide book, i guess

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“I’m back, Ryuko”

“Welcome home sis!”

Satsuki visiting Ryuko in Kanagawa.

Ryuko is always happy when her sister drops by. Mrs Mankanshoku welcomes her too and would always make an extra portion of her Mystery Croquettes (Satsuki loves them, the first time we saw Satsuki being truly happy was when she ate the croquettes in episode 22, and like Ryuko she sincerely enjoys family dinners since she never had them). Then they talk all night about their current lives, about the past, about the future, anything really. And though Satsuki would never admit it, she’s really missing Ryuko but is too shy to ask her to live with her. But after Ryuko graduates from High School she finally musters the courage to ask her to move into her mansion (which is actually Ryuko’s mansion because they built it on the plot where the burned down Matoi Manor stood as she teared down Kiryuin Manor right after Honnouji Town was destroyed, burning the painful memories along with it). She asks Mako to move in with them too but she refuses, knowing that the sisters deserve having some private time together to bond. Now they are both studying at Tokyo University (along with Houka, Shiro and Nonon), Satsuki is majoring in politics and environmental studies and Ryuko is aiming to be a elementary school teacher. Mako is helping her Dad in his little hospital, Ira would often visit and help her. Uzu is still trying to beat Satsuki at Kendo (impossible task) and occasionally gives Ryuko Kendo lessons, refusing to fight her seriously until she learns how to properly behave in a Kendo match (Ryuko isn’t too happy about that, because who the hell needs rules in a fight?). Once every two months they would all come together and celebrate, forgetting studies and work, just enjoying themselves. Life couldn’t be better and they all earned it.

(TRANS) Vivi Magazine January 2017 Issue

: You’ve been working diligently on your Japanese language during plane rides

Chanyeol’s Response: I’m currently in the process of brushing up my Japanese through the reading of Japanese language books. Using the opportunity I have during plane rides, I’ve been working hard on it! I carry medicine and supplements with me, so that I would prevent myself from catching a cold.


Horoscope: Courageous, Dreamer (Note, Chanyeol’s star sign is a Saggitarius)
My personality: Ambitious individual, that provides my realistic and honest opinions. I can be mischievous at times, I’m able to entertain people, so I socialise a lot, and thus have a wide circle of friends. I am also fearless in terms of expressing my own opinions in a situation.
2017’s Horoscope : Popular amongst both men and women. His mature character traits will begin to show. Overall, his passion with regards to his career looks good.
Job wise: Laziness may begin to kick in, it’ll be good to move foward slow and steady to ensure stability. Do not give up and push forth on what you’ve started off from the very beginning.



Which girl’s coordinate is your favourite! 
Chanyeol’s Choice: I like a women with Casual style, with a hint of sexiness. 

What’s your favourite japanese phrase?
Chanyeol’s Choice: Yaba-ee! which means Danger/Daebaek(Great)! There’s no particular reason for liking this phrase, it gives a rebellious kind of vibe dosen’t it? I would love to familiarise myself with it. 

What would you do in the day off?
Chanyeol’s choice: I would love to try the hot springs in Japan, and it definitely isn’t just because that this is a Japanese interview!

2017 goals!
Chanyeol: A self produced solo album. I’m still not sure if I’m able to do that by next year, but I really hope to be able to do so in the upcoming years. 

Where you recommend for someone to go in Seoul?
Chanyeol: Garosu-Gil’d Music Studio; I love to go there when I make music. It’s like my secret place. 

What would you do if the world ended tomorrow?
Chanyeol: I would think about many stuffs, and probably just cry. I’m getting sad just at the thought of it.

What’s in Chanyeol’s bag?
Laptop, Japanese Guide book, Supplements, Notebook, Planner, Pen, Vitamin, Spectacles (Description; Things I need for my Japanese learning during Plane rides!)

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)


Pit (Wingless) - Pit suffers the mortal injury of losing his wings after exceeding the limits of the power of flight to rescue Dark Pit from deep within the Chaos Vortex. Almost reunited with Palutena after three years, fate keeps them apart.

Somebody posted a scan of this on the internet years ago, and I thought little further of it until now. Turns out it’s from the Japanese strategy guide book. It’s not even a proper card, really, it’s a perforated punch-out from a cardboard page in the back of the book, along with Chaos Vortex, Aurum Pyrrhon, and Lightning Chariot. I managed to find an image of the European version (don’t know if that was in normal circulation or an exclusive somewhere) and some more photos of the Japanese one.

I broke down and ordered the book, it’s only available in the secondary market now but supposedly the one I’m getting still has its cards. I’ll get a proper scan of it later. Who knows, maybe the book itself has some official artwork in it that’s missing from the American Prima release.

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