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Asian parents and grandparents are always portrayed as really strict and goal oriented and high strung but they completely skip over how generous and hospitable they are??

Like, I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I left my grandma’s house without food.

And have you ever been to an Asian party?? There’s enough food to serve at least fifteen more people than are actually attending. My friend’s grandparents have freaking TO GO BOXES at the ready.

My aunt’s parents visited America and they were so nice?? And wanted all of us to go visit them in Japan and they brought gifts from Japan and helped me practice Japanese.

And I just?? Don’t understand how this trope got started that Asian parents hate everyone and are stone cold???

i remember when this chick at my old school said i was adopted and i didn’t know it because i don’t look japanese, and i was lying about being japanese. this happened behind my back and it even took one of my friends meeting my clearly asian mom to say “yeah.. casey’s not lying”


If anyone who knows Japanese wants to translate it, please help! Below are the notes I managed to jot down via my cell phone and my memories of the answers he gave.

-When asked whether or not he likes 2D girls or 3D girls, (which he laughed so hard once the question was translated), he spoke of the merits of both, and after pondering in an animated manner, he decides he loves both.

- When asked which was his fav music tracks from Umineko and Higurashi, he stated that Golden Slaugther From Umineko and You from Higurashi was his favourites.

- When asked how the visual novels from the company Key Visual Arts (creators of Air, Kanon, Clannad etc) inspired him, he stated that with Key stories, it starts up normal and happy, but as the story develops, is slowly turns deeper and sadder as you reach its climax. He compared the story flow to the Tower of Terror in Disneyland, where the ride starts out straight and normal and calm, and then it rapidly plummets and freaks the riders out via a heavy drop, Key stories the sadness drops in, but for his stories, the horror drops in. A side note: Ryu07th has worked on a Key game, Rewrite, he wrote one of the scenario arcs in that game.

-When asked about his feelings on the creators or Fate Stay Night, Type Moon (whom he has a working relationship with, since Rumiko Chie is based off of Ciel from Tsukihime by Type Moon), he comments that they are like the gods of Doujin Visual novels. They walk in and he gets the urge to worship the grount they are on, and comments that the artist Takuechi has a large presence, which he compare it to a character from Fist of the North Star. It got harder to hear the translator at this point, but it seems that Ryu07th plays Mahjong with them quite a bit. If folks who know Japanese can help be clarify this point it would be appreciated.

- When asked who is his waifu, he boiled down his options to Beatrice and Lambdadelta.

- When asked about this thoughts of coming to Los Angles, he comments that the burgers here are much bigger and taste really good, that he will have a hard time eating burgers in Japan now since he tasted the good stuff.

- When asked the inevitable question on “what really happened on  Rokkenjima Island, his response was to exclaim in English : “ Halloween Party!” Everyone in the crowded burst into laughter. Ryu07th has such a awesome sense of humor. 

- When asked who the culprit really is , he said “ MEEE! “ in English. Again, laughter occurs.

- When asked what kinda of video games he like his works to be spun off  into, he comments a survival horror game similar to Resident Evil or Silent Hill would be pretty awesome.

- His favourite adaptation medium for Higurashi and Umineko were the mangas, and he worked closely with the manga artists to make sure the story was clear and clarified, so everyone in the manga should be considered canon.

- Fans have noted that the character Lion Ushiromiya from Umineko bears a similar physical resemblance to Saber from Fate Stay night, and her voice actress in the PS3 version is the same actress as Saber, Ayako Kawasumi. When asked if this was intentional, he stated that the voices were picked from many audition reels that he listened to, and it was coincidence that Ayako was picked. He also noted that scheduling recording sessions with Ayako was more chaotic due to her busy schedule.

- On another note regarding voice actors,  he said it is mandated that the voice actress for Ciel from Tsukihime and  Rumiko Chie from Higurashi must be the same actress, since Rumiko is based off of Ciel.

- When asked what kinda of story he would tell if he makes a choose your own adventure type story, he wants a tale where a boy has to choose between 2 girls, and one of them wields a hatchet. 

- When asked which version of Beatrice was his favorite, he said that he loves all versions, though the one in episode 1-3 is a particular favorite of his.

-His writing process involves him having a story goal in his mind, the end result so to speak, and then he has to figure out how to set a path for the story development to reach that goal. As he writes, the path to the goal is hardly ever straight foward and simple.

- When asked about the name choices in Umineko, he stated that since Higurashi had more oriental names, he wanted Western names for Umineko to differentiate it, though he is aware thanks to fans that Battler is still a weird name.

- He would like to do side stories with Umineko, like what he did for the Higurashi fan disks. A fan in the panel had an idea of a mystery in Umineko where everyone dies in one single room, and he thought that notion was interesting.

