japanese ground self defense force

Okay. Before I say anything let me say this; I am Korean, and I was, and still am, (or so I think.. At least.)a huge fan of Mogeko’s characters. But after seeing what’s on the picture above I’m starting to question myself if I should really stay in this fandom.

That symbol, 16 red rays shooting out from the middle, strongly resembles The Rising Sun Flag. You can read about it in depth in this link
“http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rising_Sun_Flag . In a nutshell, it’s a flag used by the Japanese navy during the Pacific war, and nowadays by the Japanese Self-Defense Force, maritime and ground. It’s a symbol traditionally used in Japan for good fortune. Seems harmless enough, huh.

But the problem is this: in many, if not all Eastern and Northeastern Asian countries excluding Japan the flag is seen as the symbol of Japanese Imperialrism, and it’s also used by some extreme right-wing activists as their symbol. In some countries, especially Korea and China, which suffered greatly during WW2 because of Japan, it’s considered extremely, I mean EXTREMELY offensive. Almost like Hakenkreuz. And I do believe Mogeko themselves know that they have fans in those two countries.

Yes, I do know, like I wrote earlier, that in Japan some people use it simply as sign of good fortune. I do know that there are Japanese people who doesn’t know how the flag is percieved in other countries. Mogeko could be the same…

But no. I believe that they in fact do know how offensive the symbol is seen in other countries, especially Korea. I can say this because, though embarrassing a case it was, this is actually not the first time the Korean fandom and Mogeko had trouble because of that symbol. It happened a few months ago. They uploaded a picture with the Rising Sun flag as background, and offended Koreans went on to send him hate messages and some even went on as far as to hack their site. A bit like what happened to Mogeko on tumblr after that R-18 Salwada picture. They apologized, saying that they didn’t know what it meant to Koreans, but some mindless people still went on with their online terrorism until Mogeko couldn’t take it anymore and decided to turn their back from the Korean fandom. They forbid any Korean translation of their works. Some Korean fans tried to apologize but all they would say is that while they do know not all Koreans are like that, they just couldn’t like the country called Korea anymore.

I won’t say that what the Koreans - not Korean fans, no, but those mindless ones who were criticized even by the actual Korean Mogeko fandom - did is justifiable. What they have done is clearly wrong. I can understand Mogeko being that angry. I, as a Korean myself, is ashamed of what Koreans have done to them.

But still. They were told that the Rising Sun flag could be seen offensive by people of other countries. And yet they went on to use that symbol explicitly on their site.

I’m not saying that we should stop being in Mogeko fandom, or we should send them hate messages. I myself is quite conflicted because as much as I was disappointed at them I still love their characters. I don’t even know what I want from writing this. I… Just wanted the English fandom to know about this. How Mogeko used something that could potentially make all the Asian fans turn their back to them.

If you took all your time to read through this, thank you. Thank you for reading a mere conflicted Korean fangirl’s thoughts. If you want to tell me anything, or criticize me, please tell me via my ask. I suppose I might recieve a lot of anon hate messages but I’ll get myself braced up for it.
Again, thank you for reading through such long thing. Sorry for all the typos and grammatical mistakes there might be.


Last set of photos on my company on deployment.

U.S. Marines with Company F, Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), conduct an amphibious assault with soldiers of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) as part of the Japanese Observer Exchange Program at Kin Blue, Okinawa, Japan, April 28, 2015. The JGSDF was integrated with the 31st MEU in order to better understand amphibious operations. 

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Richard Currier/ released) 

Definitely not a T-62.

The Japanese Type 74 MBT, fitted with a snow plow.They were created during the cold war, built off of the Type 62. However, it originally featured a complex autoloader that was later dropped from design, as it would often become jammed if not used under ideal conditions. Furthermore, it was one of the first tanks of its kind to use a remote controlled anti-aircraft gun on the turret, even pre-dating the T-72’s primitive remote pintle mounts.

Though, even when it was first entering service, the Type 74 had been seen as outdated, and the Type 90 was designed to replace it. The Type 74 is still listed as being in active military service, however. Though, it’s uses beyond an overkill IFV are curious, to say the least.


3 BDE CATA and Exercise Southern Jackeroo 2015

The Brigade has recently completed this years Combined Arms Training Activity (CATA), which is the 3 BDE’s annual principle foundation war fighting exercise. It is designed to develop, confirm, and evaluate the foundation war fighting skills of 3 BDE and to maintain the high standards and professionalism expected of 3 BDE soldiers.

This year, the 3 BDE CATA was held in conjunction with Exercise Southern Jackaroo 15 (EXSJ15), which is a tri-lateral training event. EX SJ15 will involve military assets from 3 BDE units along with international engagement from the United Sates Army Pacific (USAPAC), United Sates Marine Corps (USMC) and the Japanese Ground Self Defence Force (JGSDF).

The Exercise was an excellent success. It enabled the Brigade to train in Combined arms as a formed Combat Brigade.

From the Brigade Commander:

“3 BDE is at the forefront of force modernisation programs that will transform both Army and the Australian Defence Force into far more potent, versatile and relevant military forces. 3 BDE has seen the arrival of 2 CAV and will soon have tanks, 3 BDE is a Combat Brigade. Combined arms capability is the hub of a Combat Brigade. CATA brings these skills to practice and hones the capability of this BDE.”

“The ability to work with regional and coalition partners is essential for the modern military operating environment and Exercise Southern Jackeroo is an excellent opportunity for Army’s 3rd Brigade and more specifically the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian regiment to gain exposure to and understand how different militaries operate.”


Some dedicated Star Wars fans in Japan have just created what may be the most epic pieces of Star Wars art that I’ve ever seen.

The Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces’ 11th Brigade used bulldozers to move 3,500 tons of snow into a pile that they then carefully crafted into a 23m-wide and 15m-tall epic monument to Darth Vader and his Imperial forces, complete with an imposing posse of Storm Troopers and TIE fighters. The epic sculpture was part of the 66th annual Sapporo Snow Festival.