- When asked whether Keiichi and Rika could potentially form a romantic relationship, he feels that with Rika’s real personality, the chances of it being one sided from Keiichi is higher than the other way around, but then he joked saying that “Ryu07th has first dibs on Rika before Keiichi!”  EDIT: He thinks there’s a very good chance Rika will fall in love with Keiichi because of what he did during her 100 years. Plus, Keiichi is likely to turn out like Akasaka. But Ryukishi07 has first dibs on Rika.)

- With Rika’s real persona being a wise old woman, he coined the term “Lolibaba”, a mixture of the word grandma in Japanese with the english term Lolita.


Post your last selfie along with 10 FACTS about yourself. (i chose 2 so that they would be compressed into smaller images bc i didn’t want to post a huge ass pic of my face lol)

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▪ I often get mistaken for being filipina, latina, or hawaiian (lol) but i am actually the result of a rare combo: Sri Lankan and Japanese ayyy

▪ I’m going to start a 6-year accelerated Doctorate of Pharmacy program at uni this fall and will be a fully-licensed pharmacist when I’m 24-25

▪ I like green cyborg ninjas

▪ I love love love anything matcha-flavored or anything with sweet red bean paste (anko paste) and my dad calls me an old japanese grandma because of my taste for this particular flavor combo

▪ I can recite Levi’s “a choice with no regrets” speech in japanese from memory (from when he was babysitting eren and being chased by the female titan). lmk if u wanna hear me recite it jkgkrhsk

▪ I’m a maladaptive daydreamer. I seize every opportunity i have—whether it be between classes or during long car rides—to daydream about different scenarios or headcanons about characters and their universes. I never knew maladaptive daydreaming was a thing before until i found out other people did the same 😂 i actually thought i was insane before

▪ i figured out how to whistle a few months ago LMAO

▪ so many people call me a bean and i dont even know why or what that implies

▪ my favorite food is oyakodon

▪ i like to draw biceps HJFKGKGKGHDHSKS

yay. that was fun. I suck at tagging people tbh so im tagging anyone who wants to share a lil about themselves and show me their beauuuutiful face ^_^

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hey so i recently found out my grandmas half japanese but like. I have no connection to the culture my parents see themselves as white and everying and im white(passing?) so should i keep just saying im white or? Cuz to me i feel like its just.one of those things ive seen myself as white always yknow??idk whats your opinion

no youre mixed

Okay so my grandma is Japanese and recently she taught me how to make gyoza. A large part of the process is basically just sitting at the table putting pork and cabbage into gyoza skins (especially when you’re making a shit ton) which meant we could just chat and stuff. But now all I can think about is Japanese Big Bro Shiro sitting Keith down and teaching him how to make gyoza while imparting his Big Bro wisdom and it just being super serene and peaceful and a great bonding experience and I JUST WANT THIS SO BAD

My aunt was a part of the JET program and I was just curious and asked my grandma if she ever visited my aunt and she had. I then asked her if she ever got to meet my aunt’s students and she said she was able to. I finally asked her if the students were shocked or weirded out about by the fact that my grandma was Japanese (from Japan) and she said that they were. She was like, “The Japanese mind of thought associates the European face with English” and that it makes it weird or confusing for these Japanese students who don’t generally associate an Asian and especially Japanese (Nikkei) face with speaking English as their native language or speaking it fluently.


Omg #asianselfieday is a thing and I think that’s pretty rad. Anyways, I’m only ¼ Japanese and I don’t show any of it, but my brother, sister, and I were raised with Japanese ideals. I can speak Japanese from what my Grandma has taught me and I can also write some hiragana. When I was younger, my mom and Grandma always made dishes like yakitori and chazuke and we still use sticks over forks lol. I learned everything about my culture from my Grandma and she is the most incredible person you will ever meet. I had some reservations about posting this because Tumblr will probably call me some white-washed guy trying to be Japanese, but I just wanted to celebrate what part of me is of that culture and how I live because of it.
Btw in the bottom pic, there’s my brother, sister, mom, dad, uncle, and grandma.


Someone just asked if there are any black artists in Japan. One that immediately comes to mind for me is this guy, Jero (born Jerome Charles White, Jr).

Jero, born September 4, 1981, is a popular Japanese enka singer (from what I understand, enka is basically “Japanese blues” music and isn’t really popular with younger audiences) and he’s mostly popular with older female, Japanese music lovers. He’s considered unique not only because he’s black and sings enka music but also because of his hip-hop attire; enka singers usually wear kimonos when they perform.

ALSO! Though one cannot tell from just looking at him, Jero is actually a quarter Japanese himself; his maternal grandmother was native Japanese, making Jero’s mother half African-American and half Japanese. Apparently Jero’s grandma used to play enka music around the house when he was a kid and that’s what inspired him to learn Japanese, become interested in his Japanese heritage and started his passion for enka music. Sadly she passed away before Jero’s career kicked off in Japan.

He’s originally from Pittsburgh and has a degree in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

-Mod Aja